SirAlexander's Friends Club ON-FC
SirAlexander's Friends Club ON-FC
April 13, 2016
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Announcement on User Data and Privacy Security of Ring of Elysium

Question 1: What kind of user data is collected by Ring of Elysium?

A: Under the premise of internationally applicable privacy protection regulations and game security industry standards, Ring of Elysium will apply and protect your information in a professional and legal manner, and follow the principle of data minimization. Only data related to suspicions of cheating will be stored and analyzed, including:

- Game identification information (such as game accounts, character names, in-game behavior data, etc.)
- Hardware device and identification information (such as hardware manufacturer, model number, serial number information, etc.)
- Information about the operating system on which the game is running
- File and memory information related to the game and operating systems
- Information related to ongoing processes, drivers, and other executable codes
- Information about the processes and modules related to the memory access of the game
- Dump information when game crashes
- Other user data and information allowed by the privacy policy

Question 2: Is Ring of Elysium a keylogger?

A: Ring of Elysium's TP security system never collects user's key stroke information.

Question 3: Is it true that the hybrid test detected Ring of Elysium as malware?

A: No, it is not true. Ring of Elysium does not use any PDF related components. The detected file shown in certain false videos is a PDF file, but that file belongs to other third-party applications. Ring of Elysium is shown as a safe software on

- First of all, Ring of Elysium and TP does not have any PDF related components, the PDF file shown in the video was an error from falsely identifying ROE's game file as related to the PDF under the Windows 7 x64 environment. The same HASH file has been correctly identified by after public scans by other players.
- Second, the PDF file appeared in the scan report is not downloaded or released by Ring of Elysium. Ring of Elysium has never downloaded any PDF files to players' computers, nor has it attempted to activate Adobe Reader on players' computers. Otherwise, you would be aware of the launch of Adobe Reader and the loading of PDF files during gameplay.
- Finally, we can continue to see that on (, public scans of the so-called "malware" has become normal, the false positive result has been corrected.
- We have contacted for issues mentioned above and the false positive results have been corrected.

Question 4: Why does Ring of Elysium require users to authorize admin rights?

A: Most cheats use various methods to hide themselves. Therefore, when it comes to cheat detection, TP needs to invoke some regular system APIs (such as accessing the processes and files of cheat tools). Programs that invokes these APIs requires the administrative access in order to function properly, hence the pop-up window for user authorization. Asking for high privileges is also a common practice in the security industry.

Thanks for reading,

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Rocknrolla 14 hours ago 
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nolanryan45 Dec 7 @ 11:19pm 
Vladek51 Dec 6 @ 9:10pm 
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Crash in runnable thread FChunkCacheWorker
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April 13, 2016