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Jimbly  [developer] Mar 22, 2017 @ 5:57pm
I'll update this thread with each new build of Splody indicating what is changed and what bugs are fixed.

After a new build is released, it usually takes 5-10 minutes before it trickles out to all logged in Steam users, so if you get an error message about having too old of a version to play online, either wait a few minutes or restart Steam and you'll immediately get the latest patch.
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Jimbly  [developer] Mar 22, 2017 @ 6:22pm 
2017-03-21 - v1.0.213 - Gold Master

2017-03-22 - v1.0.217 - Hotfixes
  • Fix rare crash placing a bomb in the last few milliseconds before starting a new match in online multiplayer (happened to/found by Blue, thanks for uploading a crash report!)
  • Fix rare crash dealing with kicked bombs and powerup spawning in online multiplayer (happened to/found by iTheGreek, thanks for uploading a crash report!)
  • Fix players with non-ASCII names showing up with an empty display name (now at least get "?")
  • Recommend Medium maps by default for 4 players
  • Do not recommend Mount Control game mode if there are 3 or more bots and 5 or more players
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Jimbly  [developer] Mar 23, 2017 @ 8:19pm 
2017-03-23 - v1.0.219 - Online Multiplayer Fixes
  • Fix for being unable to kick a bomb after the first attempted kick failed due to a remote player moving into a blocking position simultaneously with the kick (bug credit: Dangerous Beans)
  • Fix rare crash running a dedicated server with Player Start set to Random/SERIES (happened to/found by Van_Din, thanks for uploading a crash report!)
  • Fix Player Start set to Random/SERIES spawning players in invalid locations when using a maplist (cannot always spawn in the same location on every map
  • Fix network latency causing death by wall closing in to be non-deterministic (under extreme cases, it could say someone won on one client and it was a draw on the other client)
  • Fix death by wall closing in not always stopping as soon as its down to one living player (now it should, plus network latency time)
  • Do not declare a match as "Perfect" if you won by default because all other players disconnected
Jimbly  [developer] Mar 26, 2017 @ 2:41pm 
2017-03-26 - v1.0.221 - Hotfix
  • Fix servers sometimes getting stuck if people exit during the warmup phase.
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Jimbly  [developer] Mar 28, 2017 @ 7:02pm 
2017-03-28 - v1.0.222 - Usability Updates
  • Show player names and level name for a moment after viewing the scores screen / pressing LB
  • Line bomb now requires not moving between the two bomb placement taps (prevents accidental line bombs when running and placing bombs quickly)
  • Line bomb can now be activated when standing on another's bomb (any double-tap, if the space in front of you is empty, triggers a line bomb)
  • Fixed prediction issue with line bombs that sometimes left the client thinking it had more or fewer bombs left available once the dust had settled
  • Added a separate status icon for "viewing scores/menus" and "chatting", so a player who opens the Escape menu to quit is not confused for one chatting
  • Status icon graphical touchup
  • Show spawn point order in the level editor, clicking an existing spawn point moves it up in the order
  • Did a pass on all levels to make sure the first 8 spawn points are ordered in a reasonable manner, making the "Fixed" player spawn option much more useful now
  • More quickly resolve mispredict when you place a bomb immediately after picking up a remote bomb powerup
  • Fix for a kicked bomb moving into your square because the server did not yet know you were there, client now snaps back out of the square, and bomb should stop in that square
  • Fix for kick effect playing multiple times when running faster than a bomb and following the moving bomb
  • Fix incorrect powerup names in the level editor (Bug credit: Kalt)
  • Fix long server names not formatting correctly in the server browser (Bug "credit": "The Real Grasshopper's Server"
  • Fix long steam friend names not formatting correctly in the "Friends Online" screen
  • Fix erroneous warnings about out of bounds positions showing up on server consoles
