Slender Fortress {SF2}
Slender Fortress {SF2}
March 14, 2013
ABOUT Slender Fortress

“So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.” ― T. S. Eliot


Run. Why? Don't ask questions. And don't look back. For Christ's sake, please don't look back. Look forward-- to new content! Welcome to Slender Fortress, a plugin created for the New Lunar Republic on February 8, 2013 and then publicly released for all servers on October 21st, 2013. It was created by Kit o' Rifty, and is now developed and maintained by Benoist3012 after the release of 0.2.6 version.

Slender Fortress is based on Mark J. Hadley's "Slender: The Eight Pages", a freeware game... But is it really a game? The answer is yes. What did I tell you about asking questions? That's right; don't.

How To Play:

Red Team:
Your main objective is to collect a predefined number of pages. It's not that simple though! You need to avoid whatever creature(s) happen(s) to be following you. Once all pages are collected, if the map allows, your team will need to escape the to win. Winners get to beat the the blue team to death. Fun.

Blue Team:
You are seated in a waiting area and told to wait your turn. When the next round starts, the plugin chooses the next set of players. These players are picked depending on how many queue points they have.

You aren't completely left out, though! To watch players as a ghost, use the /slghost command! You can ghost other users by using a voice command.


Official Server List:

The United States:
~ New York ~
Glubbable's Slender Fortress (Standard) -
Glubbable's Slender Fortress (Survival/Specials) -
~ Texas ~
Glubbable's Slender Fortress (Random bosses) -
Glubbable's Slender Fortress (Survival/Specials) -
~ Seattle ~
Glubbable's Slender Fortress (Standard) -
Glubbable's Slender Fortress (Random Bosses) -

~ France ~
Glubbable's Slender Fortress (Standard) -
Glubbable's Slender Fortress (Random Bosses) -

For other SF2 servers, check this list from gametracker.[]

There are various community servers running Slender Fortress. Keep in mind that not all of them will keep up to date with the development and could possibly be out of date, for the best experience, we recommend visiting the official servers which will give you the full experience!

Note: If you have been banned or silenced, do not post about it here.

* If you are experiencing harassment from any players on the Slender servers. Please contact or submit a ban to the server's owners.

Those that wish to host their own SF2 server or hope to contribute should visit the following URL:

Download the Latest Version of Slender Fortress Here:
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Slender Fortress - The long awaited update!
It's about time~
Here comes the day where sf2 goes public again! After going private sometimes after being public! (If you are confused just remember, sf2 is public now)

Community message
You have been all a great community, I'm sure Kit o' Rifty is proud of you all. Together (me, staff, and community) we have continued making SF2 a great mod and didn't leave it die.
But I have to go too, just like my predecessor Kit o' Rifty, and I hope someone or a group of people will take back the mod just like I did and continue improving it!
Of course I'll still be there to fix some small bugs or add small features but don't expect anything big from me anymore.

Now without further waiting here comes the big changelog!

  • General changes:
    • Added a new random difficulty Nightmare!
    • Disabled taunt sound for red players.
    • Added music volume control in !slsettings.
    • Fixed proxies spawn mechanic.
    • Added boss name in kill feed(requires a source tv bot on the server).
    • Fixed ghostmode forcing players in thirdperson.
    • Fixed heavy lags.
    • Added !slnextpack & !slpack command.
  • PvP changes:
    • Replaced the respawn sound.
    • Medics can now shoot heal arrows with their crossbow using rigth-click.
    • Fixed razorback not blocking backstab.
  • Gameplay changes:
    • Added a rage mode for proxies.
    • Red medics or red players with a health item equipped can no longer pick up health kits.
    • Players camping exit will now be forced chase by the boss. (requires the dont_hide tag on nav areas near the exit)
    • Added nigthvision as replacement for flashligth (CVar toggelable)
    • Added colored glow on red players
    • Changed Scout sprint speed to 340HU (from 300HU).
    • Changed Sniper sprint speed to 340HU (from 300HU).
    • Changed Soldier sprint speed to 325HU (from 275HU).
    • Changed DemoMan sprint speed to 335HU (from 285HU).
    • Changed Heavy sprint speed to 320HU (from 270HU).
    • Changed Medic sprint speed to 340HU (from 300HU).
    • Changed Pyro sprint speed to 340HU (from 300HU).
    • Changed Spy sprint speed to 340HU (from 300HU).
    • Changed Engineer sprint speed to 340HU (from 300HU).
  • Special rounds
    • Added 8 new special rounds
      • Boo
      • Realism
      • Special Round Vote
      • Coffee
      • Page detector
      • Glitched Page
      • Class Scramble
      • Earthquake
    • Fixed an issue where space distorsion would make some players stuck.
  • NPC Changes
    • Changed the base entity to use "base_boss" allowing the mod to use NextBot features
    • Bosses can now have up to 8 different attacks!
    • Added team glow for proxies.
    • Various npc code fix.
    • Changed pathing code.
    • Changed animation code.
  • And many many more, but I can't remember all my work done over 2 years lol

The code is available here:
No compiled version yet, allow me 1-2 weeks before getting one. I still have to gather all the new assets, but if you are brave enough you can compile the code, thank you all for sticking around.

Benoist3012 :pinkheart:

Classic Slender Fortress Release
Classic Slender, Slowerno, Rake, Weeeping Angel, SCP-173, Sisters, BEN, Grunt, Sawrunner, TF2 Ghost, MTF, Simon, Luigidoll, MeeM, Paranoia, Pumpkin Lord & Skeleton King

Download Link
Server Files for Hosts[]*

*Please read For Hosts to Read.txt if you are hosting an SF2 server

Current Issues
Reports of server lag when running the Eight Pages map, we're looking into it so expect a map update later on. Will probably announce it.

Download issues with BEN & Slowerno with Linux Server to Windows Client communications. This can be resolved by having two folders with Upper and lower case "CoF/cof" "Empty_Link/empty_link"

CATK1N6 Jul 12 @ 8:42pm 
can someone plz tell me how to get slender fortress 2
Shelby Jul 11 @ 1:41pm 
Hi, I made a new Slender map about Baldi's Basic School. If anyone hosting wants new maps on rotation, check it out:
CATK1N6 Jul 10 @ 6:55pm 
plz some one txt me and tell me how i really want to play it
CATK1N6 Jul 10 @ 6:54pm 
how do you play it i dont know how
Endersith Jul 3 @ 3:16pm 
⇜СЖАТЫЙ_Д€Д⇝ Jun 29 @ 1:35pm 
How to make boss??I want make very scary boss;)
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March 14, 2013