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Tenby Nov 7, 2017 @ 12:45am
Minion Masters Card Design Contest cooperation with Zgriptor!

How the contest works

  • From today onwards, you’ll have 2 weeks for you to think and carefully design your card
  • After that, every card goes into one big poll that lasts for 1 week
  • After all that, we begin the final voting period in which we pit against each other the Top3 cards from each category and this final voting process (5 days duration) will determine our grand winner that gets to join us in the great pan galactic warfare. Please note: BetaDwarf has the final say and provided card information is subject to change.

You’re basically only limited by your own imagination, but in order to not have this contest run forever, we decided to limit submissions to the following categories:

  • Melee
  • Ranged
  • Flying

How to submit

We want you to give as much information as possible for your submission. Please note, that we limit the submissions by 3 creations per category. That means, that every “participant” is allowed to submit a maximum of 9 creations (3 for each category).

Keep in mind, we currently only accept submissions for Melee, Ranged and Flying Minions, down below you have an example (made by Zgriptor) on how a proper submission should look like:

We’re aware, that not every submission can be that detailed. But we want to encourage you to submit ideas as polished as possible.


  • Name: Gorlax the Devourer
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Mana Cost: 7

Description/Mechanics: Gorlax is perhaps the deadliest variant of the boomer. Its special ability is that he can devour minions and if it is able to properly digest them they will increase its damage when exploding. Gorlax has a regular attack and an explosion “deathrattle” based on how many enemies he devoured. Gorlax also does not have an “egg” stage like most of the other boomers. Appearance wise it resembles a boomer only that it is bigger than a regular one, it is red in color and has a more prominent mouth that helps him to devour other beings.

  • HP: 500
  • Attack Damage: 50
  • Attack Speed: 2 Seconds (DPS = 25)
  • Speed: 7
  • Range: Basic Attack = Melee; Explosion = Special
  • Targets: Ground

*Explosion damage: 250 base + 50 more for each unit that he is able to get a “last hit” on (mechanic similar to Soul Stealer stacking attack speed) – Max. Explosion Damage = 500 (Caps after eating 5 minions). Explosion radius: 6 with a 0,5 increase for every minion devoured (Caps at 8,5 range).
*My thought process for this card: Gorlax works as a walking time bomb that feasts on small minions making a decent swarm counter and is also able to empower itself and pose a threat to tanky minions as well. Its high mana cost makes this card more reactionary to what the opponent is playing and its unique effect would deem it worthy of Legendary status.

* = additional/more detailed info about the mechanics or inner workings of the card.


Please keep in mind, that we can only accept submissions posted in this thread or on Reddit!

As a last note: please don’t discuss submissions here. You’re free to open an additional thread for your card, in order to discuss your creation with other users.

Now: let the ideas flow and submit you card designs!
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InsidiouS Nov 8, 2017 @ 2:53am 
[Card design contest] discipline Melle Spartans
Name: Spartans
Rarity: Legendary
Mana Cost: 7

Description/Mechanics: Spartans are known to be one of greatest warriors if not legendary to exist, fighting and beating many times battles in numbers favoring the enemy and their famus shield wall that dead stops even greatest pushes look at the Persians.
Shield wall when enemy gets close they form line to stop even units bigger than them so they cant push.
When enemys hit them they shield bash pushing them away dealing 10 dmg and mini stun for 0.5 sec.
Last special Spartan discipline the more units enemy has in the group radius the more resistance they gain from dmg two times more enemy units than them 10 % resistance 3 times more 15 % resistance caps at 25 %
Great for holding tight passes like bridges or a meatshield wall for master

HP: 250
Attack Damage: 30
Unit count:4
Attack Speed: 1.5 Seconds (DPS = 20)
Speed: 4
Range: Basic Attack = Melee;
Special= immunity to push and knockback, shield bash, Spartan discipline
Targets: Ground
Looking foward to feedback and any minor changes to fine tune it, if it is a solid design
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InsidiouS Nov 8, 2017 @ 3:05am 
[Card desing contest] discipline Melle Scrat sappers
Name: Scrat Sappers
Rarity: common
Mana Cost: 2
Description/Mechanics: a group of Lunatic scrats devoted to greater cause of blowing path for their comrades but considering they gone in depression their last will is to at least go in a bang.
They are fairly fast and mobile designed to make holes in walls or any structure dealing double damage to them or just making chaos in enemy ranks

