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June 9, 2017
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"A Gaming and Development Community."

This group is primarily run by our Events Department and is used to inform our user base of events located on the multiple links provided.

Events will usually have prizes associated with them that include, but are not limited to, Money and SCPoints, so be sure to keep an eye out for Omni-Games Events.

We would also love to hear from you so leave us a comment on our Steam Group, Forums, or Discord ( and we will do our best to get back with you in a timely manner.


NOTE: All users who join our Steam Group when joining our servers and using the in-game command receives Omni Points upon joining!

1) Type !group in the server chat box.
2) Click the Join Group button.
3) Wait 10-15 seconds on the Steam Group page.
4) Close the Steam Web browser.

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NEW! Cards Against Humanity Gmod Server!
SCPRP v1.10.0 Updates
Change Log:

SCPRP v1.10.0 - Site 19
  • Added: Players infected with SCP 008 will now see a HUD overlay change.
  • Buffed: Players infected with SCP 008 has a 60-100% ( based on donator level ) chance to spread SCP 008 to nearby players via coughing.
  • Nerfed: SCP 008-1 now takes two minutes to transform an infected player.
  • Buffed: SCP 008-1 causes a player to cough up to 11 times prior to transforming.
  • Nerfed: SCP 008-1 can no longer infect SCP 035's host.
  • Buffed: SCP 008-1 now has a 100% infection rate to those attacked by it.
  • Buffed: SCP 008-1 can now infect SCP 527.
  • Buffed: SCP 008-1 can only be damaged via shots to the head and torso.
  • Buffed: SCP 008-1's health has been increased to 500.
  • Buffed: SCP 012's damage instances have been increased.
  • Fixed: SCP 012 not triggering the death scene when close to it.
  • Fixed: SCP 012 not respawning when the map is cleaned up.
  • Buffed: SCP 012 can now kill SCP 527.
  • Updated: SCP 012 can no longer be triggered by staff in staff mode.
  • Fixed: SCP 012's death scene no longer continues after death.
  • Added: SCP 012's victim will now write on the SCP as the death scene takes place.
  • Optimized: SCP 012's code has been reworked to reduce CPU consumption on the server during a death scene.
  • Added: SCP 3124 - Not a Football
  • Updated: Having 100% damage penalty no longer applies damage over time effects.
  • Updated: Head shots now deal 200% damage on certain player models via non-melee damage.
  • Updated: Arm shots now deal 50% damage on certain player models via non-melee damage.
  • Updated: Leg shots now deal 75% damage on certain player models via non-melee damage.
  • Updated: Damage penalty no longer prevents melee damage.
  • Nerfed: Damage over time effects can no longer be applied by melee damage.
  • Nerfed: Critical hits can no longer be triggered by melee damage.
  • Added: Compass HUD element for all Foundation and Chaos Insurgency jobs.
  • Updated: Research notes now displays SCP cell locations on the compass.
  • Nerfed: Researchers can no longer test with the same SCP twice in a row.
  • Added: HUD overlay which allows special effects to be shown on screen.
  • Updated: The intercom now displays objective locations on the compass.
  • Updated: Reaching an intercom objective within 60 seconds now awards 5-25 SCPoints.
  • Buffed: The intercom now awards three SCPoints per announcement.
  • Updated: The intercom's Inspection Team Sierra now includes Field Agents.
  • Buffed: Class D Thief can now pick pocket Field Agents.
  • Fixed: Unauthorized jobs being able to use hand scanners.
  • Buffed: Buy zones now automatically provide god mode to players.
  • Updated: The radio and private message chat text colors have been set to red.
  • Updated: Players can no longer open the f4 menu while frozen.
  • Added: Notice sign next to piano telling players how to fix shiny materials.
  • Updated: The AFK area is now located closer to Benjamin Walker's spawn.
  • Updated: Staff exploit reports have been moved to the client side console.
  • Updated: Staff members will be auto removed from staff mode when AFK.
  • Updated: Staff members will be auto removed from duty when AFK.
  • Nerfed: User map cleanup votes can no longer be called during an active custom event.
  • Updated: The events tool now highlights players that are selected via left click.
  • Fixed: The events tool can now force jobs that are not owned by a selected player.
  • Added: Custom Event SWEP Entity - Big Platform
  • Added: Custom Event SWEP Entity - Fading Platform
  • Added: Custom Event SWEP Entity - Platform
  • Added: Custom Event SWEP Entity - Tube Platform
  • Added: Custom Event SWEP Entity - Tube Platform 2
  • Added: Custom Event SWEP Entity - Soccer Ball
  • Added: Custom Event SWEP Entity - SCP 3124

Special Thanks:
  • Comrade Blue: Inspiring the compass and compass objective location system for research notes and the intercom.

For a full list of updates:
To connect to Site 19: steam://connect/
To suggestion SCPRP ideas to us:

Father Grigori Nov 25, 2020 @ 9:52pm 
Poopoo Peepee
simonjan78 Nov 14, 2020 @ 11:20am i actually found decent footage of me "My Name" and other players i miss during watching this vid
. Nov 12, 2020 @ 6:26am 
Your donation helped SCPRP exist in the first place, as well as paying for the server space. Ideally, the server exists forever. However, it is VERY expensive to keep it up; more than we could possibly pay for, sadly. Because of this, the server had to shut down. It is undecided whether or not donations will transfer to the new server, however, the function will certainly be implemented for donation perks.
PunkKid Nov 11, 2020 @ 10:45pm 
scp servers not popping up?
Tom The Ancom [W-G] Oct 30, 2020 @ 11:58am 
on the new scp server are the donations still going to work?
. Oct 29, 2020 @ 5:31pm 
-It will be back with a new SCP server
-Is it not shut down forever
-The player count was too low to support the server
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