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November 20, 2014



So i feel like i need to write a blog because i have a lot of stuff i want to come out with.

Lets start off with the smn cheating case, taking his stats into consideration, it was pretty obvious that the guy have been cheating for some time now, luckily for us, he had balls enough to admit he did it - on another note more players were "hang out" for cheating, especially in the professional scene, both LAN and online games.

So what does it take for you to cheat on lan? how do you do it - and what can we do to prevent it?

Since you just have to log in with your steam account, and the cheat is in the steamcloud / workshop - its pretty easy to not even have cheat in some sort of device "anymore" - i dont know much about how cheat works, but this is what i could figure out.
You get a private hack, it costs around 800€, by getting the private hack it makes you less viable for a VAC ban, because not many people are using this cheat , and its again "private".

After watching the video with olofM some time ago, coloN was like instantly "thats cheat" - and i just laughed at him, because it was so unreal for me that a professional player who dedicates his life to cs, is cheating in a very important lan match.
Though after doing a little bit of research about how cheat works in this game, this is cheat.
For people who dont know what video im talking about, this is the one

You can clearly see that after olof shoots, his aim jumps straight at his head, i believe you can go in and do it on the same map, and try to see how many bullets it would take you to do the exact same thing, in 1 round - i can tell you that its almost impossible.
Could it be luck of a lifetime? I highly doubt it.

Another thing i want to point out in this blog is the players in question (this is information leaked by smn - i am only writing it in here);

AREA > VACation
smn > VACation + video below about...
emilio > VACation
cly > VACation
KQLY > cheated on LAN
Flusha > Starting in 2013-2014, check link below !
Sf > VACation (dont know exactly which players from VP)
Several german players

I hate cheater expecially ( Pro players ) who try to be good and earn easy money on LAN and online .

I Hope all those ( Pro players ) will get caught than VAC !

Its a shame for those players who get caught .
AREA handed VAC ban

Since mid-2013, Dubois has been inactive, but this Thursday the French community woke up to the news that the player had been VAC banned.

Contacted by, Dubois confirmed that the ban is related to CS:GO but denied any wrongdoing. He added that he is considering contacting Valve over this matter.

Dubois has become the latest high-profile French player to be caught by Valve's anti-cheating service, following the bans handed to Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian and Gordon "Sf" Giry, formerly of Titan and Epsilon, respectively.

Back in November, Joey "fxy0" Schlosser, who is currently banned from all Valve-sponsored events after being involved in a match-fixing scandal, revealed that he was sure that both Tovmassian and Dubois were using cheats.

Related video:

ENJOY YOUR VACation :beatmeat:

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November 20, 2014