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January 23, 2016
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Dev Blog #4 - Road to Release, and Kickstarter Access
Alpha Build #17
Gameplay & Mechanics
  • Kick no longer stuns
  • Kick windup now 75ms faster
  • Kick stamina drain increased to 20
  • Kick miss cost now 15
  • Kick headshot bonus removed
  • Kick miss recovery reduced 200ms
  • Kick clash recovery time greatly reduced
  • Kick now acts like other attacks when hitting someone that is riposting, so it doesn't flinch
  • Kick tracers now start much higher up on the leg, preventing close range misses that should've hit
  • Kick now ignores hands and feet
  • Kick can now be feinted in the entire windup
  • Kick feint lockout reduced significantly
  • Kick into kick can no longer "fake combo" like the attacks do, kick hitstop is now 0.8s which only really affects kick chaining since other followup attacks bypass this and combo. In short this fixes kick-spam after hitting a kick
  • Reduced slowdown of kick after flinch by 50ms
  • Removed jumpkick (may or may not return in the future in some form)
  • Improved hand and feet hitboxes, fixed some slightly asymmetric hitboxes
  • Lowered recovery for weapon mode switches (at the end) by 200ms
  • Failed parries no longer force walking
  • Parry detection reworked - now uses a box instead of angles. Parry now has more forward range, making it easier to force parries. Parry now covers legs unless character looks up, making it easier to parry foot drags. Hitting around and above this parry box should be a lot more consistent than before. Chambers also use this new detection.
  • Parry now has more restricted turncap
  • Parry knockback increased very slightly
  • Max sprint now has 2 more seconds where speed can be build up for faster running around maps
  • Base Walk Movement reworked - Base walk speed is now much faster - Lunge and Sprint are unchanged. This means that walking around is more light-footed, and movement speed is distributed more evenly and more consistent, so that sudden movement boosts such as lunge appear less sudden and weapon distances are easier to judge and less deceptive. Backpedal modifier is the same, Strafing has been changed to 0.85, this will make the movement more grounded and less floaty while adding a faster pace.
  • Reduced clash and world hit knockback very slightly
  • Parry turncap now uncaps instantly upon successful parries
  • Riposte hyperarmor buffed to 66%
  • Riposte hyperarmor parry lockout increased 100ms
  • Shields now use new parry detection, as well as the physical shield model itself
  • Shield block turncap now same as parry
  • Shield projectile blocking is now accurate to the physical model
  • Shields now have a movement debuff when equipped in the hands (not on back) - Kite shield 7.5%, Heater shield 5%, Targe shield 2.5%
  • Shield block recovery reduced 50ms - will make it faster to spam shields
  • Morph no longer possible on 0 stamina
  • Morph window buffed 50ms
  • Feint window buffed 50ms
  • Players now get 10 stamina on successful hits
  • Morph stamina cost now always 5
  • Feint stamina cost now always 10
  • Stamina Pool globally increased ~40% - this means it will take more attacks to disarm someone on parries/blocks. (only for parries/blocks)
  • Stamina regen start reduced by 200ms
  • Miss twice in a row with same combo stamina cost multiplier raised significantly
  • Disarm stamina recovery reduced to 30
  • Disarm now disallows Weapon switch during disarm lockout - this will make disarm more punishing and should be a guaranteed hit in the vast majority of cases
  • Disarm lockout increased significantly
  • Disarm clash no longer knocks back attacker
  • Flinch now allows switching equipment, interacting (e.g. picking up) and changing weapon modes
  • Flinch time decreased 50ms
  • Chamber reworked - now has the same timing as parries, but costs 15 stamina. You can still chamber without any stamina left, so for example, at 3 stamina you can still chamber, at 0 you will be disarmed. The new chamber timing introduces a new combat move: early chambers. Early chambers are done by predicting your opponent's attack and causing the chamber to connect at the very end of the chamber window, making it very fast to connect and thus hard to counter.
