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Stronghold Legends

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Create Legendary Battlegrounds!
Design your own single player missions, skirmish and free build maps! Sculpt an icy tundra, create a scorched earth battleground or conjure up a magical kingdom fit for King Arthur himself.
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Steam Workshop Competition
Win a Lifetime's Supply of Stronghold Games!
With nearly 200 maps uploaded to Legends' Steam Workshop page since launch we've decided to encourage further legendary (re)creation by running our very own custom map competition! Demonstrate your creativity, technical design skills and ingenuity to the Stronghold community and you could win a lifetime’s supply of Firefly Studios games! One lucky runner-up will also be selected and given a copy of Stronghold Crusader 2: Ultimate Edition on Steam.

How to Enter
  1. Run Steam.
  2. Open the Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition in-game Map Editor.
  3. Design your custom map.
  4. Save the map by clicking ‘File’ and ‘Save As’, naming it whatever you like.
  5. Publish to Steam Workshop by clicking ‘File’ and ‘Publish to Steam Workshop’.
  6. Write a short description, add all tags that fit your map and make sure you’ve selected the ‘Everyone’ option in the Visibility section.
  7. Click ‘Publish’ and check your map appears on the Stronghold Legends Steam Workshop.
  8. Send an email with a link to your custom map to

New to the map editor? Watch Our Tutorial!

Please Note: We can only accept maps that were submitted between November 16th and November 29th. Maps submitted before or after these dates will not be considered for selection in the competition.

After November 29th we will play and evaluate each submitted map choosing two players as our winner and runner-up, both of which will be announced and spotlighted on the official Firefly Studios website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Our winner will be blessed with a lifetime’s supply of Firefly Studios games, while our honourable runner-up will be sent the Ultimate Edition of Stronghold Crusader 2!