HP: 20
Attack Damage: 50
Unit count:5
Attack Speed: 1 Seconds (DPS = 50)
Speed: 7
Range: Basic Attack = Melee;
Special= explosion that deals double damage to building and half to master
Targets: Ground aoe
Looking foward to feedback and any minor changes to fine tune it, if it is a solid design
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Lagart1xa Nov 8, 2017 @ 3:54am 
Name: Svein the Vengeful
Rarity: Epic
Mana cost: 9

Description/Mechanics: Svein is a “Undying Skeleton” the only difference is: he can die! Svein can die but he’ll not leave the enemy without some trouble, no, Svein is Vengeful.
After he dies, he left one Undying Skeleton who spawns after 15 seconds (that undying skeleton is the normal one, he’ll respawn after 25).
Svein is slow but he has a good health and a amazing deathrattle!
His appearance is a big skeleton with necromancer cloths (almost like the blastmancer) and as a weapon he uses a trunk tree.

Target: Ground
HP: 700
Attack Damage: 100
Attack Speed: 1,5 sec. (DPS: 66)
Speed: 2
Range: Basic Attack.
Targets: Ground

*My thought process for this card: Svein works as a Undying Skeleton Tanky, my idea for that card is to make one Tempo tanky where you dont need to support it you can throw it and just play another cards at another bridge. He’s a good counter for tanky minions because his Time Life with 3 spawns at one.
Of course the mana cost is high and the numbers are low, but this card dont need to be a colossus, like a said, my idea was to make a tempo card.
The_DovahNation Nov 8, 2017 @ 3:59am 
Name: Mother Of All Dragon
Rarity: Legendary
Mana Cost: 10

HP: 450
Attack Damage: 125
Attack Speed: 2 Seconds (DPS = 62,5)
Speed: 7
Range: Basic Attack = Melee
Targets: Air & Ground

Mother Dragon is the legendary mother of all dragons she is huge (bigger hitbox) and reign over the sky like the terror creature she is. When she dies she spawns 5 dragon eggs (a building with 150 hp that spawns dragon whelp after 3 seconds) where she died. She looks like a bigger and more elegant dragon whelp though her colour scheme is a bit darker.
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The_DovahNation Nov 8, 2017 @ 5:28am 
Name: Longbowmen
Rarity: Rare
Mana Cost: 3

Hp: 35
Attack Damage: 20
Attack Speed: 1 Second (20 DPS)
Speed: 4
Range: Basic Attack = 8
Targets: Ground & Air

Longbowmen are pretty much crossbow dudes with bows, AND MORE AWESOME!
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WinterSaber Nov 8, 2017 @ 5:35am 
Name: Xarion the Necromancer :Harvestor:
Rarity: Legendary
Mana Cost: 7

HP: 350
Attack Damage: 20% max HP against creatures, 25 against masters
Attack Speed: 1 Second
Speed: 5
Range: Basic Attack = Ranged;
Targets: Air & Ground

Description/Mechanics: Xarion studied necromancy for many centuries, and his knowelege allows him to decay his enemies, dealing damage that depends on their max hitpoints. Also all the creatures that are killed by him arise as zombies. Durable, but dealing low damage.

Zombie :lolskull:
HP: 600
Attack Damage: 35
Attack Speed: 2 Seconds (DPS = 17,5)
Speed: 5
Range: Basic Attack = Melee;
Targets: Ground
The_DovahNation Nov 8, 2017 @ 5:36am 
Name: Ranger
Rarity: Supreme
Mana Cost: 5

HP: 125
Attack Damage: 25
Attack Speed: 3 seconds (DPS = 25)
Speed: 4
Range: Basic Attack = 7
Targets: Ground & Air

The Ranger is an exceptional at sneaking up on her targets and fire arrows from her bow in fast succesion. The ranges basic attack is different from most other minions, 1st she aims at her target. 2nd she charges up for 3 seconds. 3rd she fires 3 arrows in fast succesion. She is also invisble while aiming. She looks a lot like Storm Ranger but female and simpler.
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MOMO Nov 8, 2017 @ 6:35am 
Name: Knight buff
Rarity: Rare
Mana Cost: 5

Description/Mechanics : Can be summon on a captured bridge. Stay on bridge, nullify any opponent 's spell and perk that effect the bridge.

HP: 450
Attack Damage: 70
Attack Speed: 2 second (35 dps )
Speed: 5
Range: Basic Attack = Melee
Targets: Ground

*My thought process for this card: A unit to protect the bridge and the minion (mostly buff) behind. Knight buff always is the first unit to clash with enemy when they step on bridge. He also shield all the minion on bridge from the thunder, dagger fall, burn the bridge and all the spell, perk that could harm them. This force opponent to use other minion card to fight him directly since spell do no damage.
Since he doesn't leave the bridge that mean his counter is other range unit. This card would requires you to combo it with other card, not just a free anti-spell minion.
GReY WolF Nov 8, 2017 @ 8:35am 

Cards summary:
Thread for cards discussion:

Flying minions(1)

Rarity: Legendary Mana Cost: 5 Type: Flying Minion
Description: Looks like just a dragon, but... it transforms into ground melee unit when hp drops below 300. Unbelievable!