  • Chamber feint stamina cost reduced to 5
  • Chamber no longer has attack speed boost
  • Strike & Strike riposte tracers adjusted - releases now start further behind the shoulder, which will give more control over strikes and make it easier to tell apart accelerated and delayed strikes. Attack tracers will now always go through the crosshair.
  • Removed strike dynamic curving (blending towards horizontal slash at the end of release) for overheads/undercuts which will make foot drags a lot harder and easier to judge attacks
  • Removed no damage tracer in the last 5% of release
  • Bubble reduced slightly
  • Global flinch knockback reduced greatly
  • Flinch knockback is now 50% directional based on the attack
  • Attack lunge now acts similar to sprint and will cancel/lose speed if the direction mid lunge is changed too much
  • Added chase mechanic - currently is only a helper and not a guaranteed catch up. Activate by aiming at an enemy's back for two seconds
  • All weapon attack turncaps are now less strict
  • Health regen start delay increased by 2 seconds
  • Added back Health on kill (currently 20 as default)
  • Early releases can now clash. This will increase clashing frequency.
  • Glancing blow angle 5 degrees less strict (it’s harder to get glanced now)
  • Glancing blow now flinches & acts like a hitstop
  • Headtracking is now disabled unless not moving/looking around for a certain amount of time - this will buff matrixing
  • Ammobox cooldown increased to 30 seconds
  • Queue for attacks after hits (after recovery) is now 200ms (previously it could queue throughout release in theory)
  • Tier 1 movement speed debuff to 4%
  • Tier 0 movement speed debuff to 2%
  • Crouch slowed down a little
  • Eliminated a 1-frame lag/bug with regular 240 angling (not m.angleafterpress!)
  • Getting stunned with fist block at 0 stam now awards stamina back as it should
  • Added new feint lockout system - this will introduce a feint lockout baseline that will make feints more consistent and effective across the weapons. The current baseline is 400ms feint lockout at 550ms windup. Any windup slower than 550ms will be compensated in the lockout, e.g. 600ms windup will have 350ms feint lockout and so on. This will make double parry efficiency more consistent across weapons and reduce the need to flash feint with slower weapons, making feints more effective. Faster weapons than 550ms stay at 400ms feint lockout, so faster weapons are still better at feinting. The feint lockout was increased 25ms overall, so feint punishment will be easier.
  • Riposte, chamber, chamber morph maintain a 500ms easy parry window throughout windup - this means that feint to parry out of these actions will not cost stamina on the parry.
  • Easy parry now resets when you enter release (meaning even if you had time left for easy parry, usually due to riposte/chamber/morph granting it, it will be forfeit)
  • Couch can now be feinted
  • Couching buffed - now has less turncap & faster windup
  • Couching no longer stops randomly
  • Stamina breathing start lowered to 20 stamina
  • Fixed leg damage boost when airborne not being disabled (was listed as disabled in previous patch but never was)
  • Projectiles that don't flinch will flinch regardless if target is in a ranged draw or ranged reload motion
  • Added Bear traps - running into them will ragdoll and damage characters. They will instantly kill characters with naked legs, and rip their foot off. Can be disarmed by hitting the trigger mechanism. Can be crouched over without setting it off.
  • Added Pavise shield - can be deployed and destroyed
  • Added Lute - can be played with attacks & right click. Alt mode to go melee. Can also use “equipmentcommand X” (where X = number) in console to play notes (useful for binds/scripts).
  • Added Longbow
  • Added Recurve Bow
  • Added Crossbow (Currently has placeholder reload animations)
  • Added Quivers - these will be equipped automatically upon spawning with an archer weapon. If you do not have a Quiver, picking up a bow or crossbow from the ground is possible, but will have very low ammo.
  • Added Perk system - these are small bonuses/skills you can exchange for points to greatly enhance build variety and boost your own playstyles.
