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BISB  [developer] Aug 7, 2019 @ 1:38pm
Remote Console Set Up
Remote Console Overview
The remote console allows server administrators to execute server commands without being present in the game, they can load up the console in the web browser on their phone and quickly issue a ban, or announce a message to players.

To access your remote console, you will need to make sure your web server port is open. You will also want to make sure your router is routing the port to your machine correctly. The default remote console port and authentication info is as follows:


Do note that your game.ini may be blank and not contain the values above. That is intended, the defaults are bundled with the game server, you would only paste in alternative values to your game.ini if you wish to override these values.

Once you have configured your settings, restart your server. Companies such as G-Portal support remote console and already have the RCON port open and specified for you.

To connect, simply open a browser and enter [Server IP]:[RCON PORT]. If your server IP were and the RCON port were 8889, you would enter into your web browser. This will bring you to a login screen, simply enter the credentials above. NOTE: It is highly recommended that you modify your login credentials and avoid unauthorized high level access to your server.

Once authenticated, you can use the “list” or “help” command to receive a list of all supported RCON commands.

Extending and Customizing the Console
The remote console supports the use of RESTful commands and the console source itself is able to be modified by the server owner. This means a server owner could create a UI with buttons if they prefer rather than entering commands into a console window.

To modify your console window source, navigate to:
[Server Directory]\Citadel\Content\WebServerRoot

Here you can find all of the html/javascript source currently used to interact with the game server. A custom, reskinned or redesigned remote console can be made, used and redistributed freely amongst the community.

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DJDosKiller Feb 19, 2020 @ 7:17am 
Can't use rcon client. Only website. My Server manager can't save the files and the shutdown. :/
Or an example for the REST api.
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