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Cykyria  [developer] Oct 3, 2017 @ 3:33am
Gameplay - helpful hints and tricks
We have observed some players having difficulties at a few spots in the game.

Here we will post some helpful hints and tricks to help novice players.

  • You can destroy them. Just shoot them.
  • Once they are tracking you and shooting at you, take cover and hide. They will loose track of you and return to sentry mode.
  • There are blind spots. Find them.

Virtual Reality roomscale
  • Use the space of your chaperone to quickly move YOUR BODY
  • Don't just stand there and let the bots hit you!
  • Crouch, move, take cover, get up, change positions, lean to the side from behind a crate...

Coins / Powerups
  • If you kill a bot with a headshot, there's a chance it will drop a coin.
  • There are coins that make your weapons stronger. Or recharge the guns faster.
  • Collect those coins. They are vital for your survival.

  • To use the grenades first collect a coin with a grenade, dropped by every 10th headshot. Then stretch out your arm and touch the holographic grenade. Hold the trigger to activate it, throw and release the trigger - BOOM!

Score, score, score!
  • This game is about your SCORE!
  • You loose your score if you get killed, and the level restarts
  • HOWEVER, if you make a checkpoint (destroy a holoboard!), you KEEP your score when you die
  • If you have a checkpoint (a destroyed holoboard!), and you die, you respawn at the position of the checkpoint
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