  • Added 19 Perks:
    Brawler (Increases Fist damage)
    Acrobat (Jump Stamina cost reduced by 50%)
    Fury (Stamina on kill increased 66%)
    Peasant (Restricts equipment & wearables to things a peasant would use & allows you to spawn with makeshift weapons)
    Fireproof (Reduces fire damage by 80%)
    Huntsman (Projectiles deal 200% damage against enemies wearing a quiver)
    Friendly (50% Damage reduction to dealt and received team damage)
    Rat (Crouch movement speed increased 10%, Footstep volume reduced 75%)
    Cat (Reduces fall damage by 50%)
    Wrecker (Melee damage against structures increased 50%)
    Smith (Repair effectiveness increased 50%)
    Tenacious (Passive Health regeneration is 40% faster)
    Second Wind (Stamina gain on hit increased 30%)
    Bloodlust (Health on Kill increased 50%)
    Rush (Instantly get a movement sprint boost upon killing an enemy)
    Flesh Wound (Fatal melee and projectile damage, except for headshots, does not kill you immediately, but 5 seconds later. Limb integrity during this time is not guaranteed.
    Scavenger (Killing enemies causes them to drop everything they are carrying, including holstered equipment)
    Dodge (Jumping backward or to the sides will perform a dodge instead of a jump)
    Ranger (Allows you to move 15% quicker while aiming a bow or crossbow)

  • Added Doors to maps - can be opened/closed, destroyed, repaired. Doors can be kicked open, doors that got kicked open will ragdoll characters that are currently attacking if the door hits them.
  • Added Blacksmithing (can be found on litemordhautestlevel). Only works with Blacksmith hammer. Mine the rock to get steel ingots, and chop the wood stump to get wood. Currently experimental and only a prototype.

Weapon & Equipment Balance
  • Jousting lance can no longer parry, it is now one-handed and can be used with a shield. (Get a shield if you want to block with it)
  • Halberd can no longer pull riders of horses, making billhook the only weapon to be able to do so
  • All axe-type strikes now have lite-pull properties, which allows them to pull characters off ladders (Bardiche, Battle Axe, Axe, War Axe, Pole Axe, Halberd)
  • Stabs now have a max. Release time of 350ms, reduced all 375ms stab releases to 350ms
  • Rapier nerfed stab headshot damage vs medium
  • Dagger & Shortsword nerfed stamina negation slightly
  • Updated various makeshift weapon values
  • Maul stab can no longer combo
  • Maul stab windup increased 25ms
  • Messer stab windup decreased 25ms
  • Billhook point cost reduced to 3
  • Billhook pull increased
  • Billhook main mode stab & strike damage vs T0/T1 increased
  • Bardiche stab windup now slower
  • Shortspear stab slowed down
  • Shortspear stab release reduced
  • Kite shield point cost reduced by 1
  • Heater shield point cost reduced by 1
  • Battle Axe point cost reduced by 1
  • Poleaxe point cost reduced by 1
  • Quarterstaff point cost reduced by 1
  • Estoc Point cost reduced by 1
  • Zweihander point cost reduced to 9
  • Halberd point cost reduced to 10
  • Maul point cost reduced to 7
  • Eveningstar alt mode stab damage reduced slightly
  • Estoc stab & strike windup slowed down 25ms
  • Greatsword stab combo slowed down 25ms
  • Throwable Arcs & projectile speeds re-buffed to previous levels
  • Throwables are now cheaper in point cost
  • All Throwables now have much faster weapon draw speed
  • You can now partial sprint while throwing throwables
  • Some Throwables can now be used on horseback
  • Metal Fork can now combo
  • Firepot damage increased significantly
  • Firepots can now damage structures
  • Executioner Sword point cost reduced to 6
  • Executioner Sword strike release time increased 25ms
  • Executioner Sword strike windup 50ms faster
  • Executioner Sword strike turncaps significantly less strict
  • Executioner Sword strike can now oneshot naked legs
  • Bastard Sword and Messer 1H versions now have almost the same stats as the two handed mode, except for faster releases on the 1H versions
  • Renamed Training Sword
  • Renamed 1H Cleaver to Falchion - this is in preparation for a new Cleaver weapon category
  • Quarterstaff and Estoc can now couch
  • Fists no longer have hitstop and knockback
  • Reduced Mallet point cost to 1
  • Reduced Blacksmith hammer point cost to 2
  • Warhammer stab now same stats on alt mode and main mode
  • Warhammer strike miss cost increased by 1
  • War Axe strike release increased 25ms, strike windup reduced 25ms

  • Fix for lag induction causing the grunts to play earlier
  • Attack grunt now plays 25ms later
  • Tracer density is now double for environment hits as well, making wall collisions more accurate and less likely in a lot of cases
  • Fixed a bug that made look/turn online appear jittery for other players (the jitter was made worse the lower your FPS was, and was very noticeable at 60)

  • Adjusted Strike & Strike riposte animations for new tracers in first and third person. In first person, the windups will show more of the arms now.
