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August 8, 2017
ABOUT Imperfect Gamers | Community

What is Imperfect Gamers?

Imperfect Gamers is a commonwealth of people from different areas, backgrounds, and languages. Everyone inside the platform works hard to show up and test their skills against other people with the same mindset as them. Everyone that comes on either to rap, sing, surf, and listen to music all come for one reason, and one reason only... to have fun!

Outside of the people, we are a Surf CSGO Network that is in the Top 10 percentile @ game-tracker revolving around entertainment, primarily rap (freestyle), songs (singing, producing), prank calls, and so much more! Imperfect Gamers is a nice and supportive community without any room for drama, and so it is advised that you please be courteous of your fellow members. Imperfect Gamers are extremely harsh against racism and the targeting of fellow members.

We feel when people visit our servers they feel safe. Thank you!


Youtube Channels - Jump(UH)man - Skinny Dean - SwaggerSouls - AznStylez

Streaming Links - -

Noteable Rap Cyphers
Link to youtube videos ect. Submit in comments.
Sparkles Ft. Skinny Dean
Skinny Dean in a 1V1 Server
Weekend Cyphers pt. 1
Weekend Cyphers pt. 2
Underground Hip-Hop Freestyle Surf Club - SwaggerSouls
CSGO - Weekend Cyphers | Pt. 3 - Skinny Dean
Dude drops amazing Freestyle Rap in a Surf server - SwaggerSouls
CSGO - Weekend Cyphers | Pt. 4 - Jumpman
CSGO - INSANE Freestyle Rap in CSGO Server - Axel
CSGO Funny Moments - Imperfect Gamers Admin Prank Calls McDonalds - Swiftburn


Come hit the crew up on Friday and Saturday Night Cyphers @ Imperfect Gamers 24/7 surf server.
Server IP:
[IG] 24/7 Surf | Imperfect Gamers | Rap Battles |
[IG] 24/7 Surf | Imperfect Gamers | Rap Battles |

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A message from Imperfect Gamers...
Why you're here...
We have finished the development of a new timer for IG, keeping the good features and leaving the bad. This was the result of a long list of community concerns about the constant lag that was making IG sometimes unplayable until restart. Despite all of the issues we've been guys showed out and still chose to stay and play! Thanks so much for your loyalty and long-time support. You're why we do this.

While the timer is finished, we still have to be cautious in rolling it out to IG until we are fully aware of what we are pushing out to everyone. We want to make sure it's something for everyone, your concerns are valid and we need to know. If you think you have been on the server long enough to be able to identify what features are either missing or not fully working- then we need your help more than ever to come and test by the staff teams side.

You're records are not lost. They have been moved to a dummy account and will be available to track on our website alongside the game.

If you are a skill surfer on IG then testing the new timer means you will have a head-start on points! This chance will allow you to snag and score some records before everyone else! You will also be able to flex your new records in the #records channel live in Discord.

If you're either a rapper, dj, producer, or spectator then now is the perfect time to go ahead and request WHAT YOU WANT to see in the server.

To connect
Information on the server and how to connect

#password timer

To connect, add the #serverIP ( to your favorites tab through the community server browser that is accessible from the main lobby of the game. Then, hit refresh so it shows up in the list and then select the server and click connect. You will be then prompted for a password and that is where you use the #password (timer).

If there is an issue on the test server that you wish to report

Go ahead and type !bug in chat or type sm_bug in your console and follow through the prompt.

You can get in touch with us through discord:
You can comment on my profile here:

No Discord? Go to and click the icon to the bottom right of the page. You will be able to fill in a message through a guest account straight from our site.

In other news...
Today is Sunday. Our annual rap battle contest will take place on our Discord
hosted by Xed from Imperfect Gamers[] and Sponsored by the Free Creation Platform Postogon[] coming soon.

Dates for reference:
Discord Voice Chanel - Contest
Sunday April 5th, 2020 6:00PM EST

There will be cash prizes, giveaways, and it will all be recorded and uploaded to YouTube by seethingword. DJing by DeadlyAwper. 16 people will be competing for the top cash prize in this bracket-based rap-battle-- until elimination by three judges on IG.
We are anticipating the biggest show-out yet, especially due to everyone staying indoors (hopefully! Please practice good habits and stay inside!).

For more news on events, updates, and giveaways, visit our website here[].

Thank you so much for your support. We hope you all are practicing social distancing. Stay safe.

Imperfect Gamers

narco rat Aug 18, 2022 @ 2:25pm 
im famous :kingme:
Ocean May 26, 2019 @ 2:32pm 
just got banned and I was literally just surfing and chilling. Was not being toxic in any way shape or form. Would appreciate it if you would unban me considering I did nothing wrong. I wasnt even talking lol
Jump May 11, 2019 @ 11:12pm 
Sterban Apr 27, 2019 @ 7:19pm 
hey how do I find the exact time I was banned and by who?
Sterban Apr 22, 2019 @ 5:21pm 
Username: Logic or gavin17041
When you got banned: like a year and a half ago or longer
Why you got banned: I don't remember I think mic spamming but im chill now my bad
What was the situation before you got banned: wanted to surf
Who banned you: I don't know
Are you in the wrong or in the right: right (now lol)
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August 8, 2017