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bobthegopher Oct 11, 2020 @ 11:14am
Gem Locations
This list is currently complete with what is available in the game. The dev confirmed one Rare Gem was left out of the game and only 19/20 are available.

Rare Gems (20)
-Road to Ikenfell, interact with trees to the north for hidden path and chests
-South Dorm, east bathroom
-south dorm, west bathroom
-alchemy lab, behind pipe (go through invisible wall)
-alchemy lab, after beating boss use shortcut room (twinkle on ground)
-ikenfell grounds, screen below the western exit (twinkle on ground)
-forest hidden path (twinkle on ground)
-snatcher's lair, invisible path in room with shop ghost and save cat
-twilight yard, far right screen under a bench
-twilight yard, on a stone just on the other side of the path from the entrance
-astronomy tower bathroom
-given automatically from gilda 1v1 battle
-great hall, middle table
-great hall, bathroom puzzle
-spirit oval, bathroom (hidden path through the wall)
-ikenfell grounds, kill plant in front of chest in upper right screen to save Bea, then inspect tree in lower right screen
-orchard, center section (path off the wooden walkway is hidden by a tree)
-dueling class, top left section of the water in the sauna room
-Spirit Oval eastern bathroom, walk through the wall of the middle stall to the right into the first stall

Sparkly Gems (10)
-behind disappearing bookcase in northern dorms, giselbert family room
-find Dancer hidden in the Road to Ikenfell, right where you started the game
-great hall, somewhat hidden door after passing through the kitchen (after red vines are destroyed)
-the roost, somewhat hidden door in first room with water blocking stairs, then through hidden wall path
-forest ruins, after defeating ghost legion there is a hidden path to the right with three chests
-ikenfell grounds, go south from the library tree and then to a somewhat hidden path to the right and search the bottom tree
-ikenfell grounds, north of the dueling hall in a small hut that requires the strength skill to unlock
-the stacks, in the first room with the motion detecting eyes, a small room is behind a bookshelf along the top
-spelltower, underneath a statue in the room after the traveler tree
-allcat layer, somewhat hidden door to the right of the traveler tree

Shiny Gem (8)
-cemetary, to the right of the log house
-the roost, inside one of the dark rooms after the water puzzle with two balls
-dueling hall, to the left of where you fight the boss
-archives, in the room where you first meet the owl, use a hidden switch in the upper left to find a hidden room
-archives, in the room to the right after defeating the owl and just before getting the gardens key
-the stacks, first room
-spelltower, use one of the spaceship things to transport to the section with three chests (third room from entrance going up)
-gardens, up one screen from the entrance behind the first plant on the right
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talonj256 Oct 11, 2020 @ 12:23pm 
In the duel class sauna room, there is a section on the top left where you can approach the water. The gem is there.

I have no idea how you're supposed to find this without pressing use on every wall (which is exactly how I found it) - there's no sparkle here.
bobthegopher Oct 11, 2020 @ 8:42pm 
Nice, thank you!

I found the one missing shiny gem I had, so only two rare gems remain.

Someone on another forum claims there is a spot in the forest ruins where you can interact with some trees to form a new path, but he couldn't remember where and I spent 20 minutes just now searching with no luck. Could be he misremembered though..
wildandcrazygal Oct 12, 2020 @ 2:38am 
Any chance you have a screen shot of the location of the rare gem in the astonomy tower behind the stairs. I don't have anything sparkling on any of the floors and have been button mashing behind every staircase for more than half an hour now, lol. It's the only one I'm missing. The two you don't have that I have are you get one from the one on one battle with Gilda as a drop and in the forest of secrets, if you're coming from the school gate follow the brown path all down one screen and turn left when it does. Then go two screens north and you'll see three trees (two big ones and one small one) just below a part of the brown path that looks like it's going north to a dead end. Search the trees just above that and go up into a hidden area that will have three chests. It's in one of them.
bobthegopher Oct 12, 2020 @ 3:27am 
I don't have any screenshots, sorry. It should be on one of the higher floors.

The one for Gilda, where you say "as a drop" do you mean as a reward for the battle, or it will be a twinkle on the ground after? If it's a reward, I should have got that automatically but I am still missing two obviously. If it drops on the ground, do you remember where that fight is so I can return there to check? I thought that was in the northern dorms outside the room that was sealed with a heart, but there is nothing there.

As for the one in the forest, that is on the list already. ("-Road to Ikenfell, interact with trees to the north for hidden path and chests")
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wildandcrazygal Oct 12, 2020 @ 3:38am 
I got it automatically at the end of the battle. It was outside of Safina's room but in the southern dorm not the northern. I think I saw that you were on Xbox on another thread? If you are you can add me wildandcrazygal and look at my screen shots. I have screen shots of the 19 that I've found standing in the spot where I got them. For the Gilda one it's just a picture of the pop up window "You found Rare Gem x1". Now I'm a bit confused though because I thought that forest one was the one you didn't have. I'll take another look for you. So the one behind the stairs. Is it hidden or should I be seeing a twinkle on the ground?
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bobthegopher Oct 12, 2020 @ 6:24am 
I don't really recognize the screenshot where you seem to be walking through the walls of the bathroom stalls. Looks like it might be in the Spirit Oval? It looks like there is a rune in the left stall. I will have to check that area again tonight.
Kari Oct 12, 2020 @ 8:08am 
I've just gotten through the Astronomy Tower and I also couldn't find any sign of a rare gem behind any stairs. Only the one in the bathroom. And I can confirm remembering that the Gilda battle outside Saf's room directly gives you a rare gem.
bobthegopher Oct 12, 2020 @ 8:21am 
Maybe I got something totally different in the Astronomy Tower and marked it incorrectly. I do apologize if that's the case. However, that would just replace that entry on my list with the one from the Gilda fight which I don't have marked. I will have to confirm if I can find the one in the screenshot I didn't recognize from wild's profile tonight. If I can find that one and get to 19/20 then I will amend the list.
bobthegopher Oct 12, 2020 @ 5:50pm 
So I do have to apologize. I believe the gem I marked was a shiny gem and I marked it in both the rare and shiny sections. I can confirm the gem I was missing was in the western Spirit Oval bathroom, and I obviously got one without knowing it from the Gilda fight. I am now at 19/20 and the above list is complete.

I saw the dev mention on discord that they submitted a patch tonight so hopefully the fix comes soon. They did not answer me when I asked where the 20th gem would be placed though.
souryuu5 Oct 12, 2020 @ 9:20pm 
I think I might have missed the sparkly gem that you get from Dancer near the start of the game. Am I screwed out of that one if I've already entered the school, or is there a way for me to go back there and get it?
RipWitch Oct 12, 2020 @ 9:26pm 
Originally posted by souryuu5:
I think I might have missed the sparkly gem that you get from Dancer near the start of the game. Am I screwed out of that one if I've already entered the school, or is there a way for me to go back there and get it?

You can go back.
souryuu5 Oct 12, 2020 @ 9:48pm 
Ah, that's good. Thanks!
notafrog Oct 12, 2020 @ 10:23pm 
After the patch, the last one is in South Dorm, enter the door next to Saf's room. It's in front of the fireplace
bobthegopher Oct 13, 2020 @ 3:47am 
Originally posted by nuts:
After the patch, the last one is in South Dorm, enter the door next to Saf's room. It's in front of the fireplace


The patch is still not live on Xbox, does it fix the Allcat Watches Over You achievement as well?
notafrog Oct 13, 2020 @ 7:07am 
Yup, just unlocked the achievement.
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