  • Added new attack animation “equalization” - this will ensure that the transition from windup to release is always one smooth motion with the same speed, and not an abrupt transition. Should significantly improve animation readability, telling which state in the windup attacks are in and make attacks look better by having more momentum
  • Added some slight adjustments to first person windups that should make it easier to tell swings apart & more cinematic look
  • Improved Attack Combo animations, will now have more momentum and better transitions. This will greatly reduce the small “freeze” in the animations.
  • Reduced attack blend-ins for regular attacks, ripostes and kick significantly. Also in first person, which will make attacks more snappy/responsive
  • Added new procedural flinch animation system - this will make hitting characters look a lot more realistic and dynamic, with a huge amount of possible flinch combinations. Flinch animations will change depending on attack type, attack angle and hit location.
  • Added new hit effect for weapons, which is a hit stop for slashes, and a seperate effect for stabs. This will make hitting characters a lot more satisfying and much more obvious. Only cosmetic and does not affect tracers, and can only be seen on your own attacks.
  • Added new headbob for hits, which will adjust based on attack type and angle
  • Improved various headbob to feel more impactful, added new headbob for range releases and couch
  • Added cosmetic flinch animations for non-flinch attacks
  • Added new spring-dampener mouselook animation effect on top of the first person animations
  • Added various death face animations (chosen randomly)
  • Improved parry/block recovery animations so parry recovery & shield lowering can be seen much faster in third and first person
  • Horse animations improved. Horses now use a similar inertia/acceleration animation system as characters for procedural starting/stopping or direction changes, which makes them look much more life-like, it is always enabled and it also works to give it some reactions when hitting things in the world/stopping. Also added an additional additive animation that gives the horse head some more motion during movement changes.
