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PoniPoniPoni poni³
August 10, 2011
ABOUT PoniPoniPoni

Serving up fun since March of 2011

Feel free to invite your friends. Anyone can wear the poni³ tag.
Make sure that you understand the rules[].

If you find that you can not talk upon joining a server, type /vc and join a lobby.

West Coast (Seattle):
  • TBA - Deathmatch / Stock
  • TBA - Sandbox / Portals / Jetpacks
  • TBA - Freak Fortress 2
  • TBA - MvM 8 / Heroes / RTD / Spells

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Volunteer Help Wanted!
Q: What help do you need?
A: We have a few volunteer positions that need filling for the moment which would be..
  1. A modeler. Do you know how to compile a model and write a qc file for TF2? Then we would like your help!
  2. A web developer. The original source for the previous web page we had for p3 has been lost to time forever. So we would like some assistance in rebuilding it.

Q: Where do I apply for these positions?
A: Simply join our discord[] ( and ping any staff you see online or message Apple.

Q: What do you need a web developer for? P3 had no webpage!
A: Well my fine friend thank you for asking, P3 technically had a webpage which was used for the MOTD (Message Of The Day), assuming you hadn't turn that off you would be welcomed with pony art and MLP text font showing you the server rules and donation info and all that other nice stuff.

Q: Will I be getting paid for this work?
A: Unfortunately we do not have any funds to pay for any work otherwise I would if I could. You will be getting recognition for your work and help however, rest assured.

Q: Why don't you just get gud and get the money anyway via donations, I want to be paid.
A: I won't put up any gofundmes or the sort as people will have set expectations for what they would want for the server, that would be too many varying expectations to meet and would be unrealistic and cause too many unhappy people with an already unhappy user base.

Q: I don't do modeling or web developing. Is there any other way I can help?
A: Share this around to as many people as you can. The more people see this, the better chances we have at getting the people we need. Any help is appreciated!

So where were we?
To tdlr; what has happened since then was quite a few things actually. Valve has introduced a few updates over that course of time that has pushed back development quite a bit, we've also had some volunteers come and go which has halted a few areas of development as well as our lead plugin developer needing some breaks here and there.
We aren't a AAA game company, we're purely run off passion and motivation of your average fan goers like yourself.
I ask you have patience with us so we can give you a good experience with our servers. Not only that we are recreating p3 but there will also be some revisions to our rules and the sort.

If you have questions or are curious and want better and quicker updates in real time please seriously consider joining our discord. With that said thank you again for waiting.

We do have a test server open for anyone to join while they wait on the full release. The server IP is WHICH btw may change as we are testing server hosts. We're trying to find the best host as the servers constantly get hit with DDoS attacks. With all that said that should be it and hopefully I get to see you in our discord server. I am fully open to discussions anything poniponiponi related. Feel free to add Apple on discord or steam to talk!

The return of PoniPoniPoni is neigh!
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What a thing to see!
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