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SimplePlanes Update 1.7 - Damage Control
  • Countermeasure Dispenser (Chaffs / Flares)
  • Torpedo
  • Unguided Rocket
  • Cleaver (cruise missile)

  • Part Transform tool
  • Improved Damage Model
    - Parts can now take damage instead of instantly exploding
    - Engines can catch on fire
    - Control surfaces, RCNs, rotators, etc can be shot out
    - Wings can leak fuel
    - Improved look and performance of bullets
  • Countermeasures
    - Chaffs and flares can now prevent and break locks
    - Aircraft size and engines also play a role in how difficult it is to acquire a lock
  • WW2 Destroyer with Flak Cannons
  • WW2 Torpedo Mission
  • Number entry on Fuselage Properties
  • Redesigned Fire buttons

Minor Features
  • Cycle designer part properties buttons in reverse via right-click
  • Improved mirroring in the designer
  • Disable Auto-Sizing of nose cones after it has been manually resized
  • AI fire countermeasures
  • Bridge Demolition Mission is a bit harder
  • Collisions between dynamic rigid bodies now downscale the impact force if the other body has less mass.
  • Bomb explosions have been updated
  • Some smoke damage particle effects have been updated
  • Damage for various weapons has been tweaked as well as the health of the ships. It may take more to sink them now.
  • AI plane tweaks (dogfighting should work better now)
  • Bombs and missiles that have been fired are no longer affected by explosions (easier to carpet bomb now).

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed part menu scrolling
  • Fixed bug that allowed missiles without cameras to load terrain.
  • Fixed a couple bugs related to races.
  • Fixed some issues with wing leveling mode.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with control surface deflection calculations.
  • Fixed a bug with the 'Loading...' label getting stuck when attempting to enter a level with banned parts.
  • Fixed a bug with AA missiles exploding at the wrong position.
  • Fixed a bug with mirroring scaled parts.
  • The fuselage rise/run limits have been increased to 5.
  • Fixed a bug with part property sliders sometimes showing an incorrect slider position.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect calculations for control surface deflection.
  • The propeller engine no longer restricts modded engine power to within normal range when selected.
  • Made some tweaks to the missiles related to them traveling at their specified max speeds.
  • Reduced the distance that a piston snaps to its target position, so it's less jarring when looking closely.
  • Rockets now check the impact force when collisions occur, no longer blowing up if sneezed on.
  • Fixed an issue with rotators failing to find a joint after being mirrored. It's still not perfect, but much improved.
  • The tire squeal no longer plays at the camera.
  • Fixed bug with center of mass being incorrect for bodies with 0 total mass. (fixes 0 mass missile wobble on detachers)

XML Modding
  • Ability to invert input from XML by placing a minus sign in front of the input
  • Updated the boolean type inputs for input controllers to return -1 or 1 rather than 0 or 1. This allows the use of the input controllers min/max values to be used in conjunction with the boolean input types.
  • Add firingDelay XML Option to Existing Weapons
  • Hidden XML Option for Self Destruct and Burn Time on Rockets.
  • Add Support for input="Activate1" (that’s AG1) on InputControllers
  • The “disableAircraftCollisions” attribute on guns can now be used to prevent your bullets from colliding with your plane.
  • Missile XML now supports a 'maxSpeed' attribute. Existing planes (but not new ones) with low mass missiles will now auto-upgrade to a higher than normal max speed.
  • Added "invertType" option to the InputController. Defaults to "axis" for most parts and to "output" for rotators.
  • XML support for scaling bullets (now set with "bulletScale", not the part's scale - old planes auto-upgraded).
  • XML support for disabling gun muzzle flash ("muzzleFlash" - true/false)

Mod Tools
  • Added Unity version check to the mod builder window.
  • Removed warning about multiple mods loading the same exact assembly.
  • Added load priority for mods to better manage mod dependencies.

Thank you so much to all of the beta testers who helped us squash an insane number of bugs!