  • Improved Horse rider animations
  • Added new dynamic animation speed warping for movement. This increases animation step sizes to ensure movement animations will always look proper even with extreme speed changes, e.g. it improves the leg animations during lunges and naked speeds
  • Flinch doesn't stop the weapon draw animation anymore (visual tweak)
  • Tweaked some 1p flinch animations slightly
  • Fixed left strike & strike ripostes on 1h+shield going through the shield slightly
  • Improved Fist strike & strike riposte animations, now more telegraphed & have more range
  • Added left hand drop animations for shields and any other left-handed equipment
  • Unarmed first person horse riding now hides animations
  • Small feint animation tweaks
  • First person movement anims will now increase the speed gradually until maxsprint to give it some indication how fast you're going. The total increase is 15% of animrate worth spread out over the maxsprint duration
  • Crouch transition animation now has spring dampening, making it look nicer

  • Added doors and other interactables to various maps
  • Various Grad improvements in looks and gameplay, added a dungeon and better indoor lighting
  • Expanded Camp, now features a vast battlefield
  • Many improvements to Tourney, including a new ammobox, two new entrances to the barracks, general cleanup and streamlining
  • Many various improvements to Mountain Peak, including more space in the main fighting areas
  • Firing ranged weapons is no longer possible in your own spawn, entering your own spawn with a ranged draw will simply lower it
  • Fixed up collision on the Mountain peak rope bridge
  • Skirmish round start now regenerates destroyables to their spawn health

Customization & Equipment
  • Added new War Axe set: Double Axe
  • Added Italo-Norman Facemask Helmet with a painted version
  • Added Viking Spangenhelm with 2 variations
  • Added short mail skirt [wip]
  • Added Long Backswoop hairstyle
  • Added yeet emblem
  • Falchion & messer wooden grip texture improved
  • Arming sword set remake
  • Added crucifix dagger skin
  • Improved Byzantine War Axe proportions
  • Revamped Bastard sword
  • Improved Viking arming sword damascus blade mesh
  • Recolored Kickstarter Longsword
  • Revamped Longswords
  • Removed bare legs
  • Removed bare feet
  • Brigandine shoes now work with all legs
  • Adjusted peasant pants to go lower down
  • Raised armets arming cap changed for bare head as it clipped
  • Fixed tightened, spiked Aventail using the wrong mesh
  • Fixed tooth clipping cases on facesculpt
  • Max skinny is now slightly less skinny
  • Set up proper color table displays on the coifs
  • Cleaned up various color tables
  • Thiccer Hunter's Hosen and colormap tweaks
  • Cloth vest now has emblem

Visuals & Misc
  • Added new locational Wound system, this means wounds will appear where characters and horses have been hit by weapons or projectiles. There are many different wounds for different damage types and damage intensity.
  • Added Ballista impact FX
  • Random ragdoll force is now more random and can now allow no force kills
  • Mordhau now uses vertical FOV. This fixes various graphical issues and FOV exploits, but it means the numbers are now different, max FOV is now 101 (equivalent to old 130). Existing FOV values have been adapted. See to get your old FOV numbers back.
  • Fixed being able to change FOV from horizontal/vertical in config (now vertical is forced).
  • Camera distance used in character LOD now computed from a bone in the skeletal mesh, this fixes issues with ragdolls falling away from the death spot, and the LODding code using the death spot instead of the actual simulated ragdoll position. It also makes the distance a bit more sensible since it is taken to be the spine, rather than the feet
  • Shields now force team colors
  • Reduced first person arm clipping
  • Stickied equipment such as when thrown will no longer stay around forever and will clean up as it should.
  • Players can interact with stickied projectiles on themselves and destroy them via the use key (to clear view) if they can't pick them up (temporary, plan for the future is to ragdoll rather than destroy).
  • Added AddBotsTeam and RemoveBotsTeam which take a team number as the second parameter and let you add bots to specific teams
  • Servers now collect connection and tickrate related stats; server admins can use m.ShowServerStats for toggling stats display
  • Added various new LODs for environment meshes
  • Equipment has a maximum draw distance now and will cull after a certain distance
  • Additional tracers now sample after the normal ones, which is the correct/expected behavior, the old behavior sampled them first and some axe-like heads could hit through characters and spawn effects on the other side if e.g. stabbed in windup (also kick). It is not expected that this had any effects on gameplay other than visuals though.
