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November 29, 2019
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Original Scripts is a marketplace for Addons of Gmod
Welcome to originahl-scripts[] steam group, this site presents the scripts and Addons created by members who have the status of minimum coder, for your Garry's Mod servers and also for your web configurations, you will find all the information about each product you need, a shop, a forum and support. By buying scripts you contribute to their improvements, to future scripts and support original authors.
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Where do I get my experience from? And what did I do? I am one of the few single coders who created a real gamemode entirely, I maintained the structure of the servers, composed the music and participated in 100% of the design and his website, all this alone from A to Z with my own resources, which makes a lot of experience in many fields. And this without any financial support. Known as Zworld-Afterlife[] which you may have known in its early days as Zmod.

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The best Loot Spawn Point Editor is released
Loot Spawn Point Editor 2
"Loot Spawn Point Editor second generation is a system for generating positions that will generate the loot spawn on your server, you will be able to choose the rate of chance of appearance and also the rate of rarity if your point can generate several different items. It works not only for entities. To optimize your server an option is added so that if the players are too far away the spawn is disabled and the generated loot is removed, and it is possible to set the system that generates the loot when the player presses "Use" in the scenery such as a piece of furniture for example."

🚀 1. Presentation
⚡️ 2. Optimisation module

1. 🚀 Presentation

Loot Spawn Point Editor 2 is the first second generation script on Originahl Scripts, it allows you to dynamically edit loot points on any map, of any gamemode on Garry's Mod, with several options as useful as efficient.

1.1 An editable cycle system
The cycle system allows you to choose a time to carry out a cycle. At each cycle the spawn point will show an object from the list you have created yourself, this chance of appearance is also configurable.

1.2 Inserting objects to the list of a loot point
To add objects to the list it's very simple, just place them next to the objects then open the interface and click on "Detection", the system will automatically detect the surrounding entities, you just have to choose from the list, which makes the insertion easier and avoids syntax errors. The inserted objects will be automatically deleted. You have the possibility to write the class of the entity in the text box, then press enter to validate.

1.3 Two ways of using the loot point
To meet all requirements I have created two operating modes switchable from the interface of a loot point.
Mode 0 = The system will automatically spawn the items on its list.
Mode 1 = The system will only spawn from its list when a player presses USE when close to a loot point. An example of use the map contains cabinets that you cannot delete, by placing a loot point on the cabinet in mode 1, the player will be able to trigger the loot from the cabinet. You have understood you can turn a static and useless object into a loot point that can be triggered by pressing the USE key. You can limit a delay from the interface to avoid spam.

1.4 Chance rate settings for each item
The loot point has a luck rate system and a rarity editing system but what's the difference?
Pre-set the rate of chance that the Loot Point can make an object appear, means that if the Loot Point has a 50% chance of making an object appear, it also has a 50% chance of making nothing appear, but that's up to you.
While the rarity rate allows you to rarefy objects. For example a super lethal ammunition you put it at 1% chance of appearing against 99% for a normal ammunition. So your items that you want to make rare will remain rare.

1.5 Customisation options
Each loot point has a personalisation option, allowing you to get organised and also to create a map that can be used as a guide. You can edit the Point Name, Text Color, and change the icon.
You see the positions of the loot points only when admineyes is activated. The admineyes can be activated from the interface.

1.6 Administration - Access - Management
Everything is done from a clean and intuitive interface. To open the interface as an admin, simply press the USE key when you are nearby.
Even without an administration system you can have admins access if you add your own steamid in the configuration file.

1.7 Admin View
Named AdminEyes, allows you to see all your loot points placed on the map. The icon of the point, its name, its colour and the distance in metres are displayed.

1.8 Translations
Like most of my scripts they are already translated into : English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish.

2. ⚡️ Optimisation module

2.1 Automated activation and deactivation distance
You can choose at what distance in meters the system activates and deactivates, if there is no player nearby the loot point is dormant, this distance is configurable from the interface of each point.

Why this choice? The Source engine has its limits concerning the number of elements on your server, if the map is badly optimized each entity will be a weight on the network and CPU if they themselves are badly optimized and will also increase the loading time of your server, players will take longer to reach your server. This system allows you to considerably reduce the number of unused entities in empty areas, and it is even better when the maps are large. Giving your server a new health without emptying it of its contents was a challenge to meet.

2.2 System of suppression of the loots generated by the point at the time of its deactivation
Can also be activated in the optimisation section, if the loot point, is deactivated because there are no more players in its area then the point will remove the loot it has generated. Thus the maps in the eyes of the players will remain well filled without overload.

The Loot Spawn Point Editor 2 script contains an official Wiki here : 📚 Wiki & Documentation[]

Full description here :

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