Deep Rock Galactic
GSG - Mads  [developer] Mar 18 @ 8:14am
Change list for Experimental Build 25352
  • Fix Bulk Detonator attack for clients
  • Icon added for Pheromones state
  • [Mixer] Fix for confetti now spawning on client
  • Shield Generator tweaks
  • Nayaka Trawler sound update
  • Boss Health Bar "Death" animation update
  • Improved Nayaja Trawler particles
  • Grabber only screams if its target is valid
  • IFG particle revamp
  • Potential fix for Bosco being stuck not able to fire at enemies
  • Dreadnought back-armor material revamp
  • [Mixer] New colors for mixer shooter
  • Better attenuation for jukebox
  • Fix terrain scanner crash
  • Cave leech anim blueprint tweak and light/emissive head on and off timing
  • Fix det pack crash
  • Tweaked all the Glyphids blood particles. They are now much more visible
  • Nayaka Trawler spawns less often
  • Nayaka Trawler damage reduced
  • Fix for Nayaka Trawler going out of world
  • Cave leech animation tweaks
  • Fixed a bug causing sentry guns to locally display a max ammo count of 150 on clients when max ammo actually was 120.
  • Fix 2 Dreadnoughts can spawn in Point Extraction at the same time
  • Dreadnought's fireball damage reduced
  • Use coarser terrain carve for large explosions
  • Slow down of cave leech eating animation
  • Light on Warden is destroyed on death
  • Single sentry upgrade now also increases capacity and range
  • Defender System upgrade now uses a damage multiplier
  • Nayaka Trawler now bumps players around if they are hit by the fin, even when its not attacking
  • Nayaka Trawler can no longer jump when it has grabbed a player
  • Nayaka Trawler now drops players if it dies when it has grabbed a player
  • Tweaks to Dreadnought's behaviour, specially for solo play
  • Tweaked the Bulk Detonator warning particles
  • Dreadnought fireball tell is now slightly longer
  • ChatBox: Announcements are no longer red, they are now white and bold
  • Chatbox: System Messages now green and bold, general line height slightly lowered.
  • Mission success music
  • Fix Linecutter performance
  • Pheromones overlay GFX tweaked to be less intense
  • Added sound to boss health bar
  • Nayaka Trawler temperature resistance tweaks
  • Smooth loading bar
  • Only hide weapon in grabbed state
  • BET-C no longer turns into an unkillable murder machine if the parasites dies too quickly
  • Trawler's movement speed tweaks.Base health reduced
  • Fixed a bug that caused players with ironwill to not show as downed in their player portraits after dying
  • Area of effect of Dreadnought's egg projectile reduced
  • Fixed the shoulder on most animations.
  • Tweaked the heavy low jump animations.
  • Nayaka Trawler is now immune to damage while being completely submerged
  • Fix swarmer jumps
  • Fix Scout Grenade slowdown not working correctly
  • Nayaka Trawler on fire visual effects
  • Bulk Detonator now has decreased attack damage and a stronger damage dropoff
  • Scout Grenade FX tweaked
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ArcticEcho Mar 18 @ 10:34am 
"Defender System upgrade now uses a damage multiplier" what exactly does that mean?
StaQ Mar 18 @ 11:37am 
I really liked those swarmers jumping from another side of the cave :-)
GSG - Mads  [developer] Mar 19 @ 1:04am 
@arcticecho, instead of + 5.5 it is now x 3. :)
:O Oh wow, that's a big buff.
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