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My real name is not actually Jones   Glasgow City, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
- Overkill Moderator Manager + CEO of Jones's Exotic Guns -
Go ahead and add me if you're in need of assistance.
Random adds for games need not apply.
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Regarding PAYDAY 2
Hi, i'm Jones. Overkill_Jones on Twitch. I pretty much run the OTWD/Payday 2 hubs, as well as some other things.
I moderate that stream you might or might not go to. I oversee and operate the chat moderator bot for the official Starbreeze Twitch.tv channel, and you'll probably find me handling the giveaways every so often. You can call me Jones, or RED, a sell-out, up to you.

As I am a busy sort of person these days, I would really appreciate if you either post on my profile why you've added me, or if I accept, you mention ASAP why you added me. If no comment is given, I will remove you from my list if you do not provide reason on adding.
For that reason, I also do not accept 'random invites' for games or 'just to be on the friends list' sort of things. Once I resolve your issue, I will remove you. You may, however, re-add me for assistance in the future.

Do you want to host some sort of promotional PAYDAY 2 event? Shoot me an invite, we'd be glad to talk to you about it!

If you've been banned from the forums for cheating then please follow these simple steps, if you haven't seen this then whoever assists with your unban will follow a similar process ;

1 - Follow THIS guide, as we have a tool created by one of our moderators. With their help, a mod has been made to fully clear your progress, achievements et all, without use of an illegal tool.
2 - Contact one of our other many moderators with proof of you having used this mod.
3 - We/they will handle it form there.

If you have been banned from the forums for some form of rule breaking that was not in fact cheating, then you will not be unbanned. Bans are temporary, and warnings are indeed given on the forums.

Since I'm the one running the thing nowadays, only come to me if you cannot get the help from our volunteer mods.

If you have any complaints regarding our moderator team, feel free to contact me regarding it
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Visual guide to using the Full Clear Profile mod to reset all progress.

DO NOT POST RESET PROOF HERE. I don't check the comments here so DO NOT POST RESET PROOF HERE.

*This doesn't reset your playtime or take
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ℌ𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔞𝔦 ! Jun 11 @ 2:24pm 
hi, I get banned for cheating I followed all the steps
Ct Jun 6 @ 9:14pm 
João Maria Mendonça May 31 @ 2:28pm 
TheSawTroller May 29 @ 9:05am 
i sent request because of a ban
Veteran Alpha May 24 @ 3:31pm 
Besides I own all of the in game DLC's so this bulls**t should not be happening.
Veteran Alpha May 24 @ 3:26pm 
Ban for what? I was not distributing the DLC unlocker? Just because you see me using it in my game doesn't mean that I'm distributing it or sharing it. This is such nonsense.