Space Beast Terror Fright

Space Beast Terror Fright

Early Access Update Fyrtiofem (45)

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Jackson Jun 24 @ 5:15pm 
I've taken the time to play this game in public lobbies and tried to survive long enough to finally reach First Sergeant at 79 missions survived and 1286803 experience. 1273 grueling beasts and 1223 astro-creeps.
This game, at the end of the day, is purely based on chasing the survival aspect (But other players might find their own fun in different aspects). It is extreme fun, and I have loved every second of chasing diamond status. I will now start the long, 80 more missions trek to the (Hopefully) final level, in which I will either retire because there are no more ranks to chase, or continue playing with my friends to see them through.

A prestige system would be appreciated so my fun doesn't end at 2,560,000 experience, or 160 (technically) missions. I will still continue to play your game, and believe me, it's already taken a solid week for me to get up to First Sergeant. Just think, I need to spend another week to make Master Gunney.
Vihdra Jun 16 @ 8:49pm 
The fog looks fantastic, and the change to infestation is great. I like the map room, too, as I think it gives a big advantage as is, without being too powerful.

Would it be possible to make the "hiding in infestation" behaviour more rare? Enemies would frequently be stuck in big groups in certain hallways, making them easy to destroy with a shotgun or rifle. Sometimes it works brilliantly as a surprise, but more often it seems to break up flow of the game.
Gordon WeedmДn Jun 14 @ 9:01pm 
I think one feature that would be nice is having a random setting for all plan options, so you can for example turn off infestation completely but have everything else still random. Right now if you want to only control a few options, it means you lose the randomisation of all other options.
Skeleton Man Jun 14 @ 2:35pm 
hey pal
you're pretty alright
keep being you
kitty Jun 10 @ 5:08pm 
awesome!! i'm so glad that this game is still getting updates! i love this game, its truly an underrated gem in the vast world of sci fi horror games out there, and its perfect if you want to get straight to adrenaline pumping action and terror.
pacomesoual Jun 7 @ 1:01pm 
me and my bros
can't stop crashing, the player crash randomly and quite fast, and the host crash as soon as a datacore get fully activated.
Spike Jun 7 @ 10:06am 
Love the update :D Me and my friends will sometimes leave a teammate in the map room to help us navigate and warn us of threats so thats awesome. Few things i was thinking could be cool:

Right click on map table to get a zoomed in view of the table as it can be kind of hard to see.

When you right click to zoom into the map table you could have door numbers appear.

As you said being able to activate EVERYTHING from the map table would be too much, maybe just allow the map table to open and close doors only as this would work really well with the zoom in to map and door number things i mentioned above.

Being able to control breaker spawn amounts would be cool so if the power goes out you and your squad mates have to make a dangerous journey to get power back on because the breaker is really far away.

I have no idea if people have asked for this before but the option to make the maps huge would be cool, so it feels like the aliens movie.
pacomesoual Jun 7 @ 9:58am 
i once heard about a survey asking if the players would be interested in adding different floors for missions, what are your though on this now that the game was updated numerous time ?
hideinahole Jun 6 @ 10:03pm 
I had that nice, excited sensation in my tummy when I read Update 45, time to round up my buddies for more SBTF!
Neonspider Jun 5 @ 6:05pm 
Aw man, keep the control rooms! They're awesome!

You could maybe have it so you have to activate them from power nodes or something first? Or they only come online if you have a 1/4 of the data cores?