Alien vs Predator 2 Player Community AVP2!
Alien vs Predator 2 Player Community AVP2!
January 31, 2009
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Ultimate Mappack 3 Released (2020)
Originally posted by Doomguy:
What's new in Ultimate Mappack 3?

"Ultimate Mappack 3" (UMP3) is a merger of UMP2 and the 7 updates into a single release with
the addition of a few new maps.
UMP3 also eliminated these quality issues:
* Compressed audio files.
* Removed several byte-for-byte duplicate copies of maps.
* Removed low-quality or nonfunctional levels.
* Removed unreferenced game resource files from the mappack.
- Includes any textures, models, skins, sounds, sprites, .pcx, that were not used by any map or
.spr & .dtx file in the ultimate mappack.
* Restored missing game resource files that were distributed with the maps that were missing them.
* Base AvP2 game resource overrides completely removed - mostly introduced
by UMP2 Updates.
* Restored missing textures and sounds where they were obvious files from NOLF, AvP2 or another
map by the same creator.
- Some maps came with their own files in the wrong place e.g. wrong folder.
* Restored missing textures and sounds with adequate fill-in textures / sounds
- Once you heard one electronic buzz sound for a switch, you've heard them all, right?
- Selected textures similar to the ones near the sights of conspicuous missing textures in maps.
- The textures / sounds were not distributed with levels in these cases.
* A few maps have been patched that had flags incorrectly set that made the map unplayable before.
- This mostly includes spawn point problems where all or certain races only spawned at one spot due to
flags being set that prevented the players from spawning in at other spawnpoints available in the level.
- Tall grass with the RayHit property set so that projectiles don't pass through.
- These were fixed by hex-editing the .dat files themselves and switching those flags in way so that
the spawn points could function normally again or tall grass didn't block bullets.
* UMP3 introduced source-control to the ultimate mappack, which, has made managing this mappack a lot easier.
* UMP3 has removed any designer files from previous iterations of the mappack
- e.g. Dedit .ed files, .tga files, DIRTYPE files, Visual SourceSafe files, 3dsmax files, thumbs.db
- Basically any file that is not needed by any level in order to run in the game has been removed.
* UMP3 also re-introduced a few maps from UMP1 that were cut. Some for the reasons listed previous especially
around spawn point issues, but, the issues were able to be patched.
Some were skirmish maps that have been reintroduced for skirmish / COOP servers.
* UMP3 brought back the wooden door texture seen in GRAVEYARD and GASOLINATION that caused a technical issue
with the FK1099 server side mod.
* UMP3 removed preceding verisons of maps in favor of a completed version. The preceding versions
were removed if the differences between it and the final were barely noticable, fixes to minor issues, or
simply more details added.
- If a previous version of a level stood out well in its own right, it has been kept e.g. sUk-stronghold 1 vs.
sUk-stronghold 2, Arenamatch 1 vs. Arenamatch 2, Pilot Fortress at day vs. Pilot Fortress at night.
- An example of removal occurred with dm_backstreets, where the first version had some nuisance issues like steps that
could not be walked up. Other than those minor bug fixes, the maps are identical.
-Both versions of the same map have been kept where one version was intended to address performance issues. Just
for the sake of slower machines being used anywhere.
- E.g. The Thing v1 vs. The Thing v2.

Review the logs found in the "_UMP3 INFORMATION_" folder for more specific details on these changes
introduced in UMP3. The log files are in Markdown format for ease of viewing.


Official Ultimate Mappack Site[]

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Eevee is very lonely :( Feb 20 @ 9:08am 
hi. in case you want to friend me please read my info on my steam profile page first thanks
McGarnagle Feb 20, 2020 @ 1:23am 
i think i'm going to convince a bunch of people i hang with to give this a try
20 years later and this game is still the best aliens and/or predator game ever made
Marcvs Crassvs Jan 5, 2020 @ 8:35pm 
Great Community! Thank you for keeping this game alive!
Lithtech May 4, 2019 @ 4:44am 
Check out the official discord man.
TrueKing Mar 11, 2019 @ 4:04pm 
hello everyone glad i found the community.
x-M-x Dec 19, 2018 @ 10:28am 
Master Server Patch 2.4 was released on sept 28th
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January 31, 2009