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Public Test Branch FAQ
Fellow vikings, here's a little FAQ regarding the Public Test branch. But before we start: Remember, please report any feedback or issues with our Feedback Form. Posting feedback on General Discussions is not recommended. It is allowed, but it will not reach the developers.

If you're having more general questions about Valheim, please read this thread.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Public Test branch; What is its purpose?
The Public Test branch is used to test each new patch before it is released to the Early Access build. This process makes sure we can deliver the best possible quality.

Should I opt-in the Public Test branch?
If you are prepared to encounter some bugs or crashes, made backups of your save files, and want to support Valheim's development - or just want to explore the new content - you're more than invited to opt-in!

How do I get the Public Test or Early Access branch of the game?
You can switch to the Public Test branch by entering the password yesimadebackups and opting in to it in the Beta Participation tab under your Account Settings. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

Is it required to start a new save on the Public Test branch?
No! You can simply continue with your normal Early Access save. However, please note that new content does not appear in already explored/generated areas. There are some important other things to take note of before switching versions as well (read the three questions below).

Will I be able to revert my save back to the Early Access branch?
Save files which are updated to the Public Test version of the game are not revertable. This means, if you want to be able to opt-out of the Public Test branch again to play on Early Access, you need a backup of your previous save file(s).

Is the Public Test save file compatible with the new Early Access version after the patch released?
Yes! When the Public Test version moves to Early Access, your Public Test save file(s) will continue to work on the new stable version of the game.

Is it recommended to make backups?
Oh, indeed! Please always backup your save files when switching between versions. We really don't want you to lose your precious worlds. (And don't forget the info from the question above!)

Will my mods break?
The majority of the mods won't be compatible with the Public Test version of the game. However, some popular mods might get updated to function even on the Public Test branch. The respective mod authors are responsible and keep in mind that mods are - in any case - not officially supported.

How long will a patch remain on the Public Test branch?
Normally patches remain on Public Test for anything between a few days to a few weeks.

Are the patches on the Public Test branch always feature complete from day 1?
They are mostly complete in terms of content and features, but some things might still get added.

Can I view the patch history of the Public Test branch?
Not filtered by Public Test branch patch notes, but you can view the overall version history here.
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