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January 29, 2012
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ZuluE Server Features
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:butterfly: HOMEPAGE :butterfly:

~Our servers feature:

Ranking System Hlstats - to view your stats, go to:

Special Item Drop - Specials can drop any item when killed
Super Tank – Can have up to 34k health; DOESN'T BURN!
Stages Plugin – Number of Zombies and Tank HP increase per map! (Stage 1: first map, Stage 2: scd map, ...)
More Special Infected – Specials spawn more often
More Witches – No limit to Witches; one Witch spawns every 2 minutes!
Witches Burn Longer – Witches burn for 4 minutes!
Friendly Fire Mirror

Survivors can crawl when incapacitated. You can give molotovs and pipebombs to your teammates by pushing them. You can give medkits to your teammates by pressing r.

All weapons have *more* ammo!

Chat commands that you can use:
!rules: Shows the server rules
!info: Shows info about the Stages Plugin
!light: You can color your flashlight with RGB codes or names, colors availiable: red, green, blue, white, magenta, iceblue, yellow, orange, limegreen
!drop: Drop whatever you are holding
!kill: Kill yourself
!zinfo: Shows your stats for the map or campaign
!afk, !join: Go idle and join again
!spec: Go into spec

*~*ZuluE-tag protection*~*
If you would like to use our tag on the servers, please ask us first. You'll be kicked automatically from the servers if you use the tag without being allowed to do so.

~Modified fire & flashlight colors~
The game's fire light radius has a greater range and a slightly different color. You can color your flashlight using rgb codes (e.g. !light 255 0 0 for red) or names.
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