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seasons and world adventures doesn't new town or neighborhoods?
i just bought seasons and world adventures but those DLC or expansion packs doesn't have a new town or neighborhoods. why? how do i get new neighborhoods.
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cruinne Apr 24, 2018 @ 4:52am 
Expansion Packs (EPs) can come with new home neighborhoods, destinations, or nothing in that vein at all. Neighborhoods are the new worlds your Sim lives in day-to-day. Destinations are places they just visit temporarily.

Seasons has no additional neighborhood. World Adventures has three destinations your Sim can visit - use the phone and plan a vacation to travel to these places.

EPs that come with new neighborhoods to play:
  • Ambitions (Twinbrook)
  • Island Paradise (Isla Paradiso)
  • Late Night (Bridgeport)
  • Pets (Appaloosa Plains)
  • Showtime (Starlight Shores)
  • Supernatural (Moonlight Falls)

EPs that come with new destinations to visit:
  • Into the Future (Oasis Landing)
  • University Life (Sims University)
  • World Adventures (Al Simhara, Champs les Sims, and Shang Simla)

If you register your base game at, you gain access to the Riverview neighborhood. The Sims 3 store also has a number of other worlds that can be bought. Note that you can often find Dragon Valley and Roaring Heights worlds for sale in disk or code form considerably cheaper than the pack from the Sims 3 Store, but it's really just codes you register at the store then can download them to your game. (In fact, I got both together on sale for about $14 total from Walmart online.)

    (While you cannot mix Steam version with EPs and SPs bought other places, worlds are a different story and can be bought anywhere then downloaded from the store to your Steam game.)

Finally! There are a number of sites that have user-made worlds that you can download and install. Two of my favorites are and .
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thanks for the info
Heipera Apr 24, 2018 @ 6:31am 
if you had reg. your sims game in sims store and have a origin acount.
if origin says you own World Adventures you´ll have the home town called adventure land but it looks like Sunset Valley but with other names.
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