September 7, 2015

24/7 Idling, Auto-restarter, Offline mode - Boost your Steam hours

Gain thousands of hours on your games with 24/7 idling - no effort at all! -The best solution for steam idling.

What is steam time idler?

Disappointed with your total hours in CS/TF/DOTA etc..? Steam Time Idler will sit on those games while you're sleeping/during the day and increase your hours played in them.

If you are interested in boosting your steam games you are in the right place.

With steamidler you can do the following:

- Idle on multiple steam accounts at the same time

- See detailed stats on your previous and current idles

- Access your control panel from anywhere

- Idle on multiple games you own at the same time
and have your idles automatically restart so it runs forever!

- You can also idle on all free available games in the marketplace without needing to download anything

- Don't need to keep your computer on for it to work

and much more...

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Thank you!
Regarding Meltdown/Spectre updates and downtime
Meltdown and Spectre
On the 22nd February 2018 at 16:00UTC we had on and off downtime for 1 hour. This update was to apply a patch/fix to the industry-wide security vulnerabilities known as Meltdown and Spectre.

Information about these vulnerabilities can be seen here:

All account data is secure and nothing has been accsessed. This is a problem that exists in all computer kernals and was recently found. It was vital that we applied the fix as soon as possible to ensure all information is safe and secure.

These updates have now been made and we can continue idling our accounts. It did affect all idles but we are back on track now.

Recent Downtime

Generally Steam will update their software once a week, usually on Tuesdays. This has always been a problem when it comes to idling your games because it can result in your idle ending. The way we've gotten around this is to have AutoRestarter enabled and then your idle will start back up again automatically with the same idle settings.

Over the past few days we have had more downtime than we ever usually receive. This is a rare occasion to have three sets of downtime in a few days so
I will comment on it here. Here's the timeline of downtime:

20th Feb = Steam went down for updates (All idles affected)
22nd Feb = Update for Meltdown and Spectre (All idles affected)
23rd Feb = Our host had networking issues related to the previous day's updates. (All idles affected)

Of course, those users who have AutoRestarter were unaffected. However those not using AutoRestarter will need to manually restart their idles again.

It is unfortunate we have had these three sets of downtime in the past few days but I assure you there is nothing left planned in terms of updates on our behalf that will end idles. From now on just remember to check on Tuesdays ;)

Hope this answers some questions people may be having regarding recent downtime.

P.S. We are continuing to work on the new Steam Bot and will at some point soon be releasing the full statistics which will include new chat and friend request popup layouts and logs. Lots of exciting stuff to come..!

New Feature: AutoMessage after AutoAccepting Friend Request
AWESOME, nice guy and good service all its good :greenlike:
Ƭi Rone - Feb 27 @ 5:21am 
Hi Zinou, looks like you are appearing offline. That will not show you playing a game if you have that enabled :)
Zinou #TheBeast idle/away Feb 27 @ 5:13am 
just bought subscription and i am idling and it is not showing that i am in game help!
Odin Feb 24 @ 7:43pm 
+rep really nice guy and good customer service 10/10
Flex$ Feb 18 @ 6:56am 
good player Feb 2 @ 10:50am 
the service is awesome! keep it up! got my all hours! the best thing that you can even change accounts, even if you have linked an account! Awesome service +rep
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September 7, 2015