  • Fixed weapon trails lagging 1 frame behind animations
  • Raised maximum player count to 64; default player count remains 16
  • Added new bots and updated existing ones
  • Destroyable actor now destroys attached projectiles and detaches attached equipment when it changes damage models
  • Improved animation performance
  • Improved main menu visual fx
  • Added more noticeable low stamina vignette
  • Removed color selection from unpainted sallet and the slot that was unused on archers cap
  • Sprint fov increased by 1
  • Projectile impact particle effects are now much more accurate
  • Spawning with no equipment will now automatically start the player with fists out
  • Improved horse footstep effects
  • Fixed fire and smoke not taking into account Z properly
  • Fixed some checks for recently rendered characters that lowered certain animation effects to be more robust and take into account frametime
  • Fixed some animation code not updating correctly after dying resulting in some deformed bodies in certain cases
  • Fixed projectile stickies from ranged equipment disappearing on death online
  • Getup state from 1.75s to 1.4s (so 0.35s faster), animations adjusted for it
  • Fixed 3rd person spectating camera being jerky online and raised it up to eye level
  • Significant character and weapon rendering optimizations (GPU) for close and long range
  • Picking up items will now put them into slots that aren't restockable first, if it can, unless there's an empty restockable slot for that exact item in which case it'll always go there if it can
  • Added m.DebugNetworkParry console variable (default 0), set to 1 to enable. This is useful for gathering information regarding parry failures online which may or may not be ping related. From the description of command in console: "WARNING: Does NOT work for the killing blow. Prints a string whenever flinch happens and the parry didn't reach the server in time. Useful for detecting cases where lag caused hits to land before parry was even processed by the server."
  • Blood trail performance and look/behavior improvements

  • Added Voice commands, use C to open the menu
  • Added Battlecry, use V to activate (also accessible in voice menu as Charge)
  • Added 6 voice sets
  • Characters will now scream when set on fire
  • Added ammo pickup sound
  • Various smaller sound improvements
  • Changes to catapult sounds
  • Added failed interaction sound effect & added it to various interactions
  • Added new UI hitsound effects, hit indicator & headshot sound
  • Improved footstep sounds for characters, gave them a bassy sound mixed in depending on armor tier so it feels more impactful
  • Fixed death gurgle not working anymore (occurs when partial head decap with death anim playing / no ragdoll)
  • Hurt vocal sound now plays on disarm
  • Armored horses no longer take reduced fall damage
  • Horse riders now have momentum based damage, riding at max speed will increase damage of Horse rider’s attacks greatly (also takes into account target’s velocity).
  • Horse movement reworked, using a soft bubble to navigate around the environment for its head collision. At low gears, it prioritizes rotation over movement and moves to adjust rotation input, at higher gears it adjusts the rotation to accommodate speed and aligns itself to surfaces
  • Horse bumping uses a separate collider for bumps now. Horses don't hard collide with characters, which prevents the weird slowdowns on some bumps. Bumps now have a speed damage modifier curve.
  • Horse rearing now works using the new collision approach, and rears at angles that the horse no longer can rotate to accommodate. Rearing against pawns (such as other horses) never happens, because it tends to be super annoying in that case.
  • Armored Horse now has hitstop
  • Horse regen speed increased
  • Horse gear and hair mesh gets blood now
  • Ballista reload slowed down
  • Improved performance of vehicle code
  • Added Horse digestion mechanics (Horses have a random chance of shitting, which will allow you to pick up the turd and throw it)
  • Ballista now has more wood damage
  • Lockout when entering ladder now much less (was 1s longer than it should be)
  • Set up camera shake for catapult impacts
  • Horse no longer continues riding forward after rider dies (caused desynced horse positions, temporary fix)
  • Horse now stops when leaving it
  • Melee damage vs Horses reduced slightly
  • Ranged damage vs Horses reduced significantly
  • Fire damage vs Horses increased significantly
  • Fall damage on Horses reduced
  • Horse turning is now more agile
  • Fixed a 1-frame animation teleport/jerk when entering vehicles
  • Fixed environment hits not working for couch, it now interrupts the couch like it should
  • Fixed alt mode restrictions on horse/ladder not working properly. Character will now automatically switch if mode is unavailable and won't allow switching while on the vehicle if the altmode can't be used there
  • Couch hitting own horse or world now counts as a cancel
  • Ballista bolt now dismembers on kill and sticks the dismembered part to the bolt, or sticks the character if it can't dismember
  • Increased ladder climbing speed
  • Some small horse speed adjustments
  • Fixed shield equipping on horse incorrectly switching main weapon mode and forcing itself onto weapons whose modes are normally 2h
  • Ballista now has 30 FOV zoom
  • Ballista bolt flesh damage increased to 500 (relevant to horses which have damage resistance)
  • Fixes for catapult grounding which could appear sunk into the ground if not being driven

User Interface
  • Loadout selection and management is now done in a new screen with character hover preview. This new selection screen displays remaining equipment points, loadout entry index, and new buttons to sort your list of loadouts. At the bottom is a button to edit your selected loadout in the armory, with a button in the same position to return to the loadout list.
