Temple Operating System #TempleOS
Temple Operating System #TempleOS
June 13, 2020
ABOUT Temple Operating System

Rising to The Throne!

This is the official Steam group to TempleOS, a biblical-themed lightweight operating system designed to be the Third Temple prophesied in the Bible. It was created by American programmer Terry A. Davis, who developed it alone over the course of a decade after a series of episodes that he later described as a revelation from God.

1. Don't violate Steam TOS.
2. Keep discussion on topic - A little politics in general is okay, but if it goes on too long, please move to direct messages, same goes for gaming etc.
3. Respect others - Poking fun is okay, harassment is not.
4. Do not share any porn, gore, etc. Anything violations of these rules will result in a ban.

Terry A. Davis (1969 - 2018). Rest in peace!

In the wake of Terry A. Davis' passing his family has requested supporters of his donate to "organizations working to ease the pain and suffering caused by mental illness" such as 'The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation' ( and 'National Alliance on Mental Illness'. (
Then They Came For Christians
That day is now here.

Woke leftists are calling for statues of Jesus to be torn down.[]

Christians are being fired for posting Bible verses on social media.[]

Christians are being kicked out of places they rent for "liking" Charlie Kirk tweets.[]

Christians are being arrested for preaching the Gospel in the streets.[]

Pinterest is censoring Bible verses and Christian terms.[]

Christians in China who join Zoom calls for worship are later arrested by the CCP.[]

Are you paying attention yet, Christian?

They are coming for us. Just as communists always do.

You don't need to be a Christian to be concerned about what is happening though. Big Tech tyranny must be stopped at all costs. The only way for that to happen is for us to exit their data silos and digital panopticons.

Thankfully God moved me to build what would become a digital Noah's arc of sorts, although I didn't realize that at the time back in 2016. From the moment Gab launched it was attacked by every press publication on the planet. Gab is run by an outspoken Christian and Trump supporter, so it had to smeared and destroyed at all costs.

Let’s review the past week of internet censorship:

-The Federalist and Zerohedge were censored by Google[]

-TMZ removed their comment section to censor “hate speech”

-Gavin Mcinnes was banned from YouTube

-VDARE is losing their domain registrar

-Gab was blacklisted by Visa[]

-E Michael Jones had his books censored by Amazon

-Katie Hopkins was banned by Twitter

-@CarpeDonktum was banned by Twitter

-Trump’s tweet was censored by Twitter[]

Censorship and tech tyranny are accelerating so fast it's difficult even for me to keep up. What I know is that Gab is growing. Gab is resilient. Gab has the battle scars to prove that we stand for free speech at all costs. Even when that means being banned by both app stores, hosting providers, dozens of third-party services, and even Visa.

As a Christian one of my most motivating factors for building Gab is to protect and preserve the ability to share the Gospel and openly talk about Jesus Christ online. I fear that one day very soon Gab will be the very last place where this can happen.

Gab is not a Christian website, but it is run by a Christian who isn't afraid to speak the truth boldly. Gab also has plenty of atheists, pagans, and agnostics as well who simply want to speak freely away from Silicon Valley's watchful eye and iron fist. We welcome everyone.

The time for Christians, and those who cherish liberty, to speak up and DO SOMETHING is now. You can start by getting on Gab.[]

Click here[] to view this email in a blog post and share it.

Has King Terry risen from the dead?!
Terry's official Twitter account has shown recent activity after being recovering from suspension!

What is the meaning of this?! Who has taken over his Twitter feed? Did the CIA fake his death? Is HE the real monster of Area 51?!

Only time will tell

Go over to his Twitter feed and check it out. A dank "Sleepy Joe Biden" meme was just posted, complete with hair sniffing!

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