While in dragon form:
Type: Flying Minion HP: 400 Attack Damage: 60 Attack Speed: 1.5 Seconds (DPS: 40) Speed: 7 Range: Melee Targets: Ground & Air

While in human form:
Type: Minion HP: 400 (same health pull as in previous form) Attack Damage: 60 Attack Speed: 1.5 Seconds (DPS: 40) Speed: 5 Range: Melee Targets: Ground

It's vampire-like unit, but instead of bat it have dragon form and more dragon beign oriented.

In dragon form: normal dragon with some differences and one of them is very big fangs, probably little different color scheme also.

In human form: vampire-like human with very big fangs and some dragon origin features, maybe even upgraded model of woman warrior. Attack animation can be piercing sword lunge(if will have sword) or a bite and claws attack(if doesn't have).

Card provides with melee unit that have 400 hp within 2 forms and 40 dps for 5 mana, in first form its a bit worse than normal Dragon and in second form a little bit better dps Warrior, but with less health. Card can have many uses in various situations and probably too good to be a legendary. Cannot be transformed back into the dragon form. Probably while resurrected by tombstone will appear in that form in which dies.

Trait: after reaching 300 hp mark or less transforms into ground minion after probably 1 second cast time, ground minion have different model, less speed, and can't attack air.

Melee minions(3)

Smargl the Crawling Stalker
Rarity: Legendary Mana Cost: 3 Type: Minion
Description: While no injured enemies nearby stays invisible and not attacking. But when he sences blood gains tripple movement speed and goes for hunt this target.

HP: 150 Attack Damage: 30 Attack Speed: 0.7 Seconds (DPS: 42.8) Speed: 3 Range: Melee Targets: Ground

Visual: Dark color swarmer, maybe model of invisible swarmers from Forced game.

Card provides with stealth unit, that ignoring any Minions with full health while he is invisible. Unstealhed for small duration upon taking damage like other invisers or when attacks (will attack buildings no matter of their health). While unstealthed will attack nearby target as any other normal unit. Gains 9 movespeed instead of 3 while sences injured enemy minion, but loses stealth at same time and rushes to attack it. Probably should always retarget to injured target even if already attacks building.
Card can create some unique combos and interactions, for example it can go to attack enemy master in invisibility ignoring all minions if they are at full health. Can create combo with Stormbringer where stalker goes for hunt target that was attacked by master. Can take a bridge and then return to defence to kill enemies if they were damaged right after that. While attacking enemy master can refocus to nearby injured enemy to finish it, helping other units to push safely. If the other hand have very little hp and can easily be killed.

Trait: invisible when not attacking or taking damage, gains tripple movement speed and lose invisibility while there is enemy minion with not full health in 18 radius around him, always focus(become taunted) to closest enemy minion with not full health in the same radius.

Demon Commander
Rarity: Legendary Mana Cost: 7 Type: Minion
Description: Becomes less and less powerfull, reducing health by 100 and damage by 30 whenever she is played.

HP: 1000 Attack Damage: 300 Attack Speed: 2.8 Seconds (DPS: 107.1), including 1.8 seconds delay before it actually attack Speed: 2 Range: Melee Targets: Ground

Visual: Demon Commander from Forced Showdown, basicaly Demon Warrior but with shield and mace, also maybe with banner on back or something else for difference. It's inverse version of Demon Warrior, that spawn giant for a first time, but become less and less after each play.

Card provides with upgraded, more powerful version of Blue Golem when played for a first time, also works as "cleaver alternative" with 300 health hits, but for a second time she already have slightly less dps than Blue Golem, but still a bit more health, for a third time it's absolutely not worth it to play this card in compare to Blue Golem. So this card is 1-2 times use card(for a full power), and then becomes just load in hand, so must be used wisely. Level caps at 10, providing with a 100 hp, 30 damage card for a 7 mana.
List of stats by card level:
1) 1000, 300(107)
2) 900, 270(96)
3) 800, 240(85)
4) 700, 210(75)
5) 600, 180(64)
6) 500, 150(53)
7) 400, 120(42)
8) 300, 90(32)
9) 200, 60(21)
10) 100. 30(10)

Trait: Starts at 1000 health and 300 damage, reduce hp by 100 and damage by 30 each time card was played.

