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The Older Gamers Official TOG Official
October 20, 2014
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The Older Gamers is managed via Discord. Joining requires a post in TOG Discord:

Search The Older Gamers in Discord or

The STEAM invite thread is in the Lounge.

Who we are:

"Spirit of The Older Gamers [TOG]

TOG|Father is the founder of The Older Gamers [TOG] community. Father and TOG Administration Team invite adults to come join and enjoy all that the community offers.

TOG is a diverse gaming community that aims to bring adults together from all walks of life to celebrate gaming and provide a gaming experience that is fun, enjoyable, respectful, and acceptable for adult participation.

TOG community members are 18 and above. This is the required age for membership.

TOG community members will not hide behind closed doors.

TOG community members are a friendly vibrant group of gaming enthusiasts from around the world who continue to promote the Spirit of The Older Gamers [TOG] throughout the broader gaming community.

TOG community members are passionate about gaming.

TOG community members uphold standards of decency, fair play, cooperation, and respect for others.

TOG community members believe that a gaming community that upholds strong community standards makes gaming more enjoyable and acceptable for adults to participate.

TOG community members often have limited time in their busy adult lives balancing work, family, health, children, and other hobbies. We come together to free ourselves from the daily grind and let our minds wander into a vast array of game worlds; fly spaceships, wield magic and swords, fly planes, drive cars, save the world, or become a pirate. Some players are laid back looking to chill. Others are more competitive as they thrive in hard core raids or PvP environments. If the developers support it, we’re all for it.

TOG community members may play games with other friends and/or communities. There is an expectation that they will present in a manner that accords with the Spirit of The Older Gamers [TOG].

TOG community members have little time and patience for behaviour that causes harm to the broader gaming community, our community, or our gaming.

TOG community members may consent to an adult parent or guardian inviting a child into the game channel for that child to play. The parent or guardian is aware that this is an adult environment, is solely responsible for the child, and must always supervise the child. We believe in leading by example.

TOG community members whilst friendly and open for gaming, are protective of their privacy, and prefer that consent is obtained before entering into private discussions or messaging; consent is of paramount importance.

If in doubt, ask a member of the TOG Administration Team.
TOG | 2_islands May 13, 2023 @ 5:39pm 
To join, you must be a member of The Older Gamers and post in The Older Gamers invite forum:
TOG | 2_islands Nov 21, 2014 @ 2:14am 
Would you please tell other TOG members of the new invite forum so that they may also join. Thanks and enjoy your gaming.
TOG | 2_islands Nov 12, 2014 @ 11:00pm 
Welcome to the new TOG Group.
Ulric Oct 24, 2014 @ 2:24am 
Oooh, look, shiny and new.:summerskull:
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