Digitally Unmastered -DigiUI-
Digitally Unmastered -DigiUI-
February 8, 2013
ABOUT Digitally Unmastered

Home of Blue Pulse & Digitally Unmastered

As of the Chat/Friends update you will need to add a few commands to your steam shortcut for the skin to work properly.

You can do this by right-clicking your shortcut, clicking properties and adding (without quotes)
" -nochatui -nofriendsui"
to the end target field/box DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING FROM THE BOX
Welcome to the Blue Pulse and Digitally Unmastered Steam Group page

Here is where updates, announcements and releases will be posted. It is also a great place to leave feedback or bug reports that come about when the Steam Client is updated

Some of the key features of both themes are as follows:
  • They are colour scheme tailored instead of improving the base steam colour scheme
  • Most key elements have been updated or improved upon
  • Some layout changes to default
  • Some performance improvements to default when I find them
  • Usually up to date with steam updates

Blue Pulse 2.4b


2.4b has been released

Download here:
Blue Pulse 2.4b[]

Digitally Unmastered

Digitally Unmastered 2.0a[]


General Installation Instructions:
  • Download the most recent version of your preferred skin, found in the links to the side

  • Extract the zip files contents into your steam/skins section

  • Go into steam settings and in interface, change the skin to the skin of your choice (eg Digitally Unmastered or Blue Pulse)

  • Restart and enjoy

  • Any bugs, issues or suggestions please put them into the discussions section of this steam group or you may contact an admin of the steam group directly.
Use this version of the skin for the new friends update.
Blue Pulse Beta version
Only use this version if utilising the new friends/chat beta !

Note this is still a work in progress , just wanted a functional version out. Newer versions will become available the more I tweak:

  • Added new ui elements (account button, announcement button, friends/chat button)
  • Fixed stylised headers (Downloads page, games list, miniview)
  • Fixed add game hover region + hover visual
  • Added Hover functionality to the account button menu items to replicate other menus
  • Covered Downloads page active download blue line + pixel errors
  • Updated skin menu to remove dead links,
  • Centred skin menu options / updated version number & added minor signature

Known issues / To be done:
  • Make new ui elements into a combined element (see mockup )
  • Potential minor clipping issues on text for Friends & Chat button (no issues on my client but already had clipping issues on Sacridfires with directwrite / scaling on)
  • Update Big Picture mode button to be more in theme with other graphic buttons (E.g VR and friends & chat button)
  • Games filter menu backgrounds currently have a grey border - to be tweaked to match other menus)

Important note:
Chat / friendslist is currently not customisable, looking into potential workarounds for the .css files

Digitally Unmastered reviews
"Co-op RPGs, casual time-sinks, story-focused singleplayer games, and end-game PvE MMOs (Raiding/Dungeons)."
Here are a few recent reviews by Digitally Unmastered
Werewolf8_8 Aug 7 @ 7:49pm 
Hey, could we perhaps get the green digitally unmastered updated to work with the new friends list and layout? I love it and can't see steam any other way
Sacridfire Jul 31 @ 7:40pm 
Nope that one is on me, mustve forgot to hit save when i update the link
Quickhand69er Jul 31 @ 5:43pm 
My bad. Not in Overview (thats version 2.4) but in Announcements is 2.4b. Thanks
Quickhand69er Jul 31 @ 5:38pm 
Changing to 2.3b looks exactly the same as 2.4 for me. opening the zip file for 2.4 it has a date of 1/21/2018 on the folders execpt 1/22/2018 on graphics folder. This is after I just redownloaded it again.
Quickhand69er Jul 31 @ 5:07pm 
I downloaded blue_pulse_v2_4_by_asphirion-d9al2mk. Went to steam skins and changed from 2.3b to 2.4. I am running -nofriendsui to start steam.
Bobs a Vegan Phoque Jul 30 @ 7:42pm 
tyvm for the skin update. love this skin and can't see steam the same way without it anymore haha. idm using the new chat ui as it is pretty nice but it did look really good before with the pulse skin.
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February 8, 2013