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AtomicTorch Studio  [developer] Dec 11, 2019 @ 2:46am
CryoFall FAQs [Updated December, 2019]
We will try to keep this topic up to date with most common questions. If there is something you think we need to include - don't hesitate to ask!
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AtomicTorch Studio  [developer] Dec 11, 2019 @ 2:55am 
Can I switch to Windowed mode?
Yes, you can do that either in video options, or just by pressing F11.

Where can I change language settings?
You can simply click on the country flag in the main menu. It is located at the top right corner. Then you can select any of the supported languages.

Where can I find the development blog?
You can follow developers blog at, all of the news and updates are posted there there first.

Do you have a Discord?
As a matter of fact - yes! :)
Please join the conversation here:

Is there a wiki for the game?
Yes. You can find it at
It is still work in progress, though.

How often is the game updated?
Updates are regularly released roughly every 1.5 months. However depending on the update size and scope it could be either shorter or longer.

Can I record videos on YouTube or stream the game on Twitch?
Absolutely. You can do so without restrictions. You can also monetize your videos and streams.
You are however obligated to add a link to the game website and Steam page in the description of your video. Aside from that small requirement – we are very happy to see your videos and streams!

Does the game feature randomly generated worlds?
The main world in the game is carefully handcrafted by the developers, however anyone can add their own custom map to the game, including a randomly generated one with some effort. We also have a game editor where you can create your custom map!

What can be modded in the game?
Literally anything. The whole game itself is a mod for the engine written in C# and fully open source. Anything that already exists in the game can be added, changed or removed. This makes total conversions entirely possible and easy to implement.

Is the game really open source?
Yes! Source code for the game (not the engine, though) can be found here:

Can I host my own server?
Yes! There are several options:
1) Just starting a private server for yourself or a few of your friends on your own computer.
2) Renting a prepared CryoFall server from third party providers (please just google "CryoFall server hosting").
3) Renting a server hardware and manually installing and configuring the server (see details here).

My character disappeared or the progress has been reset?
First of all – make sure you are joining the same server as on your last playthrough. Characters are per server, so if you join a different server you will have a completely new character.
Additionally, all official servers are reset (wiped) with every major version release, so that could also be the reason as well.

The game cannot acquire the public servers list or cannot connect.
Please try the following:
1) Please try restarting your router (if you're connecting via a 3G/4G phone, please restart it).
2) Please ensure the game is allowed through the Windows Firewall or any other 3rd party Firewall software you might have installed.
3) Make sure your UDP traffic is not blocked by your internet provider (ISP), VPN or your router.
If you still have the issue, please contact us directly.

The game doesn't work with VPN enabled.
In some cases VPN will not pass the traffic to Master Server or game server. Please ensure you're using UDP mode in your VPN client software. We recommend connecting directly if possible.

Is it possible to rotate a building during placement?
No, currently it's not possible. There is only a single orientation for every building. Since it is a 2D game, in order to enabled rotation of buildings we would have to redraw every single building four times. For now we try to focus all of our efforts toward creating new content, rather than adding rotation options. But when we are finished with most of the game features and content we will hopefully add rotation option as well.

Is it possible to deconstruct/disassemble a building? Can I get resources back?
Yes. Please use the crowbar tool. You will recover small amount of resources spent on deconstruction. Please note: for obvious reasons you can only deconstruct buildings inside of your own land claim area.

Is it possible to remove the sleeping bag?
You can place another one and it will be your new respawn point. If you want to remove the sleeping bag from the game world, you can deconstruct it with the crowbar tool same as other buildings or just destroy it with any melee weapon.

How does sharing party experience work?
30% of gained LP is deducted and shared among all the other online party members equally. You also receive part of the said 30% LP from all other party members. If there are no other online party members, 100% of gained LP goes to the player who gained it.
Please note: parties do NOT get extra LP, it simply means that part of the LP is shared among the party, that's all. This allows people playing in a party to have a bit more balanced progression.
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