Elliot   Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada
SteamRep [steamrep.com]
If you have added me about real money trades I never go first
If you ignore this then don't add me!
The reason I have no skins right now is because I buy and sell them for profit, If I have any then they are proving hard to sell
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Why you should trust me, my trades and everything you need to know about trading with me!
Why do I do this trade?
I do this trade as a business! I buy from you guys and sell to make some nice neat profit!

My alternates!
:pmshiporange:) Slippy21 | Restocking

If I am in game chances are I don't have enough time to trade so send me a trade offer!

Why should you trust me?
:pmshiporange:) Level 20 Steam profile
:pmshiporange:) I have lots of reputation
:pmshiporange:) I have no negative comments (Which I do keep if I get any)
:pmshiporange:) I have evidence of old trades
:pmshiporange:) I have positive SteamRep (In my bio)

Payment methods!
:pmshiporange:) Steam Wallet Code
:pmshiporange:) PayPal
:pmshiporange:) Skrill

Info about the trades
:pmshiporange:) I never go first unless you look more trustworthy
:pmshiporange:) Don't add me expecting me to go first
:pmshiporange:) If you call me a scammer I will not take that type of insult lightly, expect a block
:pmshiporange:) I will always +rep you after a trade!

So you are interested and want to trade with me?
:pmshiporange:) Only add me if you agree with the above rules
:pmshiporange:) Also only add me if you are certain you want to trade, I want to be as quick as possible!
:pmshiporange:) If you add me and tell me you wish to sell then please send me a trade offer

Final information
:pmshiporange:)I do this trade very commonly
:pmshiporange:) Don't try and scam me... I won't fall for it, it'll just end in humiliation and a report
:pmshiporange:) If you liked me or my services then feel free to +rep me! It is highly appreciated!
:pmshiporange:) I follow my rules strictly in every trade I make, don't try and make me change, I won't

Old Trades
A collection of old trades! [imgur.com]
Bayonet Slaughter [i.imgur.com]
Karambit Safari Mesh [i.imgur.com]
Flip fade, Karambit Night and M4A4 Asiimov [i.imgur.com]
Huntsman Crimson Web [i.imgur.com]
Bayonet Night [i.imgur.com]
Statrack Huntsman Night [i.imgur.com]
Gut Forest DDPAT [i.imgur.com]
Falchion Forest DDPAT [i.imgur.com]
Souvenier Deagle Hand Cannon [i.imgur.com]
Gut Doppler and AWP Hyber Beast [i.imgur.com]
Bayonet Urban Masked and AWP Boom [i.imgur.com]
Gut Knife Blue Steel [i.imgur.com]
Karambit Safari Mesh [i.imgur.com]
Screenshot Showcase
society.......社会 Nov 22, 2015 @ 1:16am 
+rep fast and friendly trader!
cum Nov 22, 2015 @ 12:06am 
+rep Went first despite his trade mark! Also made some new friends!
Hedda Nov 8, 2015 @ 1:34pm 
+ rep I went first
Chinese Beaver 一个精液男 Nov 8, 2015 @ 12:06pm 
+rep, sent him the knife first and he overpayed me!!
jackfrosst Nov 3, 2015 @ 3:16pm 
+rep Sold him my knife went first
asdf Sep 13, 2015 @ 2:30pm 
+rep good trader