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TeamCHKN  [developer] Nov 30 @ 9:32am
Performance Settings Tips
We've done a ton of optimization so CHKN runs better with lower settings on lower-end computers (there's more to do but we're making good progress!). We've also added some auto-detection that runs when CHKN first launches to set your Graphics Preset based on your computer specs.

But if you're still having issues (or you're a veteran player with CHKN already installed and auto-detect didn't run) here are some tips to help you find the best options for your computer!

Testing Your Own Graphical Preset
The Graphical Preset option auto sets various graphics and performance options at once. To find your best Preset:
  1. Go to Options -> Graphics and set Graphics Preset to Very Low. Run around the world a bit. Quality will drop but performance should be improved.
  2. Now keep trying the next highest setting until you run into performance issues. Once you're not happy with the performance, go back to the previous setting. For example, if Medium ran fine but High had issues for you, switch back to Medium.
  3. You can stop there and get to playing!
  4. Or, if you'd like to see if you can eke out a bit more quality, switch over to the Performance tab and try toggling each of those settings individually until you find a combo you like. You can also check out the tips below!

Performance Settings Tips
Here are a few tips for how specific settings can affect your performance.
  • If you have less than 4GB of video memory, keep Texture Streaming on! If you turn it off, you'll likely drop to very, very low FPS.
  • If you're experiencing continuously low framerates, turn Sky Rending Quality to Low and turn Grass Rendering off.
  • Setting Render Distance down to Medium can improve framerate.

Resolution Tip
  • And just a handy tip in general: lowering your resolution (on the Graphics tab) can help improve performance.

Try these tips and let us know what works for you! Or leave a comment if you've got some tips of your own for your fellow CHKN players.
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Enderjed Nov 30 @ 11:30am 
I shall try these new techniques however what would happen if despite being in minimal specs the game can barely run even at the lowest of low settings?
TeamCHKN  [developer] Nov 30 @ 12:17pm 
@Enderjed We have a couple machines at min spec that we test on and the latest build works well with the Graphics Preset on Very Low, making sure that Sky Rendering Quality is on Low and Grass Rendering is turned off. Try that and let us know how it works for you.

(We should note that there's an issue right now with a hitch that happens occasionally regardless of specs. So you'll still see that regardless. But that's one hitch every once in a while. Your framerate should still average in the 15-30 FPS range.)
N_Mare Dec 2 @ 4:56pm 
I have an OMEN gaming laptop and all settings make the game freeze every few steps for 2 seconds making combat impossible.
TeamCHKN  [developer] Dec 3 @ 8:22am 
@N_Mare Can you give us your specs on that machine? Graphics card, processor, and memory would be helpful. Thank you!
tofuhead Dec 8 @ 12:46am 
The latest update on CHKN worked quite the opposite on my machine. I used to be able to play the game just fine before, but now... it takes almost 10 minutes to load up to the menu.. and it eats ALL the memory I have (8gigs) and doesn't stop there, whole computer starts freezing up when memory gets swapped. when finally I managed to enter the world, everything is so slow, and stops here and there. unplayable :(

This is on Ubuntu 18.10, Nvidia 840m, 8gigs of ram.

what happened?

TeamCHKN  [developer] Dec 10 @ 2:49pm 
@tofuhead: What graphics & performance settings are you using? Does this happen even on the very lowest Graphics Preset? And when trying the other settings above?

If you join our Discord, we can chat with you directly to help figure out what's up. Invite link:
tofuhead Dec 14 @ 4:47am 
@TeamCHKN: well, the problem currently is the memory usage! It kind of looks like a leak of some sort, because on boot, it just keeps on loading and loading things until I ran out of memory. it's veeeeery slow because of that to test out the settings.. before the play menu, my computer is already freezing.
but, I try again this night... with the lowest settings if I ever get to that's just so strange, me and my daughter played this game happily before, with the same computer, and decided to try again after a long break to see whats new.


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