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Mordhau Official Group Mordhau
January 23, 2016
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Delays, beta backer access to alpha & reward fulfilment
Alpha Build #13 - 01/10/2018
  • Added new map: Tourney - available in FFA, Skirmish and TDM
  • Offscreen strike tracer reduced to 5% (from 15%) - now only affects the part which looks like recovery, offscreen drags, cleaving & combo mixups are back with this change
  • Reduced strike attack angling curve to 33% (from 50%)
  • Glancing blow tolerance increased by 30 degrees (This will vastly reduce the accidental glancing blows while still preventing full 360 degree spinning)
  • Reverted strike release time change, lowered by 25ms global (575ms is the max release time again)
  • Parry reduced horizontal angle by 5 for each side & leg angle by 5 (slightly harder to parry sides and leg hits)
  • Parry window reduced by 25ms (400ms to 375ms), recovery raised by 25ms
  • Reduced active parry angle by 10 degrees to get rid of backparries
  • Feint window for attacks increased by 25ms (does not affect combo or riposte feints)
  • Riposte feints now have a forced lockout of 400ms, making them punishable
  • You can now parry if you hit the world after hitting someone
  • Strike chamber window increased by 25ms
  • Reduced Blocked/Chambered attacking queue window to 75ms (from 150ms)
  • Reduced hit knockback across the board for weapons with stronger knockback (will reduce sliding in teamfights and make things less disorienting)
  • Disabled knockback for teamhits
  • Stab & Stab riposte early release increased slightly (0.25 to 0.26)
  • Reduced sprint re-acceleration slightly (will make fast turns a bit more reasonable)
  • Reduced partial sprint acceleration (going from walk to sprint is still instant, but full 180 degree turns while running slow you down more, as well as spamming directional sprint will be less teleport-y)
  • Removed special lunge values from halberd, spear, zweihander, now have the same lunge as everything else
  • Removed some properties which made attacking out of certain animations smoother than regular attacks, resulting in deceptive unreadable attacks

Weapon Balance
  • Shortspear stab release decreased by 50ms, fixed shortspear feint cost
  • Shortspear slash damage reduced by 5
  • Shortspear stab miss recovery increased to 0.8
  • Shortspear stab slightly more restricted turncap
  • Shortspear 25ms faster stab combo windup
  • Battle axe alt mode strike combo windup faster by 50ms
  • Battle axe point cost increased by 1
  • Greatsword point cost reduced by 1
  • Halberd alt mode stab slightly less restricted turncap
  • Warhammer strike windups increased 25ms
  • Cleaver strike combo windup increased 25ms
  • Spear stabs now two shot medium to torso

Visuals & Misc
  • Added a chaperone Hat, also set up some coifs that were missing on other hats
  • Changed chain shirt so it doesnt allow usage without the skirt, lowered collision thickness on the skirt so the cloth doesnt strain
  • Adjusted the cap a bit so it looks better
  • Attacks are no longer LODed in windup on dedicated servers
  • Fixed parrybox not updating fast enough on anim-LODed servers
  • Flinch animations now always play at 100% strength (removed headshot modifier)
  • Flinch animations now have more responsive blending
  • Improved 1p flinch animation so you can use the weapon on screen as indicator when you can attack again (to help with chamber after flinch)
  • More responsive third person animations for movement (upper and lower body)
  • Added new shortspear first person animations, added shortspear & shield first person animations
  • Fixed Messer LODs triggering too close
  • Fixed the skinning on the long sleeve leather glove and added a bit more definition to the knuckles
  • Readjusted base greatsword set proportions to be more in line with the claymores and in anticipation of a new estoc category
  • Face customization camera improvements

User Interface
  • Minor positioning fixes

Sir Egosha 14 hours ago 
Gde mordaha? 9 ne ponel... Ruki yze cheshyrs9 poigrat:agathacross:
•҉Sir Boring Feb 19 @ 9:40pm 
They estimated launch to be in March, but given the delay of both the Alpha and the Beta, it will probably release some time later than that.

Indie teams can never be certain about their release date until they've actually finished their game, while as AAA companies give a release date before they even start working on their game.
bring a gun to school Feb 19 @ 3:10pm 
I mean, what's the point of having a PUBLIC steam group for a select few who got the alpha? I kind of just wanna know how much longer I have to wait and IDK why the Announcements are posted here instead of just emailing to people who got the alpha
Showmae Feb 19 @ 1:34pm 
bring a gun to school Feb 19 @ 12:58pm 
I honestly think the community would be a little bit happier if they released some dates. Even if plan on delaying releases of anything. PLS JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING
Hello darkness my old friend Feb 19 @ 12:12pm 
Enter chat room
January 23, 2016