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Gigachess v1.15 Update | Knight's Dungeon Workshop Support!
  • Knight's Dungeon mode now features a level editor, allowing for easy creation and testing of custom stages
  • Steam Workshop support added for Knight's Dungeon mode, allowing custom stages to be shared and downloaded
  • Individual sound effect & music volume controls added, each with their own slider accessible via the dropdown menu
  • Mousing over hero piece icons at the Endless mode party builder screen now overlays a colourful preview of that piece's moveset
  • Hero pieces currently in their Hyper states now get a vivid colour applied to their expanded attack range grids for extra spectacle
  • The pulsing effect applied to attack range grids now improved
  • The sound manager has been completely rebuilt making for much more efficient use of sound channels and resources
  • Board squares now make a satisfying flash whenever a hero piece is placed on them
  • The turn advance button now plays its push animation when all hero pieces in a turn get moved
  • An in-game reference sheet of keyboard shortcuts has been added, accessible via the Input button from the dropdown menu
  • A bug where using click-undo on a Knight that had just received a Queen-up that turn would actually subtract SP instead of refunding it fixed
  • A bug where spent SP could be incorrectly returned to the player in special circumstances when loading an autosave fixed
  • Several bugs involving Hyper tallies getting scrambled with quickloading from the title menu or loading an autosave immediately after restarting an Endless game fixed
  • A bug where the Knight's Tour help panels could get stuck on the level selector fixed
  • A bug where using click-undo on a hero piece in the first turn of a restarted Endless game could restore the previous game's Shieldguard total fixed
  • A bug where activating manual control over border brightness could result in the entire board getting blacked out when restarting an Endless game fixed
Added later via quiet patch (1:38 PM September 11th, 2017)
  • Idling the cursor over a hero piece now brings up an auto-tooltip displaying that piece's name (Knight, Rook, Bishop)
  • A toggle control for displaying all Pawn attack ranges added, click the new button added near the bottom left of the board to switch this feature on and off
  • Persistent rebindable gamepad controls added, now including freedom to bind actions to an Xbox controller's right and left triggers
  • Quick-targeting is now disabled while the input menu is open
  • A bug in Puzzle Attack mode where using click-undo on a hero piece in the first turn of a restarted stage could curse that hero piece fixed
  • A bug in Puzzle Attack, Knight's Dungeon and Tutorial modes where hint overlays had stopped appearing fixed
  • A bug at the Knight's Dungeon Workshop Stages level selector where a single minimap block would flash for a frame out of place fixed
  • A bug when using a gamepad to switch between Standard and Workshop stages at the Knight's Dungeon level selector would fail to return the Browse Workshop button fixed
  • A bug where the 'Gamepad Connected' prompt could layer below the help, keyboard and gamepad panels fixed

The Knight's Dungeon Workshop is live and there are over 30 stages ready to be played! Fooling around with the level editor should be fairly self-explanatory but I've prepared a guide that walks through the whole process, from creating a level to sharing it with the Steam community:
Trying to get everything Workshop-related into a functional, user-friendly state has been a huge job, Steam Workshop support presents its fair share of challenges and the Knight's Dungeon level editor was a bit of an undertaking so it feels great to finally be able to share. There's undoubtedly going to be lots of polishing and bugfixing to do there, so if you run into anything weird or buggy having to do with the level editor, the uploader tool or playing Workshop stages, please let me know and I'll get right on it!

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