That Heavy-Set Medic From Youtube   Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Yes, before you ask, I'm the one from Youtube.
I live with the most amazing and lovely human being on planet earth, WaveRobin
I main medic obviously, and if you're not sure the person you see in a server with my name is me, check my medic loadout. I own the only "bonzo The All-Gnawing" Berliner's bucket helm in the world, so that is proof that it's me. If you spot me in a server by all means say hi.
You'll see I'm a pretty laid back guy.

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A lot of people want to add me as a friend, and I always accept,
but due to my friends list filling up very quickly, I will only accept friend requests from players steam level 10 and up.
Remember, if you:
:tdamedkit: Beg for items
:tdamedkit: Spam chat
:tdamedkit: Invite me to games
:tdamedkit: Ask questions you could have easily figured out yourself. I'm not an encyclopedia
Or if you are just annoying in general
You will be removed

I'm a REALLY laid back guy, but not reading this text box is the most sure-fire way to irritate me. There's a reason this is here, and I would appreciate if you would respect it.

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Leave a recommendation! :happymeat:
:sadcyclops: Backpack []:sadcyclops:

Because I've been gettting sick of answering the same questions over and over again, here's an F.A.Q.

:tdamedkit: Will you accept my friend request?
I used to, but the seriously large amount of invites have made me be pretty picky. I will on some occasions, though. Adding a comment helps, but it's no garauntee.

:tdamedkit: Why did you remove me as a friend?
Every time my friends list fills up I purge my friends list so I have more room for others. It's nothing personal. But I can't keep everyone as a friend permanently, if I did I'd lose touch with the people who are my good friends that I enjoy playing with. You're welcome to add me again, but just bear in mind that's how it works. It's either that or you're really annoying

:tdamedkit: Are you recording right now?
Sigh.. I've answered this so many times. If i'm recording I'll start a steam group event, otherwise no, I am not. Please, this is the most irritating question EVER. Please, never ever ask me this.

:tdamedkit: Can I be in a video?
Specifically, no. But if you want to be in a video you have to know that you'll simply have to be playing with me when I'm filming, and it's completely arbitrary. I use footage that goes with the video, and wether or not I use the recording with you in it is just going to have to be on fate's hand.

:tdamedkit: Will you sign something for me?
Sorry, I can't do that anymore. :happymeat:

:tdamedkit: Can you join my game?
Nope. Please save your time. I don't join games because when i play tf2 i play what i want to play. You're welcome to join the server I'm in, but i won't join yours.

:tdamedkit: When's the next video going to be out?
Ah ah ah, no cheating. You'll have to wait and see like everyone else. ;D

:tdamedkit: You're editing huh? What's the video about?
See previous answer.

:tdamedkit: Can you join my Steam group?
No thanks. I'll walk.

:tdamedkit: Can you teach me to (insert playstyle here)?
Sorry, that's what the videos are for. If I'm good at it, you'll bet I make a tutorial on it.

Otherwise, feel free to chat with me and ask me all you like!

:tdamedkit: Come see my youtube channel!

:falkwreath::falkwreath: Unusual Pricelist :falkwreath::falkwreath:
Yep, they're stupidly overpriced, but that's so nobody buys them. :beatmeat:
:ss2heart: ArraySeven's Cardinal Chaos (Roboactive) - 500 Keys
:ss2heart: ArraySeven's Exuviating Epitaph (It's A Secret To Everybody) - 900 Keys
:ss2heart: ArraySeven's Mauve Maw Spec. Killstreak (Bonzo The All Gnawing) - Your first born son
:ss2heart: ArraySeven's Ossein Oracle (Misty Skull) - 800 Keys
:ss2heart: ArraySeven's Restless Radiance (Arcana) - 700 Keys
:ss2heart: ArraySeven's Spoiling Spirits (Haunted Phantasms Jr.) - 500 Keys
:ss2heart: ArraySeven's Verdigris Visage (The Ooze) - 700 Keys


The Following Players Are Permanently Blocked From Contacting Me
:steamsalty:My Brother With Tits
:steamsalty:๖ۣۜHARE | Trade.TF
:steamsalty:Brandflip (Hamster)
:steamsalty:Pro Procrastinator
:steamsalty:Dr. Topaz
:steamsalty:[TF2]Pyro Pack
:steamsalty:{ExKillarate}I S.P.A.M.
:steamsalty:BEEP BOOP 101
:steamsalty:Killer United phucngyun
:steamsalty:Rekt Simulator V.355 #RussiaSux
:steamsalty:[TK] Blade

If your name has ever been one of these, you may be blocked.
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Coolstuff May 15 @ 4:12pm 
Heyo Arrayseven! I'm here to request a friend request because I'm a starting TF2 youtuber and I'd like to talk to other people in the TF2 community. I've watch your content for years and I've enjoyed every minute of your videos. Speaking of which, welcome back mah dood. I'd also love to maybe make a video at sometime. If not, that's cool. Also, sorry to hear about the server. I still had fun there tho. Anyway, there's a heavy somewhere I gotta stab, arrivederci!
Ripper938 May 14 @ 9:42am 
I just like browsing youtubers' inventory
Sylirix | May 12 @ 7:36am 
+Rep awesome
paradise May 8 @ 9:49pm 
Sell the ooze bucket helm for a reasonable price please, I've been waiting to get enough keys for ages now
Injustice May 3 @ 3:09pm 
Also a life saver, thanks Array! :')
Injustice May 3 @ 10:55am 
:medicon:rep, really chill duder who I'd love to play some TF2 again with one day ~ Stay awesome Array! :sunglassesDoge: