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January 23, 2016
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Alpha Build #16
Gameplay & Mechanics
  • Added character ragdoll implementation to combat. Characters can now ragdoll, then stand up. Right now it happens to horse riders when the horse dies, when you get hit on a ladder/horse by a billhook or halberd alt mode strike and on couches that don’t kill (on vehicles only)
  • Kick followup attacks now initiate a combo for up to 400ms. This will make kick followup hits a lot smoother and faster. The combo does not have the regular combo windup debuff, which means that Kick is now also more useful in 1vX due to kick into kick combos, or kick into attack.
  • Kick stun time reduced significantly
  • Kick block now forces slowkick followup if kick is pressed again
  • Kicking in a kickblock will not attempt to queue it
  • Kick clash recovery time reduced
  • Morphing into Kick is now 200ms faster
  • If kick can't stun due to the character being in stun already it won't flinch either. Prevents stunlock/flinchlock.
  • Initial feint window increased 25ms
  • Combo feint window increased 25ms
  • Initial feint lockout increased 25ms (same as combo feint now)
  • Re-added recovery skip on successful hits. Animations now blend properly, making it look no longer broker. Currently at 400ms which is slightly slower than it used to be, also has queueing making it smoother to use.
  • Getting hit while riposting no longer has knockback
  • Attacking into a riposte now forces a 300ms recovery after dealing damage, this means you can no longer hit -> parry riposte hit trades without risk. The recovery is only 300ms short however, so only hit trades where the attacks are very close to each other are affected. This is telegraphed with bounce animations.
  • Riposte damage reduction buffed to 50%
  • Riposte window reduced 50ms (this will allow faster non-riposte follow up attacks after a parry, while keeping the riposte easy to do)
  • Riposte parry now uses initial feint windows, same as regular FTP
  • Riposte parry now requires eating up a pointless feint (which does nothing) before it can be activated. For people with bound FTP, this changes nothing. For those with bound feint or parry however, it means you need to double click rmb to activate parry in riposte. This fixes issues where it was firing off unexpectedly due to the input being different on that scheme compared to how feint to parry is done.
  • Health regen start delay reduced 500ms (3 seconds total now)
  • Removed the small knockback on teamhits
  • Disarmed lockout increased 25ms
  • Disarmed state now allows you to switch equipment right away
  • Disarm no longer has knockback on disarmed side, making it easier to followup with shorter weapons
  • All combo windups slowed down 25ms
  • Fixed a bug with morphs, would not chamber with the original attack type/direction they came from (only with the new morph direction/type) which made morph chamber done too quickly cause the chambers to fail. This is a pretty big buff to morph chambers, as it makes them more consistent.
  • Continuously missed attacks in the same combo now drain double stamina miss cost (if you miss, then combo and miss again, it will drain double)
  • Parry recovery of failed parries now forces a walk movement debuff. This will make it significantly harder to run away after falling for a feint/doing a mistake, which is a significant buff for offense. This is an experimental change in attempt to make short weapons more enjoyable to use and make the combat more grounded, without nerfing movement/footwork outside of this state.
  • Flinch now forces a walk movement debuff. This is an experimental change. Will buff offense and control over your enemy significantly and make short weapons more enjoyable to use. Light armors can kite better and keep enemies at bay easier, while heavy armor can now use this momentum to make it impossible to run away from if hit repeatedly.
  • Parrying projectiles no longer has knockback
  • Removed projectile flinch entirely
  • Easy parries now no longer drain stamina (parries up to 500ms after a succesfull parry. These parries also have easier angles)
  • Parry turncap now slightly less restricted
  • Shield block angles slightly easier
  • T0/T1 Base move speed values faster again, light armor went from 5% slowdown to 2%
  • Removed extra damage to legs when being hit while jumping
  • Added Federschwert (training sword)
  • Added Executioner’s Sword

Weapon & Equipment Balance
  • Weapon draw speed is now different for each weapon, with dagger being the fastest
  • Throwable projectile speeds & arcs adjusted, will be slightly harder to hit now
  • Dagger and Shortsword blade increased 15cm in length
  • War Axe point cost reduced by 1
  • War Axe strike release increased 25ms
  • War Axe strike windup increased 25ms
  • War Axe strike can now oneshot light armor to head
  • War Axe stab windup increased 25ms
  • Fists timing and damage adjustments
  • Bardiche & Halberd alt mode strike headshots now deal increased damage
  • Greatsword can no longer two shot plate armor
  • Kicks now deal more damage against lighter armors
  • Eveningstar alt mode stab turncap slightly less strict
  • Eveningstar point cost reduced by 1
  • Zweihander leg damage vs plate armor buffed slightly
  • 1H Axe strike windup increased 25ms
  • Shortsword windups increased 25ms
  • Throwing axe damage reduced vs plate
  • Throwing knife damage adjusted, now great vs lighter armors but bad vs armored
  • Throwing knife point cost to 4
  • Rock ammo increased to 5 (since global projectile flinch was removed)
  • Rock damage increased very slightly, damage now different depending on armors
  • Longsword torso damage vs plate increased by 1
  • Wood damage adjusted on various weapons
  • Bardiche strike release reduced 25ms
  • Halberd alt mode strikes can now pull like the bill hook
  • Adjusted couching values on various weapons, disabled couching for weapons where it makes no sense right now

  • Made tracers 2x as dense as before, this makes attacks less likely to pass through thin objects
  • Added custom rotation interpolation for characters turn/lookup, it is now stable across different FPS as it's a simple linear interpolation and will make torso movements easier & faster to read while still looking smooth
  • Attacks are now visually slightly in the future. This makes parries & chambers a lot more consistent, especially waiting until the last moment to do both.
  • Added console variable for this, m.MaxPingExtrapolation by default it's set to 0.025 (25ms). This is essentially a visual way for the attacks to match your ping, which gives you a better hint when you should act. It does cause visual jankiness if too high, setting it higher than 25ms will cause bad side effects, so it is best to leave it at default as we found that to give the best overall result. It's a client setting, since this is purely a visual aid.

