the real loot is the friends you make along the way.


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⚠️I have recently cleaned my friendlist and will most likely do so more often in the future. If I have deleted you, in most cases, it was nothing personal. Feel free to add me back if you want to.


If you play MvM fairly regularly and are looking for other players who are friendly and don't take it too seriously- feel free to join this discord. []


How many australiums?

43 in total:

Two Cities:
Tour 107 Blutsauger
Tour 127 Tomislav
Tour 205 Knife
Tour 225 Ambassador
Tour 246 Scattergun
Tour 262 Tomislav
Tour 278 Flame Thrower
Tour 300 Minigun
Tour 365 Axtinguisher
Tour 476 Black Box
Tour 517 SMG
Tour 532 Axtinguisher
Tour 554 Stickybomb Launcher
Tour 558 Rocket Launcher
Tour 793 Force-a-Nature
Tour 960 Ambassador
Tour 962 Rocket Launcher
Tour 973 Wrench
Tour 980 Minigun
Tour 983 Axtinguisher
Tour 1003 Grenade Launcher
Tour 1064 Sniper Rifle
Tour 1069 Frontier Justice
Tour 1101 Knife
Tour 1157 Black Box
Tour 1181 Axtinguisher
Tour 1201 Tomislav
Tour 1329 Axtinguisher
Tour 1370 Frontier Justice
Tour 1626 Axtinguisher
Tour 1701 Knife
Tour 1765 Knife
Tour 1784 Flame Thrower
Tour 1820 Force-a-Nature
Tour 1880 Tomislav
Tour 1905 Wrench

Gear Grinder:
Tour 21 Grenade Launcher
Tour 57 Minigun
Tour 58 Minigun
Tour 71 Ambassador
Tour 103 Flame Thrower
Tour 133 Eyelander

Mecha Engine:
Tour 16 Knife

Did you get a golden pan yet?

:taikisad: no.

Can I add you?

If we met in MvM and I remember your name I'll probably accept. If you want to add me for any other reason, just leave a comment.

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+rep found this dude in someone else's profile and i saw lvl 314 and i was like no way
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+rep epic and cool trader :DD
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