  • New icons for loadout management buttons (add, edit name, clone, and remove)
  • Added selected loadout name to spawn text string
  • Added perks tab to Armory
  • Added voice set options in the Head/Face tab
  • Added equipment points bar which displays your points remaining. The bar also updates to show points needed to equip an item too expensive to select and displays points gained if an item is unequipped.
  • Restyled point cost breakdown element and turned them into button shortcuts to the appropriate slot.
  • Restyled and repositioned various armory elements
  • Increased size of armory color picker elements
  • Save button now only activates if there are changes to save (otherwise greyed out)
  • Added X button to the selected equipment item entry which unequips that item
  • Added point cost text to wearable armor tier icons
  • Added general armor protection bar to armory, factors each wearable independently (40/40/20 split respectively)
  • Added movement speed bar to armory, full bar means no wearable induced slowdown
  • Refactored weapon stats code to be more consistent
  • Added basic stats panel which is visible in an equipment slot panel and while browsing the equipment list. Contains 3 bars: Damage, Speed, Reach (for ranged weapons: Damage, Reload Speed, Effective Range). Damage values are calculated using an average of the most damaging attack while speed uses an average of strike and stab windups. Reach is simply the length of the weapon tracer. Effective Range is calculated using the projectile’s speed and gravity factor.
  • Added new stat entries to advanced stats menu: weapon length, ranged weapon reload/windup speed, projectile speed and projectile gravity influence.
  • Advanced stats menu now opens in its own content widget
  • Added dynamic crosshair that displays your attack angle prior to input and active parry window with a new animation. The crosshair also more subtly indicates various player states, such as recovery, flinch, riposte, etc. In general, if the dot is visible you can parry and if the angle indicator is visible you’re able to begin (or queue) an attack
  • Added unique hitmarker animation for leg hits
  • Tweaked torso hitmarker animation. This is also used for headshots.
  • Added damage taken directional indicator
  • Scoreboard entry ping text color now changes based on ping value. 0-70 is green, 70-100 is orange, 100+ is red
  • Changed some button labels and hover text
  • Bug fixes

Known Issues
  • Loadout switching in Skirmish in between rounds or during warmup can occasionally not work and needs multiple retries
  • Bows cause T-Pose when jumping on horseback

Save simulator 2018 3 hours ago 
that actually looks like skyrim horse jumping
B a r t i m a e u s 4 hours ago 
Mordhau horse mechanics in real life:
13te | Volker Sep 20 @ 3:40am 
Would be nice, but i guess it wont work because opf copyright. Also if they do thath they would also have to add other stuff from other TV shows, and that would not go out so well
Homeless Man Sep 19 @ 12:39pm 
can i suggest a pommel for a bastard sword that may coincidentally look like jon snows direwolf pommel?
Void Sep 18 @ 4:33pm 
If you want to learn more about this, you can check this thread. It is written by Jax, our community manager before he was affiliated with Triternion.
Ragnar The Retarded Sep 18 @ 4:27pm 
I have been caught lackin. Thanks for correcting me. I didn't know that was what happened. Everytime i watched a dev blog or read a post it sounded like they were saying that they didn't want to, at least to me.
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