22 ноември 2020

Here be Sick Frags (public) (public)
News Update - January 24, 2021
Map Update
The last few weeks seb has been working on a map update. We listened to your feedback and added the most requested features. Thank you everyone who gave us feedback to improve the map, we appreciate it!

Biggest Changes:
  • The Spy Dead Ringer can be leveled now. You can now use !ringer to idle.
  • Added a 24 hour map restart timer. Make sure you return to leveling once it restarts.
  • Added a room to level the PDA 'Health Dispensed to Teammates' part.
  • Added red/green indicators to the Medic assist room.
Added Support:
  • Strange Part: Player Hits
  • Strange Part: Damage Dealt
  • Strange Part: Long-Distance Kills (All Class)
  • Strange Part: Buildings Destroyed (All Class)
  • Strange Part: Burning Enemy Kills
  • Strange Part: Allies Extinguished
  • Strange Part: Medics Killed That Have Full ÜberCharge
To see the full map changelog, see this thread.

General Updates
  • Implemented a patch to make cosmetics build again! Hooray!
  • Plugin automatically attempts to reconnect you to the item server when it loses connection.
  • Automatically switch to a strange weapon upon spawn in case a non-strange is removed.
  • Added !ringer for you to automatically level the Dead Ringer in the sentry room.
  • Ability to switch weapons while taunting. Handy for engineer.
  • Instant sapper removal for any weapon that supports it.
  • Reduced sentry damage and wrangler firing speed.
  • Instant upgrade buildings and instant deploy time.
  • Reduced total stickies for faster detonation.

As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome!
You can post your map ideas and suggestions here, or you can add seb directly.

News Update - January 4, 2021
Happy New Year!
I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year's Eve. 2020 has been tough. Hopefully 2021 will be better! Now, onto the news.

New Map
As I'm still working on more servers and plugins, seb has been working on a new map for our servers. This map is specially made for strange farming, covering almost all strange weapons and strange parts. Each room is auto-locked, making kill stealing and griefing impossible! The map currently contains 20 bots, each with a specific purpose. The following strange weapons and strange parts are supported and can be farmed in our new map.

Strange Weapons:
  • Any Damage Weapon
  • Any Medi Gun
  • Any Scout/Heavy Edible
  • Any Soldier Buff
  • Any Throwable
  • Any PDA Building
  • Deadringer
  • Razorback
  • Sapper
  • Mantreads
Strange Parts:
  • Strange Part: Scouts Killed
  • Strange Part: Soldiers Killed
  • Strange Part: Pyros Killed
  • Strange Part: Demomen Killed
  • Strange Part: Heavies Killed
  • Strange Part: Engineers Killed
  • Strange Part: Medics Killed
  • Strange Part: Snipers Killed
  • Strange Part: Spies Killed
  • Strange Part: Underwater Kills
  • Strange Part: Full Health Kills
  • Strange Part: Burning Enemy Kills
  • Strange Part: Long-Distance Kills
  • Strange Part: Airborne Enemies Killed
  • Strange Part: Kills While Explosive Jumping
  • Strange Part: Low-Health Kills
  • Strange Part: Critical Kills
  • Strange Part: Headshot Kills
  • Strange Part: Point-Blank Kills
  • Strange Part: Gib Kills
  • Strange Part: Kills While Übercharged
  • Strange Part: Not Crit nor MiniCrit Kills
  • Strange Part: Buildings Destroyed
  • Strange Part: Sappers Destroyed
  • Strange Part: Projectiles Reflected
  • Strange Part: Allied Healing Done
  • Strange Part: Player Hits
  • Strange Part: Damage Dealt
Strange Filters:
  • Strange Filter: Competitive
  • Strange Filter: Any Map

Feedback is welcome and appreciated!
Feel free to post your ideas here. To see map changes, click here.
It's also possible to add seb directly, in case of map bugs or if you want to say something in private.

Cosmetics cannot be farmed at this moment. An update will follow as soon as it's fixed!

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seb™ 14 юни в 3:42 
Right now it isn't possible to level up Strange part: Teammates Whipped

Only if you have good luck and someone is AFK in spawn room.

I will try to add this feature in next version of leveling map (rc3)
synCツ 14 юни в 1:35 
Is there a way to boost "teammates whipped" on the disciplinary action?
KennyAtom 8 юни в 1:58 
Strange leveling isn't working anymore
Shiro <3 31 март в 13:55 
sad, i came back to the pc with a 12k killstreak and 5k strange kills, meh better than nothing
GodRider 31 март в 13:53 
Yeah. The Game Coordinator which receives the strange kills has a lag of some sort. When a lot of people are leveling with high rate of fire weapons, like Heavy's Minigun and Pyro's flamethrower, the GC will be throttled to some extend. There's not much we can do about it.
Shiro <3 31 март в 11:56 
Why do like half of the kills not register, i guess it has to do with lag right? i mean i have sometimes a 2.3k killstreak and only like 1.1k got registered in my strange
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22 ноември 2020