Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter

Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter

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AlenL Feb 16, 2017 @ 2:42am
Update 291416 - Achievements, Languages, Linux, and more...
We've been stuck in the basement for more than a month trying to fix all the problems you've reported and implement new features you've asked for. Finally, we present you an update with the following major changes:
  • Added achievements!
    • All 26 achievements are now available for unlocking, most are new (i.e. not same as in TFE HD).
  • Localization now works.
    • Languages that were supported for TFE HD are now available.
    • Some newer texts (like new menu options) are not yet translated.
  • VR is now supported on Linux!
    • Vulkan API supported and recommended for VR.
    • This is waiting for updated SteamVR for Linux to be released. Once that is out, we will enable the Linux download for all owners.
    • Note that this whole system is very early, and there might be problems with stability and performance
  • Major improvements in teleporting and locomotion:
    • Exiting water is easy now.
    • Implemented "blink" teleport mode for VR.
    • VR control options (choosing between continuous, telporting, etc) are simplified. Details still configurable under Advanced Controls submenu.
    • Completely new system for VR teleportation while swimming/diving so it moves in a shown direction, not to a point.
    • Added an option to disable VR teleport jumping.
    • VR teleport jumping now requires a larger angle to initiate.
    • Versus multiplayer servers can now force all players to use locomotion (i.e. forbid teleporting). Players are warned when joining such a server, to prevent unexpected motion sickness.
  • Kbd+Mouse and Gamepad playing
    • It is now possible to play the game out-of-the-box without tracked controllers (ie. with just a headset and keyboard+mouse, or gamepad). No custom adjustments needed.
    • Removed vr_bVRHeadsetGameplay, as this is now automatic.
    • Made it easier to use keyboard, mouse or gamepad to navigate the menus when in VR.
As well as various other smaller changes and fixes:
  • Fixed some crashes when toggling VR SLI.
  • Emulated VR now uses cvar vr_bEmulatedVRControllers to determine input handling.
  • Changed highlighting of switches so that players can easily see switches in VR, yet far away secrets are not revealed.
  • Game's ini file renamed in preparation for Fusion.
  • Fixed some sounds not playing correctly when OpenAL is used as internal sound device.
  • Left hand weapon is no longer mirrored, so eventual texts on it will not look inverted.
  • In-game TFE Ending credits are now visible in VR.
  • Fixed randomly garbled text on "are you sure you want to exit" dialog
  • and related crashes.
  • Fixes and optimizations for OpenGL in VR.
  • Fixed inventory being lost when loading savegame that was saved at the start of level.
  • Screen areas not visible due to HMD lens distortion are now masked and don't render, yielding better performance
  • Karnak Temple level didn't support some playing modes.
  • Fixed the "playing time" being reset after loading a savegame.
  • Fixed some bigger enemies not being able to climb stairs and other obstacles.
  • Fixed darker display on right eye when using RiftCat on some devices.
  • Fixed switches not working correctly in multiplayer in some cases.
  • Fixed sounds, muzzleflashes etc on some weapons not playing in some cases.
  • Fixed SS1 key items displaying +1 when picked up.
  • Fixed incorrect HUD text when picking up a weapon for the first time.
  • Fixed exiting water, jumping and various other movement problems in VR.
  • Fixed some enemies having wrong reaction times, especially on crossover between melee and shooting range.
  • Mixed Reality now supports portrait camera mode. This makes it easier to fit a human actor inside the frame.
  • Fixed various smaller gameplay an visual issues in the levels.
  • Playerlist can now be invoked in VR multiplayer.
  • Some menu buttons in some menus were clipped. Fixed. (Most notably in Mixed Reality Wizard, Credits menu, etc)
As always, if you are finding this update to have problems, you can roll back to the old version using the "previousversion" beta.
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que movida Feb 16, 2017 @ 6:26am 
this is great news... if only we had some eta of SteamVR on linux... summer? fall? early 2018?