Rarity: Supreme Mana Cost: 6 Type: Minion
Description: Constantly roots nearby enemies around itself, while dealing 10 damage to them every 1 second.

HP: 700 Attack Damage: 75 Attack Speed: 2.5 Seconds (DPS: 30, DPS with trait: 40), including 1.5 seconds delay before it actually attack Speed: 3 Range: Melee Targets: Ground

Visual: High height ent(like blue golem height, but less wide), stylisticaly something like branches on healing shrine.

Card provides with a fast enough high health tank unit, that prevents enemy ground minions from movement, countering such cards like Rammer and Living Statue and dealing aoe damage to swarms.

Trait: 2 radius area around minion, that roots(like Snake Druid does) for 1 second and deals 10 damage every second to enemy minions within it. While Ent stunned trait deactivated for its duration.

Ranged minions(2)

Skeleton Archer
Rarity: Common Mana Cost: 4 Type: Minion
Description: Tough, but slow ranged minion. Pretty resistant to spell attacks.

HP: 250 Attack Damage: 60 Attack Speed: 2.4 Seconds (DPS: 25), including 1.2 seconds delay before it actually attack Speed: 4 Range: 8 Targets: Ground & Air

Visual: just a skeleton with bow.

Card provides with a slow, tough range unit with low dps, that can survive most spells and pretty amount of attacks.

1 on 1 versus another cards, starting at max range:
Easily kills Crossbow Dudes, Plasma marines, Dragon Whelp, Soul Stealer(no stacks).
Kills, but almost dies from Cannon Roller, Dragon Whelp, Undying Skeleton, Annihilator.
Kills each other: Drone Walker, Fire Imp.
Dies from Warrior, Succubus.

Missile Tank
Rarity: Supreme Mana Cost: 6 Type: Minion
Description: Heavy Anti-Air machine that shot rockets from high range. Explodes for 200 damage when destroyed.

HP: 450 Attack Damage: 75 Attack Speed: 1.2 Seconds (DPS: 62.5), including 1 seconds delay before it actually attack Speed: 3 Range: 12 Targets: Air

Visual: Missile Tank from Forced Showdown game, same model.

Card provides with an air counter tanky minion, even if no air units is present its usefull with dealing aoe damage on explosion. It constanly moves until reach enemy master if no air minions in radius. If attacked by melee minions it's very likely that they will be punished with explosion, while range units can avoid this if placed properly and timed correctly. When reach enemy master it's stay there and "tank" attacks, then dealing some damage on death.

Trait: dealing 200 AOE damage around it on death in 4 radius area.
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Tanos Nov 8, 2017 @ 8:46am 
Name: Destroyer
Rarity: Legendary
Mana Cost: 8

Description/Mechanics : When the Destroyer gets 10% units of damage, it increases damage by 10% and attack speed by 5%. Yeah, he doesn't like to lose.

HP: 1200
Attack Damage: 150
Attack Speed: 2,5 second (60 DPS)
Speed: 5
Range: Basic Attack = Melee
Targets: Ground

*Appearance: the demon in the lava armor with a fiery sword.

*My thought process for this card: first, the Destroyer is not so dangerous. But then, he becomes a formidable opponent and he must quickly get rid of. Useful for the assault and divert attention. But a riot, and the Destroyer is a lethal combination. For example: when health 600, attack: 225, attack speed: 1,875 second (120 DPS). When you restore the Destroyer 10% units of health, it reduces attack by 10% and attack speed by 5%. (Note: works when the Destroyer incomplete health) It will bring balance to this card.

Name: Nightmare
Rarity: Supreme
Mana Cost: 4

Description/Mechanics : When Nightmare dies, it reduces the value of his card by 1. You can reduce the cost to zero

HP: 150
Attack Damage: 60
Attack Speed: 1,5 second (40 DPS)
Speed: 6
Range: Basic Attack = Melee
Targets: Ground

*Appearance: a black horse with red eyes and a fiery mane.

*My thought process for this card: the real price Nightmare 3, but he has a unique ability, and its cost can be reduced to zero. If your deck is a few cards Nightmare, one Nightmare reduces the cost of exactly one card. This card is great for late game, also good for massive attack, if you have 3 or 2 card Nightmare. Flexible ability. You can come up with many combinations. Suitable for a mage.
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dragtom Nov 8, 2017 @ 9:13am 
Webcaster Tarantula
We are in the middle of the Halloween event, and I noticed a distinct lack of spiders.
And what are spiders best at? That's right, catching flies.

