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I honestly have no idea what to put into this description, so here goes everything crammed into 4000 characters limit.

And yes, i know that my nickname is spelled wrong. But I don't really care. :v

Best workshop thing ever:

Random chat log pic:

I've got a VAC ban after a friend who played L4D2 on my account, got his PC hijacked, and then said sorry a bunch of times. Eh, even if he lied I don't blame him, cheats are fun sometimes. Not a big problem though.
There was another friend who asked me for Steam Family Sharing and then gave me a CS:GO VAC ban, that's why I have 2. And yeah, no more Family Sharing from me! ._.
Just for memories: Page 1 [] Page 2 [] Right after VAC ban []

Oh and please, could you not spam stuff regarding to the fact that I have VAC bans and that I'm Russian? I mean, I get it, seems like I made it up and stuff, but to be honest you'd just be wasting my and your own time on a conversation that will not lead any one of us to anything useful, other than possibly making us dislike each other more. Thanks.

Apparently I have a site thing that lists all other places I may be available at, including YouTube, Bandcamp, Twitter and other stuffs. []

Things I for some reason do:
Music (some stuff is already on Bandcamp, feel free to check that out from the site thing above),
Programming (my work can be defined as "spaghetti code", but, like, it works),
3D modelling (simple stuff, rarely nowadays),

I use Arch Linux, by the way.

Random friend requests are welcome.
I never delete anyone, except bots or people that show exceptionally bad behavior(which is, like, I don't remember any time I ever deleted a non-bot .-.). Also that is the reason I have so many friends - I don't even remember how I ended up adding most of them! And I'm too lazy to do a cleanup to be honest. ._.

In terms of my friend activity and personality: I rarely message people(to don't distract from things possibly more important than me)(unless I really need to or I find a meme worthy enough to share), however I'm pretty much always ready to talk about any random thing when someone messages me. So yeah, add me as much as you want, spam me as much as you want(although don't spam pl0x), etc etc
I like to sit down and give a big :think: about things sometimes, maybe even research stuff(i.e. google stuff) mid conversation to keep it up.
I'm mostly anything electronic/computer/software nerd, but I think I'm ready to talk about anything. (except politics and human interactions/relationships, I know nothing in these fields lol)

Note that I'm in "invisible" mode often! Not sure why though, so feel free to randomly message me even if I'm offline and chances are I will suddenly respond.

Also after someone adds me, I tend to forget about their existence meanwhile they forget about my existence, so we both end up with an entry in our friends list we both never really talk to - I've got like 200 of them! That's not a problem and I can live just fine with another 200, but more of a heads-up. Feel free to remind me about your existence at any point in time!
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I don't want to make a huge text box, so I made this one big enough to provide enough attention while not taking up any significant amount of page space. I have a lot of text in my profile description , including VAC ban explanations, friend request rules (spoiler: none. add me as much as you want) , random description of who I am...

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