My vive is the only reason i had a w7 partition around... and hasnt seen much use lately tbh
NSKuber  [developer] Feb 16, 2017 @ 6:38am 
Great patch! Grabbed my Vive to test it immediately, but the game doesn't launch: Steam throws "cannot find executable" error.
AlenL Feb 16, 2017 @ 7:12am 
NSKuber... Doh! My bad, fixing in a moment!
AlenL Feb 16, 2017 @ 7:21am 
Ok, it should be ok now. It was a wrong setup on the steam content server backend. You will need to restart the Steam client for the change to appear for you. Please let me know whether it works now.
NSKuber  [developer] Feb 16, 2017 @ 7:42am 
I didn't restart anything now, just tried and it launched! Thanks!
AlenL Feb 16, 2017 @ 9:36am 
Excellent, thanks for the feedback!
Myuu Feb 16, 2017 @ 12:08pm 
Thank you for the huge update! Does the co-op player model include walking animations now (even though the player uses teleportation)? Something similar to Arizona Sunshine?
Last edited by Myuu; Feb 16, 2017 @ 12:13pm
AlenL Feb 16, 2017 @ 12:22pm 
Not yet. We are finalizing a brand new system for player animations that tracks hand positions correctly as well as does foot movements as you walk around the play area. It's quite involved since we didn't want to have a half-baked raw-IK system that puts arms in broken positions (badly twitching elbows, etc), but implemented a proper one that takes into account human biomechanics derived from a special dataset of plausible positions.
The system is almost done, but it takes some additional time because we need to re-target animations for different player models to a different skeleton and the like. But it should be done soon, hopefully in a week or two.
MasterAron Feb 16, 2017 @ 6:52pm 
Your commitment to support Linux is awesome. As soon as Valve releases SteamVR for Linux, you've got a sale.

Hint, hint... Valve... People are waiting to spend money.
noko Feb 17, 2017 @ 5:26am 
SLIVR is no longer working in this title - going into reprojection at times now and have to reduce settings. 1070 SLI. Will this be put back in?

AlenL Feb 17, 2017 @ 2:24pm 
That's weird. It should work. We will double-check it on Monday. Thanks for letting me know.
noko Feb 17, 2017 @ 8:13pm 
Downloaded and installed latest driver 377.68 rebooted and using nvidia activity indicator indicated second card inactive. I will recheck using outside program. Also tried sli indicator in drivers and got nothing, not sure though that the sli indicator works for SLIVR.
noko Feb 18, 2017 @ 1:07am 
SLIVR is working, just not showing in Nvidia own Display Activity Icon which indicates second gpu inactive. Running Gigabyte Extreme Gaming software shows second GPU around 70% active when 1st Encounter is running. So all good there.

In Dunes I notice it is harder to get to the top of the peaks lol, also the oasis with the 200 point life and shield can be reached, before I would die trying.

Performance wise I was around 6-8ms now I am around 10ms. It might be due to the level (Dunes) so not sure if any signficant difference in performance from the update.

I am about immune to any motion sickness now, level changes have zero effect, jumping up and down is not an issue, moving forward or backwards - turning with controller (which I use due to wire entanglement) slowly will make me somewhat uncomfortable over a long period of time but game is still fun to play I tend to use fast turns more then slow ones which helps.

I am really surprised how well the animations hold up in VR, it is a site to be seen when the Kleer's, Werebull, Biomechanoid are moving around as well as all the rest in the game!
EndeavourAccuracy Feb 22, 2017 @ 11:35am 
Originally posted by AlenL:
This is waiting for updated SteamVR for Linux to be released. Once that is out, we will enable the Linux download for all owners.

Is this live now? I do not yet see a SteamOS icon.
I personally haven't been able to get SteamVR to work on Linux yet, but I'd like to buy your game to show my support for your Linux work as soon as you've enabled the Linux download.
que movida Feb 22, 2017 @ 11:35am 
I havent been able to make steamvr work on linux yet either :(

im on it tho
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