  • Feint animation adjusted, it can now be more effective if used right, but you can now see that it is a feint much faster, making it easier to punish
  • Recovery skip animation improvements

  • Added Mountain Peak map
  • Added Icicle traps (can be found on mountain peak)
  • Ammobox refill delay increased to 20 seconds
  • Added some fun stuff to test level
  • Layout changes to Frontline portion of Grad
  • Fixed various stuckspots on Grad
  • Collision improvements to some meshes
  • Set up gate on Grad
  • Added ammobox to Contraband

Visuals & Misc
  • Scaled up throwable axe and knife
  • Increased intensity of blood overlay a little bit, added pulse effect when health is critical
  • Tweaked tightened gambeson arms skinning to retain the shape in the elbow area
  • When toggle sprint is enabled and you let go of the forward movement key, it toggles sprint off (like pressing the sprint button again)
  • There is now a separate bind called Feint or Parry, that does what it suggests (it won't try to FTP), so you can now use both binds instead of being forced into one or the other.
  • By default scrollwheel down is bound to right upper strike
  • Auto pickup of projectiles is only possible 1s after they hit something, not before (previously you could instantly autopickup), active pickup via use key is unaffected
  • Switching mode will now unequip the shield e.g. if it needs to rather than preventing the mode switch
  • Changed how shield passive projectile block is implemented which might cause some new bugs, but prevents blocking projectiles that it shouldn't like ballista bolts, etc.
  • Added various LODs
  • HUD elements can now be individually toggled on or off in the game settings (can also be disabled using console commands)
  • Fixed grounding being turned on in blocked motion for kicks, which was a bit wonky
  • Fixed the alternate mode animation bug (on join, people could be using the wrong animations for the weapon mode)
  • Fixed bug with morph chambers which caused them to not spawn sparks
  • Fixed crank not working online

  • Adjusted attack yells so they roughly start being loud at the same time, some of them were a bit off before
  • Attack yells now play 50ms before release starts. Used to be exactly on release
  • Added low stamina breathing sound, starts at 25 stamina
  • Own character won't play breathing sounds on low stamina
  • If foot IK can't land a trace, it will use the last found trace to determine ground material. This fixes cases where the footsteps simply would not be playing in cases like steep inclines where foot IK fails to hit the ground properly
  • Boosted volume of muffled voices
  • Added door sound cues for a few varieties and set up the wooden ones as default
  • Added sounds to supply chests
  • Equipment switching sound now uses 1p attenuation in first person
  • Set up different environment hit sounds based on lite medium and heavy, also lowered some of the wood damage values on the smaller weapons such as dagger and shortsword
  • Added sound to doors being kicked open when they hit the other side

  • Ballista Bolt now always deals 100 damage
  • Fixed destroyable actors not being able to be repaired from 0 health
  • Ladder speed now uses the same movement % scale based on armor worn as regular movement
  • Ladder reduced character turn limits
  • Enabled 1H Weapons on ladder for testing
  • Being on ladder no longer stops health regen
  • Ladder does not force leave on damage anymore
  • Improved vehicle rotations online making them look smoother
  • Attacking from ladder now causes all angles to be overhead angle
  • Horses now support parry look-up-down additive anims, set up their own animation profile for horses for 1h and shield, shield angles at low angles so it doesn't clip into horse (unless aiming at front through the head)
  • Fixed horse rotation turn counteract bug online
  • Turned doors and gates into dynamic navmesh obstacles
  • Disabled horse hitstop for testing
  • Lowered threshold for horse fall damage, can still fall pretty far but will die from silly heights, About grad wall height is where it starts taking damage

User Interface
  • Fixed two team scoreboard being off center by a few pixels
  • Fixed emote menu showing / not hiding on vehicles

Known Issues
  • Emote menu page number doesn’t update properly

Hey everyone, I'm now the Community Manager for Mordhau! AMA
MyAnton Jul 18 @ 6:28am 
Yeah it takes time and we get it but its no rocket science to at least remind gamers that this game is being worked on, now i dont know who to believe as devs as just sleeping on new at least monthly reports
.ronin Jul 15 @ 9:27am 
Please don't be Bannerlord 2.0
Agent of Fortune Jul 11 @ 8:23am 
I think there is 9 developers for this game and they are making the game perfect for the players, complete, of course thats gonna take a long time ya dummies. Just have patience, you're not the only one waiting :steammocking:
Nodal Jul 10 @ 11:27am 
Im gay
sauce my anus Jul 8 @ 10:07pm 
-. Jul 8 @ 6:17pm 
idk aboot dis
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January 23, 2016