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New Creature Builder Features!
New Builder Features
  • Creatures now emote and look around while in build mode! This gives you a glimpse into their personality and lets you see how they’ll move before you exit the builder. (Plus, it’s just fun!)

“You want to put feathers where!?”
  • Creature’s stamina will not deplete while in build mode, so it won’t get hungry while you’re editing
  • Rigidity settings are now saved in undo/redo states
  • When clicking off a creature while Lock Selection Mode is active, your current selection will be deselected (instead of generating new blocks in mid-air)
  • Background blurring re-enabled so you can focus on what you’re building
  • And if you haven’t tried it out yet, we’ve also recently added better rotation and more block sizes for all animal types. Building has never been better!
Creature Behavior Improvements
  • Creatures will now get happy and excited when pet (in addition to the facial emotes)
  • Creatures will now back up and give space when you walk very close to them
  • Creatures will no longer look back through themselves when observing the environment
  • Friendly creatures will no longer do a death spin when the player walks on their backs or dismounts from a saddle
  • Spawning a creature from the collection now assembles it block by block
  • The creature AI sleeping priority has been reduced for wild creatures
  • General whistle commands are no longer applied to creatures powering mills (so they won’t stop working while you’re commanding your other creatures)
  • However, mill creatures will stop working if the player is attacked or the creature is attacked directly
  • Reduced creature animation stutter when colliding with another creature
  • You can now assign a creature to an empty mill without having to unassign it first
  • Reviving a creature now starts at 100% energy
Quality of Life Improvements
  • You can now load prior saved game backups from in the game mode. (Hit [ESC] in game to see the option.) This helps in situations where save data is broken and you want to revert to an old version of your game.
  • Life Blocks no longer litter your inventory in Creative mode when removing them from a creature in the builder
  • The loot sack spawn distance has been increased so you can see it from further away
  • Added a field for contact info to the in-game feedback tool so we can contact you if you’re requesting help or more info is needed
  • Added party menu key bindings to messages
  • Added a new set of images/backgrounds to the loading screen rotation
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed game state breaking bug involving items and sacks
  • Fixed possible ways to break a new game before building a creature in Adventure
  • Fixed an issue with creature AI and saddles that would cause it to freeze
  • Fixed creature spinning for clients in multiplayer
  • Clients will no longer get an infinite loading screen on death in multiplayer
  • Treadmill animation fixes for clients in multiplayer
  • Treadmill assignment fixes for clients in multiplayer
  • Physics layer fixes for when a client builds a creature in multiplayer
  • Fixed network syncing on chest and crafting structures for clients in multiplayer
  • Fixed interact and distance check mismatch for chests and crafting structures
  • Fixed applying force to the wrong entities which caused players to fly off creatures when dismounting
  • Fixed AI bug where creatures would stop working on a mill to break trees and bushes
  • Defaulted fur off for non Nvidia cards due to reported rendering errors (can be toggled in the options)
  • Fixed undo/redo in non-Adventure modes
  • Fixed creature neck eating animation
  • Added limiting to chain targeting to prevent underground targets and targets behind and above creature
  • Set forward chain look turn angle limits to be in line with upward twists
  • Removed all creature sprite creation hitches
  • Fixed health bar going to 50% after knockout in Arena modes
  • Fixed Game breaking bug after leaving and loading a save game
  • Fixed missing XXL mech dino block materials
  • Fruit respawning fixed, will now respawn after the correct amount of time if an area is left and returned to
  • Fixed double fruit spawning
  • Fixed red damage effect being stuck on screen
  • Fix respawning when not near set respawn location after death
  • Fixed a bug in AI that made creatures not follow their target
  • Steam Workshop sync now triggers high priority download instead of polling to fix endless-trying-to-download subscribed creatures
  • Inactive party creatures now spawn at the right location if abandoned
  • Ram horn now highlights correctly when selected in the builder
  • Safety added to animation code to prevent bad states when building
Workshop Creature Spotlight

We had to share this creative creature called Giantconesnail by squidking. With a Movement Speed of 7.3, it’s actually faster than you’d think. Spawn a few, party up with your new snail army, and leave a slimy trail of destruction in your wake. *cackle*

- Team CHKN


New Creature Block Sizes & FPS Upgrade
Performance Improvements
  • Optimized FPS and UI rendering to improve FPS by 10-20 depending on hardware
  • Reduced world streaming hitching by spreading updates over several frames
  • Brought in low poly versions of trees for improved low end device performance
  • World generation time greatly reduced
  • Reduced initial load time
New Creature Life Block Sizes
  • Additional Life Block body sizes added: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, and all their half sizes are now available for all animal types to give you more variety and build options.

Perfect sizes for additional extremities or a lovely armored hat.

Balancing & Bug Fixing
  • Creature/Temple world generation has been tuned. If you haven’t checked out the new larger world, now’s a good time! It’s procedurally generated and player-created creatures can spawn in the wild. You never know what you’ll run into.

The enemy of my enemy is… still my enemy.
  • Tuned crafted player items for progression balance
  • Additional pre-built, player-created creatures added to the game

Like these Octopalms created by Cohollow. Majestic! And quite fashionable actually.
  • Fixed infinite loading screen after player death
  • Fixed the creature collection filling up with white squares when the creature’s data cannot be read from disk
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to become invisible and make the game unstable
  • Fixed dragging to move or remove blocks in the creature builder
  • Fixed bug that occasionally caused the player avatar to render without a head or arms after death
  • Fixed odd rotations while swimming
  • Fixed Lifeshaper upgrade failing to unlock after defeating a Temple Boss

Just defeat the boss and the upgrade is yours! Easy, right?
  • Fixed creature block neck shifting while building
  • Fixed bad data on the Unicorn Horn that was preventing it from being used in building
  • Fixed game hanging when quitting to desktop
  • Fixed bad culling settings on world geometry that caused it to disappear
  • Fixed throwing direction when chase cam is active
  • Fixed creatures in party not defending the player if the creatures were issued a follow command
  • Fixed tranquilizer darts not putting creatures to sleep
  • Fixed distance check to mount when attempting to ride creature
Many thanks to the CHKNeers on Discord. They’ve been helping us find and fix bugs in our Pre-Release test updates and it’s a big help!

It’s also a great place to show off your creations! Here’s the newest version of an old favorite, Destroyer 3.0 by squidking.

So join the CHKN Discord[] if you want to help us test new builds before they’re released, find new friends for multiplayer, get creature ideas, or share your CHKN suggestions. Also, someone Photoshopped chicken wings onto their real dog. That happened.

See you there!

- Team CHKN