3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey

3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey

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Modify and extend your Space Adventures with Mods. Add new ships, guns or characters. Extend the game's story or change it completely. The possibilities are as endless as space itself!
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3030 Deathwar Redux - The Nanobot Conspiracy (Big Modding Update!)
  • Made all game files easily read- and modifiable
  • Added Modding Manager to Main Menu to easily de/activate mods
  • Added Mod Uploader tool to upload mods to Steam Workshop
  • Added new billboard ships around stations
  • Added new parallax effects on stations
  • Added player casting shadow from stars and stations
  • Added new orbiting lanes for smaller ships around stations
  • Added traffic lanes for smaller ships between stations
  • Added display of weapon stats on upgrade screen
  • Added recharge indicator for weapon cooldown
  • Added new enemy type to derelicts
  • Added tractor beam being drawn during split
  • Added fuel display on HUD below hull strength
  • Lowered mid-tier missile cost and slightly adjusted damage
  • Made pirate ships aggro sooner based on your kill count
  • Added image for each missiles
  • Added background for circuit fixing mini-game
  • Removed pilot image for Cleaner ships
  • Made Gamepad options show name of connected controller
  • Added selection of active Gamepad if there is more than one
  • Made pressing A on Gamepad always also work as selector, even in space
  • Added better sound effect for refueling and negative sound if not possible
  • Added option for screenshake strength
  • Added new message for trying to talk to dead characters
  • Added slight forward motion when collecting fuel, and added sound effect
  • Added occasional special animation on Trade and Mission consoles
  • Added fitting music track during final battle
  • Added exploding shell from Ion Cannon

Fixes / Improvements
  • Fixed Proximity lights on stations when player aproaches
  • Improved spawn locations of small ships around stations
  • Tweaked some gun sounds, mostly quieter and added fade
  • Improved info from low fuel reminder upgrade
  • Lowered threshold for low fuel reminder to pop up
  • Fixed tech level for high-level afterburners
  • Reduced range of high-tech comms upgrade
  • Spelling fixes in dialogues and cutscenes
  • Fixed docking fee being deducted on planets
  • Fixed non-music files in music folder leading to rare game crash
  • Fixed Wingmen moving jerkily when player is outside system
  • In Act 8 renamed wrong equipment markers for clarity
  • Fixed player being able to engage split during conversation
  • Fixed docking or convos being canceled by clicking on targets
  • Fixed multiple shots sometimes causing multiple deaths of same ship
  • Made reloading savegame also load pirates waiting to attack you outside
  • Added an option for no speed particles

And before we forget, to celebrate the Modding Update, we're also going to have our biggest discount yet! The game is going to be discounted 34% for a full week from now on. So if you know anyone who would like to join Kent and his Crew for some Space Adventuring, now is the time to tell them!

As always, we really appreciate all of your support! You guys are the reason the game has gone this far and your feedback, bug reports and suggestions are what made this version of the game possible! <3

With this update, we're really trying to spread word about the game again. Every Steam review, Retweet, post or mention of the game helps us out immensely, and we're very thankful for it!! We're currently trying to reach 500 reviews, which would push us into the "Overwhelmingly Positive" category. Let's see if this update can help us get there! :)

As always, you're welcome to join us on our Discord channel, to chat and hangout:

And you can keep up to date what's going on with us and the game on our Twitter:

3030 Deathwar Redux - Modding Update coming soon and new Subtitle