Webcaster Tarantula is a slightly weak warrior, except it comes with a special attack.
The special attack targets only flying minions, in a short range(4).
Doing so will cause the flying minion to be dragged in melee range (0.4) and to be covered in a web: it will be stuck to the ground for 6 seconds, unable to move. It can still attack, though.
During this time, it loses flying for all purposes. Afterwards it will fly again.
Webcaster Tarantula will proceed with regular attacks on the target. Each attack will reset the 6 second timer.

name: Webcaster Tarantula Description: A fat spider capable of webbing flying minions to the ground. cost: 4 rarity: rare count: 1 health: 300 ---normal attack--- target: ground damage: 50 dps: 33.33 attack speed: 1.5 pre-attack delay: 08 post-attack delay: 0.2 speed: 5 range: 0.4 ---special attack--- target: air damage: 50 dps: 33.33 attack speed: 1.5 pre-attack delay: 08 post-attack delay: 0.2 speed: 5 range: 4 The special attack will web a flying target and drag it towards itself, leaving a 0.4 range. A webbed minion cannot move and can be targeted as though it is a ground minion. The minion will be webbed for 6 seconds. Webcaster Tarantula's attacks reset this timer.
Webcaster Tarantula will be able to defeat a warrior, but only with 20 hp remaining.
It's hp is chosen so that a sufficiently big swatter(read: cleaver) can still make short work of it.

Webcaster Tarantula is a fat spider. The legs are made from 3 components. Each part has 2 bands of the team's colour. The height of the body is about half that of a warrior.
The tarantula has relatively small fangs that do not move at all.

During the regular attack,each leg stays at the same position on the ground.
Webcaster Tarantula will slowly 'lean' back, and then suddenly 'dash' forward to use it's fangs for the attack.

During the special attack, counting from the front, the spider will have it's 2nd legs almost stretched, standing on it. The 4th legs will be folded under it. Compare to how a dog sits.
The 1st and 3rd legs are quickly moving under it's body, 'knitting' a net from the web.
When the pre-attack delay is over, it uses those legs to throw the web over the victim, and then quickly uses a thread to pull the flyer towards itself. The target will move in a straight line- both vertical and horizontal at the same time.

I think there is room in the game for anti-flying creatures.
So far all flyers are squishy, since ranged dps should make quick work of them. With the addition of this card, among with other spiders, an archetype of flying tank could at some point be included.

I have decided to call this a melee minion, since it only has a special attack that has a (short) range- and the special attack puts the target in range. Exactly like Prowler.

I am not sure about the rarity of the card (rare or supreme?).
The stats are also just an educated guess.
Perhaps you would know better how to balance it- please let me know how you'd go with this idea - here!
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The_DovahNation Nov 8, 2017 @ 9:27am 
Name: Motivating Scrat
Rarity: Common
Mana Cost: 4

HP: 45
Attack Damage: 10
Attack Speed: 1,5 Seconds
Speed: 7
Range: Basic Attack = Melee
Targets: Ground

The motivating scrat is an scrat that motivates ALL scrats by giving them the "Motivated" buff it gives +15% attack speed +1 speed.
Looks just like a normal scrat in a blue dragon suit.
The_DovahNation Nov 8, 2017 @ 9:34am 
Name: Cloud Puff
Rarity: Supreme
Mana Cost: 2

HP: 10
Attack Damage: 0
Attack Speed: 0
Range: Basic Attack = none
Targets: none

The cloud puff is probably the softest of the puffs it looks like a cloud with a tounge and small cloud wings. When it reaches a bridge it gives ALL flying minions a +2 speed buff.
The_DovahNation Nov 8, 2017 @ 9:45am 
Name: Big Shi-Hou
Rarity: Rare
Mana Cost: 6

HP: 850
Attack Damage: 45
Attack Speed: 2 seconds (DPS = 22,5)
Speed: 3
Range: Basic Attack = Melee
Targets: Ground

A big Gorilla A bit fat though with the tranquil shi-hou clothes without the hat and staff and a drum on it belly. When he hits 50% he self inflicts curse and gives himslef frenzy after an animation where he drums his belly drum.
The_DovahNation Nov 8, 2017 @ 10:04am 
Name: Demonic Rider
Rarity: Legendary
Mana Cost: 7

HP: 425
Attack Damage: 60
Attack Speed: 1 second
Speed: 9
Range: Basic Attack = 10 Special = 8
Targets: Ground & Air
It's appearance is that of an "Nuckelavee" with a more child friendly twist so it fits into the Forced universe better.
It attacks by extending his arms and slashing at his target with his claws and when it dies it let's out a terrifying shriek that inflicts fear to enemy minions for 5 seconds.
The fear effect gives -50% damage and + 1 speed.
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