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January 29, 2012
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Installed Custom Maps / Installierte Addon Maps
Hi guys, here's a list of the addon maps that you can play on our server. All of them have been tested. Only a handful of them cause problems for the server, but in our opinion, this doesn't make them less fun; they're still playable.
This list is in alphabetical order. You can download the maps on this page[].

Versions & requests
In some cases, the version that's on the server might be outdated. Please let us know if you notice this. Feel free to request new maps.


ERROR = error that occurs when playing the map

:biohazard: Numbers :biohazard:
7 Hours Later

:biohazard: B :biohazard:
Black Out
Bloody Sunday
Blood Harvest Apocalypse
Blood Woods Apocalypse

:biohazard: C :biohazard:
Cape Murder
Chaos Theory
City 17
Crash Bandicoot Course
Crash Course Apocalypse

:biohazard: D :biohazard:
Dam it - Buried by the flood
Dark Blood V2
Dark Carnival for L4D1
Dead Before Dawn ERROR: If the fourth map is restarted, the server will crash
Dead Center for L4D1
Dead City
Dead Echo
Dead Flag Blues
Dead on time
Dead Run
Dead Vacation
Death Aboard V.08
Death Stop

:biohazard: F :biohazard:

:biohazard: H :biohazard:
Hard Rain
Heaven Can Wait
HEM Blood Harvest
HEM Dead Air
HEM Death Toll
HEM No Mercy
HEM No Mercy Special Edition

:biohazard: I :biohazard:
I Hate Mountains
Ilogic City

:biohazard: L :biohazard:
Lost in Linz

:biohazard: M :biohazard:
Military Industrial Complex
Monster Mill

:biohazard: N :biohazard:
Night Terror (fixed version)
No Mercy Apocalypse

:biohazard: O :biohazard:
One 4 Nine

:biohazard: P :biohazard:
Precinct 84
Project Auburn
The Passing for L4D1

:biohazard: Q :biohazard:
Quedan 4x Morir

:biohazard: R :biohazard:

:biohazard: S :biohazard:
Silent Hill 1
Stargate SG4
Suicide Blitz
Surrounded By The Dead
Swamp Fever for L4D1

:biohazard: T :biohazard:
The Complex
The Grave Outdoors

:biohazard: V :biohazard:
Vienna Calling

:biohazard: W :biohazard:
We Don't Go To Ravenholm

:biohazard: Y :biohazard:
You are doomed

:biohazard: Z :biohazard:
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Hallo zusammen, hier findet ihr eine Liste von addon Maps, die ihr auf unseren Servern spielen könnt. Alle Maps wurden von uns getestet und nur einige Maps machen Probleme.
Die Liste ist in alphabetischer Reihenfolge.

Versionen & Vorschläge
Es kann sein, dass wir von einer Map eine veraltete Version installiert haben. Lasst es uns bitte wissen, wenn ihr das bemerkt. Ihr könnt hier auch neue Maps vorschlagen.
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- deleted Witch Hunter Training because it activated cheats
- added Dead Center, Swamp Fever, Dark Carnival & the Passing
- added You are doomed
- added Black Out
- deleted forum link, added download link to
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General Info
Coal'd Blood is pretty much the only map we'll never add, because it conflicts with some of our plugins.
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- updated Dead Center, Hard Rain, Dark Carnival, Swamp Fever and the Passing
- updated Monster Mill
- added Dam It - Buried By The Flood
Boone Apr 28, 2017 @ 6:24am 
Hallo Hera ... wie wäre es mit: highway to hell custom map???
Tourodon Dec 13, 2022 @ 12:24pm 
What version of No Mercy Apocalypse should I download ?
I can't use this one:
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