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March 31, 2017
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8 hours ago
PINNED: Madness vs Machines Bug Report Thread
Originally posted by JoseKrlos!™:
Server Number: All
Map/Mission: All
Wave: All

Describe the bug: It's a visual error, I don't know if it's because of my configuration or the "Rome Vision" but the robots are usually invisible, be giant, have uber, have crits and things like that. In addition, ammunition and health boxes are often mixed, making a box of ammunition look like a health box. although it is only visual, it looks like it has uber but you can harm it like a normal robot. And sometimes the "Mission Complete" sign is locked and cannot be removed.

That's most often due to packet loss on your client.
Originally posted by miru-kun:
Server Number: 46
Map/Mission name: waterfront
Wave number: All
Time the bug happened: tick 264314 (28 October 2019 | 4:20PM GMT)
Describe the bug: The water texture is white
Any screenshots:
That's more often than not an issue with your graphics card.
Nov 8 @ 7:38pm
Need harder missions
Nov 8 @ 1:42pm
What is the hardest possible misson ever created in
Nov 9 @ 5:57am
Contracts taking a year to be complete.
Oct 26 @ 1:18pm
asset files
Oct 14 @ 4:57pm
The winter bridge mvm map, it ADV mission is too hard
Oct 14 @ 5:44am
Servers won’t show (Circa Halloween update)
37 minutes ago
PINNED: [CREATORS] Campaign Content Update Requests

Submission Name: Gambler's Gambit
Submission Type: Mission
Reason for update (Bugfix/Balance): Bugfix & Balance
Changelog for update (please include everything):
  • Fixed rare case of the bomb being warped to the red spawn if the bomb reset at the right time.
Sometimes if the bomb was reset the moment before a piece of logic was run, the bomb would be warped to the roof above red spawn. This fixes this issue. Chief Rockethell:
  • Rocket speed lowered by 37% (50% -> 13%).
  • Blast radius decreased by 70%.
  • Firing speed increased by 10%.
  • Damage bonus reverted back to 200%.
The boss was originally intended to fill an area with many slow moving projectiles that would force players to doge them. Initially, the damage bonus was just cut and projectiles were left at 50% speed. This change fixes the projectiles and gives the boss its damage bonus back. A player with max crit+blast resist can still tank 3 rockets. Subwave 1:
  • Total count of demos increased by 12 (24 -> 36)
The support for the giants is finished well before the final giant arrives. Adding 3 additional spawns smooths out the gap without dragging on the wave. Subwave 3:
  • Subwave 3 waits for the entire previous subwave to die before starting.
Some teams end up killing the giant pair in subwave 2 before finishing the bonk scouts. For teams that were already pushed back to the hatch, this would cause it to become extremely difficult to hold the hatch with both the remains of subwave 2 and the start of subwave 3 pushing the hatch. This sets subwave 3 to start 4 seconds after all of the previous subwave is completed.
Download URL: Here[]
Sep 29 @ 5:43pm
Is it too late to earn the Pinnacle of Ingenuity badge?
Jun 16 @ 2:05pm
I'm Such A Masochist I Decided To Complete the Canteen Crasher "Most Valuable Player" Contract Playing ONLY As Scout
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