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Personal Achievements

Go Beneath

Enter Beneath for the first time
Unlocked May 13 @ 2:13am


Die for the first time in Beneath
Unlocked May 13 @ 2:19am


Rescue the Apostate
Unlocked May 13 @ 2:27am

Sole Survivor

Complete a Scenario level without modifiers

Bar Brawler

Complete the Biker Bar in Challenge mode

Blood on the Dance Floor

Complete the Disco in Challenge mode

Jail Break

Complete the Prison in Challenge mode

Swabbed the Deck

Complete the Pirate Cove in Challenge mode

Rag Time

Complete the Western Saloon in Challenge mode

Arena Challenger

Complete an Arena challenge

Arena Gladiator

Complete 3 Arena challenges

Arena Champion

Complete 5 Arena challenges

Biker Bar Speedrun

Complete the Biker Bar in Challenge mode in under 3:30

Prison Speedrun

Complete the Prison in Challenge mode in under 2:30 minutes

Saloon Speedrun

Complete the Saloon in Challenge mode in under 3:30 minutes

Arena 1 Speedrun

Complete Arena Challenge 1 in under 9:30 minutes


Defeat a Shard Lord


Unlock a permanent upgrade in Beneath

Powered Up

Upgrade one of the Beneath classes


Reach Crystal Caverns I


Reach Ruin I

Resurrect This

Defeat the Necromancer

Into Another Dimension

Reach Islands I

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