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IsThereAnyDeal itadofficial
September 27, 2014
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When the price is right, you will play all night.

IsThereAnyDeal is a price comparison website. Covering more than 30 stores across several regions, tracking bundles, vouchers and giveaways.

If you don't want to miss a sale, add your games to the Waitlist. You can sync it with your Steam wishlist (and some others, too) and set up email notifications.

And if you have huge number of games and often forget which games you own, we can help, too! Use our Collection to keep track of your games and we'll spare you of disappointment when you realize you bought the game in the last sale. Similar to Waitlist, you can also sync your library from a few stores and easily add content of the bundles.

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Update 3 - Collection (mostly)
  • added Collection overview to game pages
  • added option to turn off one-click collect, with this option turned off you will see game detail popup after adding game to Collection so you can immediately add details
  • added option to add custom tags to any game (similar to note)
  • added option to add custom tags to Collection copies
  • Collection copies no longer require purchase store to be selected
  • Collection list now shows playtime (if tracked) and time when the game was added to Collection
  • refactored Collection (and Waitlist) game detail view
  • refactored popups, issues with double scrollbars or popup not showing up properly when scrolling should be hopefully fixed
  • added some copy filters
  • fixed added timestamp showing 1.1.1970 for games added via sync

For both Waitlist, and Collection:

  • added buttons to open/close all categories at once
  • last used sort is remembered
  • open/closed state of categories is remembered
  • added option to turn off unloading of games out of view
  • empty categories no longer show up in a list (with one exception in Waitlist, which will be probably fixed in a future)

Next one will be focused on search, with Augmented Steam update in between.

Update 2 - Bundles!
  • You can now toggle bundle page between table and card view
  • Bundle list now has options to toggle compact and table view, unrestricted view and toggling banners; table view shows platforms and keys
  • Waitlisted/Collected games are now more apparent
  • Changed the way bundle stats are shown, so you don't have to keep scrolling up when you're making custom selection
  • Expired bundles will show date of expiry
  • Games in bundle list are now listed by tiers along with tier price
  • Added overview to bundle list sidebar (latest updated bundles, bundles expiring next, pending bundles, and giveaways)
  • Specials notifications for bundles and giveaways now include more info about individual games
  • Fixed misc. deals having unreadable text in notifications
  • Fixed plain text version of bundle notifications not showing games
  • Updated API endpoints (games/info, games/overview)
  • Changed the way sort selector looks and works, it's now possible to choose sorting either way (ascending/descending) for each sort option
  • Fixed new historical low and historical low offset filters
  • Fixed price filters not respecting local currency
  • Improved tracking of some stores (most notably: GMG games that are not purchasable should no longer be tracked with 99 price, HumbleStore should properly track DRM Free, JoyBuggy should show deal expiry)
  • Fixed links sometimes not linking properly (e.g. Epic games giveaways)
  • Fixed Waitlist rules not reloading after changes in Rule Manager
  • Fixed giveaways notifications not being sent out when you had "only waitlisted games" bundle setting on
  • Fixes and improvements for internal Dots tool
  • Improved handling of games that have been renamed on the store (these games should no longer be removed and added again during profile sync, but just get renamed when possible)
  • Search popup can now be closed with Ctrl + K
  • Improved header styling when scrolled (thannks Misanthrope)

PS: for those that have bought a merch, it should be sent out in first half of next week.

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IsThereAnyDeal reviews
"Indie games which we think are worth your time."
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I found good store from you - HypestKey, partner microsoft
レのひ刀ム丂 Apr 28 @ 1:00am 
:FFVchocobo::_A_: :_D_: :_D_:
:t0cactuar::_M_: :_E_: :smily:
cyxceven Mar 27 @ 8:17pm 
Trying to report invalid coupon codes. The only problem reporting options are: "Multiple game pages exist for this game" or "This page shows multiple unrelated games together". I'd love to help purge BAD INFO from the site, but dang do you guys make it hard.
DMAN Jan 3 @ 9:47am 
Is it possible to add this to AS?
Stop gifs from loading on store page about section because of poor internet which take precedence over game videos and jpeg images.
Twinzer Nov 11, 2023 @ 6:42am 
Ixhorb Oct 28, 2023 @ 9:09pm 
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September 27, 2014