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Mordhau Official Group Mordhau
January 23, 2016
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Alpha Build #19
Gameplay & Mechanics
  • Reverted some code optimizations to fix the new desync/instant hit problem that appeared since Patch 18 - this will also put swing manipulation in check again same as Patch 17 and make it more readable
  • Added new climbing/parkour system - players can now vault over smaller obstacles, and pull themselves up on higher walls/obstacles. Press or hold spacebar to activate, getting hit during climbing will ragdoll players. Also works while in the air. May lead to some temporary map exploits.
  • Equipment that can't defend with parry/block will now get disarmed and drop on melee hits and switch to fists. This affects archery weapons, throwables and various equipment. Having a shield will override this, so if you have a throwable and a shield, you don’t get disarmed on hit
  • Chase mechanic now only works with a melee weapon in hands, and chase mechanic from the front is now enabled if opponent doesn’t have a melee weapon
  • Buffed chase mechanic start speed slightly
  • You can now hold use to swap items in hand with items on the ground directly
  • Stamina breathing threshold lowered to 15 stamina
  • Hyperarmor now also works against projectiles and horse bumps
  • Forward parry now ignores strike early releases, preventing some bad looking early parries
  • Slight flinch knockback increase
  • Added Bandage - 1 Point item, has 2 uses and heals 50 hp per use. Bandaging takes 1.5s and can be used while walking
  • Added Medic bag - 2 Point item, deployed once thrown on the ground. Has a total HP pool of 300 and heals 50 per hold use.
  • Added Toolbox - 8 point item, can be used to construct buildings & fortifications. Use alt mode to switch through the available buildings. Currently has a wall providing cover and a spike wall, which deals damage and can impale people, based on their velocity. Buildings self construct upon deploying, this process can be canceled by enemies or sped up with a repair hammer. Buildings can be destroyed/repaired and have different stages of health, the maximum amount of buildings per toolbox is 6. Buildings persist between lives, but if you respawn without a toolbox, they will vanish.

  • Third person Jump animations improved for upper and lower body
  • New 3p catapult lowerbody anims

Customization & Equipment
  • Removed purple from leather color added 3 more shades of brown
  • Added new Knights Rimmed Pauldrons
  • Added new Knights Chain
  • Added new Rimmed Pauldrons

Visuals & Misc
  • Fixed ballista hand IK breaking into a Tpose in the distance
  • Added various LODs
  • Fixed holster jiggle not working in some cases

  • Vehicles now show visible damage based on health (this broke a few patches back)
  • Catapult movement speed raised from 125 to 187
  • Raised Catapult turning speed while moving

  • Improved a few sounds

  • Added new equipment interaction UI elements

Known Issues
  • Loadout switching in Skirmish in between rounds or during warmup can occasionally not work and needs multiple retries
  • Broken 1p shadows
  • Cloth is disabled on Medium Horse and Gambeson skirt
  • Cloth bunches up in Armory

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Ragnar The Retarded Nov 11 @ 1:42pm 
yea, they said early 2019
13te | Volker Nov 11 @ 1:12pm 
Last thing they said was early 2019 if i remember correctly
Leichensalat Nov 11 @ 12:16pm 
when will it realese?
13te | Volker Nov 11 @ 11:18am 
20-30$ was once said
aducarraB Nov 11 @ 10:56am 
How much will the game cost when its out?
givebread Nov 8 @ 10:00am 
@Pultra Man they are going to release it early 2019 so that is definitely less than 4 months. They are still working on 64 player servers and I would rather wait for that since castles n shit just dank. Stop rushing them and let them take their time, I'm sure they are working to the best of their abilties.
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January 23, 2016