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June 11, 2015
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Godot 4.0.2
  • The new Vulkan renderer that you can use instead of OpenGL,
  • Highly Improved Lighting & Shadows (e.g. Signed Distance Field Global Illumination and VoxelGI),
  • New Rendering Optimization Techniques (e.g. automatic occlusion culling and automatic mesh LOD),
  • Enhanced Mid & Post-Processing (e.g. Screen Space Indirect Lighting),
  • Powerful New 2D Level-Editing Tools (e.g. brand new tilemap editor, new terrain auto-tiling system, etc),
  • New 2D Rendering Options (e.g. canvas groups, MSAA, etc),
  • Improved 2D Lighting & Shadows (e.g. 2D directional lights and shadows, etc),
  • New Atmospheric Effects (e.g. volumetric fog, dynamic skies, etc),
  • Improved Textures & Material Projection (e.g. decals),
  • Enhanced Shader-Game World Interaction (e.g. collision, trails, sub-emitters and manual emission, etc),
  • Improved Shader Editor,
  • Extended Shader Language (e.g. support for uniform arrays and fragment-to-light varyings, as well as new syntax features, such as structs, preprocessor macros and shader includes),
  • Support for Compute Shaders
And uh... well, quite a few other things because I haven't gone through the scripting segment of the official Godot announcement[] which starts before you're half way through the blog.
Oh, and here are the changes in 4.0.1[] and 4.0.2[]

If you'd like to listen and see all the changes in Godot 4 instead, here's a New features in slightly less than 30 minutes! (not the official title)

Anyway, source code is over here (Github)[], official website over here[] of which both places you can download Godot binaries from if you do so wish.

Media Player Classic 2.0.0
  • Updated LAV Filters to version 0.77.1-1-g6f78a
  • Updated MediaInfo DLL to version 22.12
  • When A-B repeat is active, HOME button now seeks to A position instead of beginning
  • Add support for new LayoutResX/Y ASS subtitle header.
  • Correctly apply scaling to blur tag in ASS subtitles.
  • Some improvements to the FreeType fallback path for font rendering. Fixes rare issue of missing text with certain complex fonts that fail with GDI.
  • Added new advanced option MouseLeftUpDelay. This delays the left click action on the video area in anticipation of a double-click. Can be used to prevent unwanted pausing when toggling fullscreen. Suggested value is 250ms. Disabled by default.
  • Fixed a decoding issue with certain TrueHD audio streams
  • Filename was wrong when saving downloaded subtitle when moving to next file in folder/playlist
  • Fixed style issue with embedded WebVTT
  • Fixed hang in SaveThumbnails on seek failure with an incomplete file
  • Fixed issue with seekbar safezone in the case that video area is hidden

You can read official release page over here (on Github)[]

You can find the sourcecode over here at Github[], download it from the 'Releases' page at Github[] or even take a look at the original mpc-hc's source code, also at Github[]

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