  • Fix local AIs playing bomb kick sound (but remote AIs and remote players were not)
Jimbly  [developer] Mar 30, 2017 @ 11:38am 
2017-03-30 - v1.0.224 - Large Players
  • Fix fatal server crash reporting player statistics when there are more than 15-20 players and spectators in a match (bug credit: Proton Jon)
  • Fix long player names not formatting right in the Series Results screen
  • Work around various programs stomping on Splody's textures while recording/streaming (was causing effects like white rectangle around explosions, FPS to show up on random objects, black square for a bomb)
  • Hide IP of official servers from pause menu (streamers worried about DoS attacks while streaming)
  • Further reduce frequency of Mr Wilhelm's vocal appearance
  • Tweak color names
  • Prevent identical Value (for white/black colors) similar to how identical Hue is protected
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Jimbly  [developer] Apr 3, 2017 @ 4:19pm 
2017-04-03 - v1.0.228 - Run-Time Options
  • Allow the Audio/Controls/Graphics options menu at run-time in both local and online games
  • Allow changing the number of bots in a game at run-time - decreasing the count will remove bots immediately, increasing the count will add bots when the next game starts (exactly like players disconnecting/connecting)
  • Fix some stalls the first time some interface textures are loaded
  • Fix for player names of dead players popping up after viewing scores
  • Fix for player names not being visible on kill/death
  • Fix case where client or server crashes may not get reported to Dashing Strike
  • Better fit large spectator lists on the scores/pause screen
  • Fix long player names not fitting in player Stats view
Jimbly  [developer] Apr 6, 2017 @ 6:03pm 
2017-04-06 - v1.0.230 - Fixes and Minor Tweaks
  • Actually fix some loading stalls that I claimed were fixed a while ago (there was a stall the first time seeing the "Press B to detonate" help text)
  • Reset the countdown when adding/removing bots when exiting the Choose Player screen in local multiplayer, matching the online multiplayer behavior
  • Fix volume sliders getting snapped to 5% when adjusting them with the mouse
  • Make it easier to disable powerups in the Level Editor (blank entries now turns into "0" instead of "default")
  • Fix Mount powerup not showing up in Level Editor's Powerups configuration
  • Fix advertising incorrect dedicated server address when connecting to the internet through a proxy that adds an X-Forwarded-For header to our requests
  • Fix pause menu sometimes obscuring the score screen
  • Fix potential crash entering options menu in online multiplayer when certain options differ from the options set on the server
Jimbly  [developer] Apr 7, 2017 @ 3:45pm 
2017-04-07 - v1.0.231 - Simplify Minimum Players -> Bots
  • Show a bot count instead of minimum players count
  • Rearranged +/- bot buttons to be next to the bots and accessible without starting the countdown
  • Change pause menu to use plus/minus for bot count
  • Revoke "room leader" status if someone goes idle in Choose Player screen
Jimbly  [developer] Apr 11, 2017 @ 1:21pm 
2017-04-11 - v1.0.232 - Player Stat Tracking
  • Track suicides separate from kills in player stats (still summed on in-game score screens though)
  • Other backend changes to better support leaderboards (coming soon)
Jimbly  [developer] Apr 14, 2017 @ 2:02pm 
2017-04-14 - v1.0.235 - Balance Changes
  • Visuals: Push back smoke Z-order so that it is always behind gameplay relevant objects (e.g. bombs)
  • Balance: Add longevity to destroyed blocks (they will last as long as a flame, so it's safe to run into one when there is a flame on the other side)
  • Balance: Mount Control - consistent number of mounts per level (1-3 depending on number of players)
  • Balance: Mount Control - remove suicide penalty after game has progressed for 2 minutes
  • Balance: Mount Control - avoid choosing wide open levels
  • Visuals: Added seasonal Easter egg
  • Visuals: Cleaned up poor tint mask around the star on the Commando's helmet
  • Fix changing cornering controls setting not applying during a game
Jimbly  [developer] May 25, 2017 @ 3:06pm 
2017-05-25 - v1.1.245 - Update 1 - Blast to the Top!
