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luke.gg 2012年8月17日上午6:09
CO-OP Workshop not working
Is it only me and a friend or does the COOP just back out to the main menu when trying to load a game from the workshop with a coop partner?
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luke.gg 2012年8月17日下午1:35 
Sometimes it'd get half way through the loading screen then revert to the mainmenu, sometimes all the way then revert. Steam loses connection for a brief second while it occurs, tried it about 20 times and nothing budged. :(
luke.gg 2012年8月17日下午1:40 
I guess. And that sucks D:
One thing I dislike about P2 is the menu system, it's all nice, but it takes awhile to get anywhere with all the spinning effects. :3
ReikoRaph 2012年8月17日下午7:59 
Too this problem
ReikoRaph 2012年8月28日上午12:16 
10 days passed and NO FIX! OMG Valve!
luke.gg 2012年8月28日上午9:36 
Ciirulean 2012年8月28日上午9:59 
It depends on what test you're trying to play, if it was made by Hammer (for example the Colors tests) you have to enter in a code in the developer console. If it was made in the PeTI then you can play it just by invitation.
chrismowe 2013年1月3日下午8:04 
Is there any fix yet?
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