Game of sWords gameofswords
Game of sWords gameofswords
October 31, 2015
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Welcome to Steam Dungeons!

Steam Dungeons is a series that consists of 2 gaming projects: Dungeon Sandbox and Shadow Dungeons. Steam Dungeons allows users to explore dungeons and search for treasures - Steam games giveaways created on

Both projects of Steam Dungeons series are unique, even though they share some common features such as relation to Dungeon Crawling genre and possibility to share and find giveaways of Steam games:

Shadow Dungeons is a "Hardcore" part of Steam Dungeons and the "elder brother" among two games - its main constituent is a deep and diverse RPG system that has all the features of the genre: classes, battle system, level progression, inventory, quests and even multiplayer interactions. The aim of Shadow Dungeons game is to to through a unique adventure and complete a quest which has its own story and events

Dungeon Sandbox is a "Casual" part of Steam Dungeons - it focuses on puzzle solving and exploration and while it lacks any complex RPG features, it uses a 3D engine which allows users to create their own dungeons and provides great freedom of designing them and filling them with all kinds of objects and events. Creators can hide SG giveaways or any other information in their own dungeons and easily share them.
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Dungeon Sandbox - May Creators Challenge!
  • Your dungeon must be created and published publicly in a period between 03.05.2018 and 28.05.2018.
  • Your dungeon must have at least 1 giveaway ending in June set as a completion prize.
  • Your dungeon must have its own topic on SteamGifts.
  • Your dungeon and SteamGifts topic must not contain any voting encouragements.

You can create several dungeons and they all can take part in the competition if above conditions are met.

Minimum amount of contesting creators: 5
If a month finishes with less than 5 contestants, they and their creations will take part in the contest of next month. The prize will become the prize of the next month as well.

How is the winner chosen?
The best dungeon of current month will be chosen through the voting that will start in Dungeon Sandbox SG topic (see the link at the end) on 29.05.2018 and end on 31.05.2018. Keep in mind that likes and dislikes of a dungeon on Dungeon Sandbox website are not taken into account.

> Voting will take place in this SG topic.[]
> Dungeon Sandbox[]

Good luck and have fun! :torch:

Introducing Dungeon Sandbox! Steam Dungeons becomes a series of two projects.
A new chapter of the history of Steam Dungeons starts today with the release of my new project - Dungeon Sandbox!

From now on, Steam Dungeons has become a series of two projects, which both aim at sharing and searching for Steamgifts giveaways while exploring dark and tricky dungeons.

Role-playing game, or "hardcore" part of Steam Dungeons is now called Shadow Dungeons and has a new website:

Dungeon Sandbox is a "casual" part of Steam Dungeons aimed to become an alternative to current unusual methods of sharing giveaways of Steam games through Steamgifts which features fully customizable dungeon creation - everyone can make a dungeon in a very simple way, decorate it however they want, fill it with events, objects and giveaways and share it with others. The mission of each player in the dungeon is to escape it while trying to find as many treasures as possible along the way. Creators can also set special giveaways as a completion prize. All right in a browser without a need for any additional software downloads.

Dungeon Sandbox, just like Shadow Dungeons, has its own website - Both projects share the same user database which means that if you already had a Steam Dungeons profile, you can keep using it in both projects.

Each dungeon in Sandbox Dungeons has its own ranking, leaderboard and comments section - so you can set records and easily connect with the creator to share your opinion or inform of a found bug.

Each player of Dungeon Sandbox also has its ranking based on their performance as a Player, Creator and Suporter.

Dungeon Sandbox already has a first dungeon created by myself with several puzzles, treasures and easter eggs - give it a try to see what Dungeon Sandbox has to offer[] and try to escape it! :)

Also, check out the Dungeon Sandbox release video!

Keep in mind that it is the first release of the project - an "open beta", if you will, so there is a high possibility of encountering some bugs or other unpleasant things - but you can always easily report any findings right through the website. It is also recommened to use either Chrome or Opera browser for the best experience. The game has minor limitations on Firefox, even though it is still playable there.

> To all my Patrons - due to release of a new project, in about an hour I will make some changes on my Patreon page[] and make an important announcement - please make sure to check it out. Thank you for being with me! :)

I hope you will enjoy this new project, can't wait to see what you can create with it! Have fun!

PlayDis Nov 2, 2016 @ 1:07am 
would be nice to have a better chat. i need to make it known i died to an Angry Turtle :neko:
hint hint Discord.
CanardMan Sep 24, 2016 @ 1:39pm 
Lalwende is a nice girl !
!ercalote Jul 20, 2016 @ 12:55pm 
Hi! How can I create a game? At page I only see the following message: 'Loading error. Please reload the page.'.
SErVER Mar 2, 2016 @ 6:08am 
Yup, all giveaways finished yesterday. The Game will still stay open, everyone can play just for fun.
P.S. Hehe, hot key is surely evil :)
Mark Mar 2, 2016 @ 1:53am 
Thanks for a great v3 of sWords SErvER, looks like most of the game treasure's have finished on steamgifts now. I hope everybody enjoyed the game - that damn hot key hey, looks like it burnt a few people - me included ;-)
SErVER Feb 21, 2016 @ 8:03am 
Well, you certainly haven't checked everything then (or didn't pay enough attention). Make sure to use a Notebook to make important notes to not get stuck in the Game for too long.
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October 31, 2015