  • Add Ratings and Ranking (Leaderboards)
  • Change orbital bombers to Ghost Bombers, give them feedback and make them more responsive
  • New graphics themes: Forest and Caves
  • New option: Bomb Animation, allows a better tell for when a bomb is about to explode
  • On the series results screen, show all players that participated at some point in the series, not just those still connected
  • Steam Music Player integration see docs[www.splody.com] for details
  • New Team Mode: Humans vs Bots
  • Visuals: Add slight shadow around the border of all graphics themes
  • Visuals: Add graphics option for 33% smaller characters
  • Add a second 30-second timer to start matches when the majority of players are ready, even if some are still outside the ready zone, or intentionally resetting the 5-second timer
  • On the Choose Player screen, allow the Room Leader to kick players (either set them as a spectator if they appear to be AFK, or boot them from the server)
  • New music track: Facemelter
  • Chat: Allow copying messages to clipboard by right clicking
  • Chat: Make URLs clickable
  • Chat: Add timestamps to messages (in tooltip)
  • Audio: Replace Speed Up powerup sound
  • Audio: Fix Golden Flame powerup not having a sound
  • Chat: Included recent messages when you connect to a server
  • Fix bot pathing issue causing them to suicide unreasonably often in Cubbies
  • Fix bots overzealously trying to walk through walls when there is as mount on the other side of a wall
  • Fix bots going the wrong initial direction when trying to do a knight-move to safety, causing them to often trap themselves
  • Fix bots in team modes jumping around when they have only one person to target
  • Fix bots not working if added at run-time when match start delay is set to "0s"
  • Fix erroneous warp trails when starting a new online game when match start delay is set to "0s"
  • Fix players and corpses ending up on edges of conveyors after going around corners
  • Fix Commando being a few inches shorter when walking left/right compared to up/down
  • Fix occasional stall when loading a conveyor belt level for the first time
  • Fix remote bomb hint not showing up in Mount Control after you respawn but still had a remote bomb placed on the board
  • Optimize conveyor placement algorithm to reduce level start times
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Jimbly  [developer] May 26, 2017 @ 11:41am 
2017-05-26 - v1.1.246 - Fix Scheme Cycle
  • Fix Scheme Cycle: Each Series not working as intended (bug credit: Waltz)
Jimbly  [developer] Jun 1, 2017 @ 5:01pm 
2017-06-01 - v1.1.248 - Bot Difficulty and Other New Options
  • Add Bot difficulty settings - Easy/Medium/Hard bots may be selected from in-game, or a mix can be specified by enabling multiple in the settings/server_settings file
  • New Controls option: Tile Snapping to adjust what range (borders) of a tile cause you to slide back towards the center of a tile to make it more clear which grid cell a character is in
  • New remote bomb options: unlimited and one simultaneous per powerup
  • Suppress controller input for 400ms after entering level select (all players who were pressing buttons) or the bot setup/pause menu (all players other than the one that pressed Start)
  • Remove some not-so-large levels from the "large" maplist
  • Do not generally start games when the room leader is in the pause or bot setup menu
  • Remember level selection choices between serieses if the number of players has not changed
  • Add command /start to start a local game without any humans (just configured bots)
  • Fix font rendering artifacts at large resolutions and non-standard aspect ratios
  • Fix Bots which were on disconnected player's systems showing up as "(null)" in end of game results
  • Fix avatar placement on score screen when there are large numbers of players
  • Fix sound not muting when losing focus on certain screens (e.g. How to Play)
  • Fix series results screen score lines sometimes extending out of frame
  • Fix powerups sometimes spawning outside level area during final level is closing in phase
  • Fixed detonating a remote bomb after the second to last player has been killed (locally) before the game has ended (remotely) causing the explosion to stick around on the Series Results screen
  • Fix unable to reduce bot count in Humans vs Bots mode when a player is active in local multiplayer (bug credit: Stefan1200)
  • Fix game rendering shifting/popping when entering/leaving the pause screen in online multiplayer due to chat window being hidden
Jimbly  [developer] Jun 2, 2017 @ 11:27am 
2017-06-02 - v1.1.249 - Minor bug fixes
  • Preload all graphics schemes to reduce stalls when switching levels
  • Change text from "Please select a level" to "Please select game options" and related (bug credit: Waltz)
  • Skin graphics menu to look like other menus (finally getting me to get around to it credit: Waltz)
  • Fix burning blocks and network sync sometimes causing holes to appear outside the level
  • Fix font spacing on spectator list
  • Fix "ERROR: Unable to get raw input device name" pop-up probably from Razer keyboards (bug credit: Lucifer)
  • Fix formatting of long string options ("One simultaneous per powerup") (bug credit: Waltz)
Jimbly  [developer] Jun 3, 2017 @ 10:02am 
2017-06-03 - v1.1.253 - Steam Link and Custom Level Fixes
  • In Steam Big Picture Mode, forcibly look for new joysticks when at the Controller Test or Choose Player screens (because Steam Link does not advertise new controllers)
  • Fix for controller confusion with Steam Link when adding/removing controllers - Use stupider controller identification logic for anything with a Valve Vendor ID since the Steam Link erroneously provides identical identifiers for all controllers
  • Fix crash when the previous room leader has a custom level set which does not exist on the new room leader's computer
  • Fix Bot Setup menu highlighting as if it's active when a remote player walks by it
  • Fix error when playing online multiplayer with someone who has modded character assets
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