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Destinations Update: October 28, 2016
New Content
  • Added Jam Session Destination
  • Added Cannon Wars Destination
  • Added Tower Bridge Destination
  • Added new locked props
  • Added a new locked avatar
  • Updated prop materials and surface properties
  • Updated avatar materials

Updated UI
  • Simplified in-game tutorials for both Vive and Rift
  • New Dashboard in Destinations Menu with current status and quick access to common actions
  • Added a new Get More section, allowing players to browse and subscribe to popular Destinations from inside the menu
  • Quicker access to create, join, and leave Public Rooms
  • Moved Avatar color customization into the Avatar panel
  • Added color gradients to color sliders in the Avatar customization panel
  • Added indicators on player billboards and player info to indicate who is the host of the room

For Content Creators
  • Added new model override hand attachment to allow temporarily changing the hands to other models
  • Added script methods on hands: AddHandModelOverride, RemoveHandModelOverride, and RemoveAllHandModelOverrides
  • Triggers can now react to hands (set the trigger to react to all, and filter by classname=prop_vr_hand)
  • Added GetPlayer and GetHandID script methods to prop_vr_hand
  • New documentation for using Destinations Workshop Tools on the Destinations Wiki

Content creators: If avatars are unlit and props aren't properly colliding with geometry in your Destinations, make sure to go through this Destinations Checklist to ensure you have lighting and collision properly set up.

Destinations is compatible with any HMD that is supported by OpenVR, including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. If you are using a gamepad, make sure the Destinations game window is selected on your PC while using Destinations.

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