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Football, Tactics & Glory

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Federation of Football Managers
Create your leagues with favorite teams, load the leagues created by other players.
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Recent Announcements
  • New mechanics of the classes (football roles). Now, there are the amateur, universal and special classes. Every class has its own special abilities. It makes the tactical part of the game much deeper and diverse.
  • Head play. Now, footballers can score headers after the crosses. Also, when you are going to perform a lofted pass to your teammate, you have to take into account where the opponents stay. Because they can fight in the air for the ball.
  • Development tree for footballers. Now, only you decide how to develop your players. Either throughout the skills, or attributes, or the beautiful play. Your decisions affect not only your players but your club’ development in general.
  • Footballpedia. Now, every game mechanics is described in the huge footballpedia. If you don’t understand how something works, just click on the help icon in the top right corner.
  • Narrative. Now, if you start the game in the tutorial, you will find out how you became a football manager of an amateur club. Further, in the game, you will get the emails from your assistants and other characters. Everyone has its own face and style of talking.
  • Start in the higher leagues. Now you don’t necessarily start in the Amateur league. You can start in your team’s league. Did you select the club from London? Welcome to Premier league.
  • Possibility to edit any footballers’ detail. Now, in the Leagues editor, you can edit not only the names and faces. Now every footballer’s detail as available for editing: attributes, levels, skills, classes etc. Together with previous point (Higher leagues), it allows to create realistic leagues and play them directly along with the other top clubs.
  • Active development of the opponents. Now, the opposing teams won’t just stay and watch how you develop and get stronger. They also actively develop, earn XP in the matches, train skills, get the new footballers etc.
  • High Difficulty mode. Earlier, it was Hard Start mode. However now, the game will be hard not only at the start of the campaign. All costs in the game are increased and other teams get 2x XP comparing to default campaign.
  • 17 new achievements. New mechanics which appeared in this update, are represented in the new achievements.

  • Added inner tabs in the management. It will allow you to easier manage the new possibilities.
  • Added the “Opponent” screen which allows you to compare your tactics to the formation of the opponent. Now you don’t have to rotate the opponent’s formation in your imagination :) The preparation to the next match became more tactical.
  • Added the visual calendar to the main screen. The calendar allows you to estimate how time passes between the matches.
  • Improved design of the pitch in the management screens.
  • Added the tactical view of your formation.
  • Added mini-pitches which allow you to quickly understand where the footballer stays on the pitch.

  • Now, you can see the radius of all kinds of the passes.
  • Now, the ball can fly out of the pitch. Footballers learned to perform throw-ins.
  • Added 3D arrows for the lofted passes.
  • Added the new actions: Switch positions, Kick out, Break in, Cross, False Kick.
  • Significantly remade and improved AI.
  • Now the footballers earn the motivation with the same rate for any level. So weak players earn motivation as fast as powerful players.
  • Motivation in the home matches is earned twice as faster than in the away matches.
  • After kick off, the first action should be a pass or lofted pass.
  • Now, Pressing not only decreases the attributes of the opponent but also decreases the potential of the skills and doesn’t allow the opponent to move.
  • Increased the penalty to Accuracy for kicking from the big distances.
  • Now, Aggressive tackle gives +20 to Defence (used to be +15).
  • Now, the unsuccessful Aggressive tackle will always end up in a foul.

  • The length of Layoff Pass is decreased from 4 to 3 tiles.
  • Now Cannon Kick can’t be used from the center of the pitch.
  • Now, Rainbow Feint can be used only on the neighbor tile (used to be 2 tiles).
  • Now, after performing Nutmeg, the footballer gets a bonus +10% to his Accuracy and Pass.
  • Now, Olympic Kick can be intercepted by the field players if they stay on the ball’s trajectory.
  • Added two new talents: Throw-ins and Head Play.

  • Implemented the new mechanics of learning skills. Now, you can choose one from 3 available skills/talents. However, footballers have different affinity to every skill/talent available, so the speed of learning is different.
  • Removed the option “Penalty for other positions” because with the new class system doesn’t make sense anymore.
  • Now the best players in the matches are rewarded also for draws and loses.
  • Changed the cost of players on the transfers. In general, the prices are decreased. However, the high-level players became more expensive.
  • Decreased the speed of coming in/out the new fans depending on your success.
  • Completely rewrote the logic of setting the formation by the opponents. Now AI knows all strong sides of the classes and individual power of any player. And it uses this knowledge to prepare the formation.
  • The more the opponent is “afraid” of your team, the more defensive tactics it chooses.

  • Now, you can set up the sound in the match.
  • Added the separate option for the crowd’s sound.
  • Now, you can enable the music in the match.
  • Now, you can disable the kick-off animation in the match.
  • Added the antialiasing option.

Also, there is a huge amount of other less noticeable improvements and fixes which improve playing experience.

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