"No Pain No Gain"   Saudi Arabia
          W E L C O M E - T O - M Y - P R O F I L E ツ
All I wish is that i want to rememberd to the life i lived Not the money i made
A Song always cheers me up :D

Here's some rules if you wana add me
Break em Ignored/Blocked

1) Don't Add to beg for items
2) Don't ask For free items don't care if you are youtuber or popular person
3) Don't add me if you have Private Profile/Backpack
4) Don't add me if you are banned in anything that's says on your rep.tf
5) Don't add me For no good reason (Commenting why you added me before you add me can give you respect from me )
6) I Do Not trade For Cash/PayPal Unless you buy keys with that Money we can make a trade !

Looking To trade !
BackPack.tf2 [backpack.tf]
Steam Trade offer
thanks for reading :3
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If you would like to know more about me here's Some !
My Real Name is Basel Alahmadi
I'm 19 Years Old
Born in 1999/7/7
I'm from saudi arabia Aka KSA in Captial of it (Riyadh)
Fevorite Gamers : CS:GO, TF2, PUBG
I have traded up so much that i'm kinda proud of it
I have great personality Like : I Like to donate And i like to help who starts from the bottom
If you want my csgo settings here it is :
No Fuck you get your own
Sponserd by : {LINK REMOVED}

Dreams : being Professional Player at csgo and PUBG

Getting my Most wanted dream PC (Coming soon)

Being able to earn money from playing games With out using Sites

:Tao_Balance:Best friends
:Radarul:Good Friends
:SidMeiersAcePatrolAce:Great Friends

:Tao_Balance: Ace-HardLight
:Tao_Balance:▂▃▅▆█ BN LADN ✪ !!
:Tao_Balance:Shinigami Apples


:Radarul:Frisky Risk

These friends have made my life better big thanks to them for supporting me and Helping me in the hardest Times

One of em Became a cunt well i guess you know who from the list

Not the best Info Box not colorful eeh to lazy :)
Well thanks for reading !

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