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Posted: Oct 14, 2021 @ 6:04am
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Eye of the Temple ABSOLUTELY takes vr immersion to a new level. The unique style of having infinite room to move around due to the shifting blocks makes the game feel incredible to play. Half of the time I forget I have a headset attached to my face with a wire to my computer with how much I was walking around.
The gameplay is unlike I have seen on any other vr game. It really makes me feel like I am indiana jones, exloring the unknown mysteries of an unknown place. The thrills and surprises of each section make me wanting more of this game.
The graphics are gorgeous, and even my dinky little laptop that I used to test on half of the time was able to run the game smoothly (though with a high-powered desktop the game certainly is better).
I'm so happy to have found this game because I do not think there is anything like it on the market, vr or not vr. It is a fun experience with plenty of opportunities to prove yourself to be the best explorer (speedrunning the game is incredibly fun).

The only "warning" I would give for the game is that you probably want to have your "VR legs" prior to trying this game. Walking around so much on the moving platforms can be quite tricky if you are not used to it already. That being said, throwing my friend into the game for his first time in vr was quite the show for me, and a fun time for him.
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