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Artwork Showcase
TyroneryJames Oct 16 @ 8:05am 
tell me your secrets magic man
JMCSpook Oct 8 @ 4:06pm 
Hello there! I was wondering if I could get a playermodel commission from you? I never gotten a model commission before, but I hope we could talk it over somewhere, like Discord or something? I'm in love with the Buff Pooh bear and Among Us models, btw. ♥
II Fry II Sep 28 @ 12:29pm 
Hey uhh can you make one of the adult brush characters from vrchat please?
Ziutek Sep 17 @ 11:18pm 
♥♥♥♥ you.
softineon ♥ Jul 27 @ 3:30am 
hello, im interested in a small commission :> ive added you on discord
juandomando May 26 @ 6:28am 
Can you make another VRchat playermodel? (anime):steamthumbsup: