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Squarebit  [developer] Aug 13, 2021 @ 1:46am
1.3x.x Update Notes
  • Fixed rare loot creating duplicate nodes on the map if you had no room while trying to pick it up, and it moved.
  • Fixed some passives and powers, such as Demonic Fury and Gaia (bow), mistaking Ancient Beasts as companions.
  • Fixed some odd companion behaviour during the Eazima fight.
  • Fixed Scramble info card being huge when using a gamepad.
  • Fixed the Expedition difficulty slider not working correctly on some resolution settings.
  • Fixed general issue with small sliders having a too large "hitbox" when interacted with, causing it to overlap nearby things on certain resolutions.
  • Fixed issue where items dropped in Expeditions didn't folow the same stat roll rules as items dropped in Anomalies, ie they should now gain increased chances of higher base rolls as you run higher difficulty Expeditions.
  • Possible fix for Tornados getting stuck during longer fights.
  • Possible fix for some smaller bosses being able to teleport through walls.

  • Fixed Shrines not being removed from map when clicked.
  • Fixed portals overlapping in Boss anomalies.
  • Fixed some weird linebreaks in the enchanting interface for gamepads.
  • Fixed crash that could occur from Wolf companions using bite attacks in certain situations.
  • Fixed crash when shift-clicking items in the stash.

Artifact Changes:
  • Eternal Servitude now also affects the cooldown of the skill used to trigger it.
  • Elementalist's Boon effect reduced to 250% (was 300%).
  • Companion's Calling: Now available to Warlock and Templar (previously Warden only). Now affects all skills with the companion tag, such as Living Blood, Soul Avatar, Dancing Blades, Wisp, etc.
Ancient Beast Changes:
  • Beasts can now be ordered to teleport to town and sell items in the same way you can quick-sell based on rarities.
  • You can now Shift-click items to quickly transfer them between your inventory and your beast.
Expedition Tree Changes:
  • Added difficulty slider that lets you scale Expeditions into Endless Tiers.
    • Putting the slider to the left sets it to "default", which resets all expeditions to the designed difficulty. Lowest step up is into Endless Tier 1, and highest is whatever you have unlocked on the Anomalies.
    • You cannot advance tiers through Expeditions, this is still done via Anomalies, but now you can set them to be a challenge for your late endgame builds.
  • Added a checkpoint system to the Expeditions:
    • Reaching a checkpoint (Egg Unlock, Beast Growth 1 & 2) now unlocks all Expeditions required to get to that node on all characters.
    • This lessens the grind for alts and reduces the time to get back into things on Hardcore.
    • Optional Expeditions (those that branch away from the main path) are not unlocked with this system, and still has to be cleared on each character.
    • NOTE: If you have already completed these checkpoint Expeditions, just load up that character, and they will be unlocked for all other.
  • General changes:
    • Added 3x Thorns% passives to the West Expedition tree.
    • The first few resistance and elemental damage ranks are now much cheaper to buy.
    • You can now attempt to buy 5x passive ranks at a time, like you would in the skill tree.
    • You can now also remove points - but you do not get refunded the currency.
    • Expedition Passives that are of max rank now have their rank text colored to be easier to distinguish at a glance.
    • Expedition Passives now also have their ranks in a little box, making it easier to read.
    • Expedition no longer list their rewards if they have been completed (as you can only earn the reward once).
    • Completed Expeditions now also have a checkmark on them to further clarify which you have completed, as there was some confusion when dealing with Expeditions that required multiple completed Expeditions.
  • Updated Artifact Fragments icon.
  • Updated Icon for "Thundercharged Blade" (no longer same as "Rolling Thunder" sword).
  • Updated Artifact tooltip to make it clear how to use them.
  • Updated skill description of several proc rate Masteries to correctly reflect that they increase the proc rate of Synergy skills as well (where applicable).
  • The enchanter interface now shows small padlocks on locked enchants and powers directly on their icons.
  • Further refinement to damage number source tracking (please let us know if you find further inconsistencies).
Endgame & Combat Changes:
  • Clearing a Lesser/Greater Boss Anomaly now opens two portals: one to return to Tinka's Domain as before, and a new one to instantly get into a new boss fight.
  • Nek'Rosis (Anomaly Boss) now have 10% less health to offset his healing abilities.
  • Removed a very rapidly attacking skill from the last East Expedition boss (Thunderbeak).
  • Mobs using "Life Reap" will now only count 1 hit for their self heal, so they don't repeatedly heal to full when hitting a lot of companions.
Other Very Important Change:
  • Gave Tinka a new look in The Chronicon, and one to show his status in Tinka's Domain. (it is good to be the king)
  • Fixed changing Artifacts not triggering a stat recalculation and buff refresh. It now works just like when swapping skills.
  • Fixed newly created characters retaining the Beast of the last played chartacter (and its inventory).
  • Fixed issue where you could put 2 of the same rune on Mythical weapons. (You'd still only get power from one).
  • Fixed Mythical Weapons not having any augment/reroll/scramble material costs.
  • Fixed Artifacts not showing their required level.
  • Fixed Diana Jones talking forever if you have an active quest with her and right-clicking her to quickly go to the Artifact Forge panel. Right-clicking now skips her speech.
  • Fixed issue where you could potentially be stuck without a portal to the Hellforge.
  • Fixed issue where using any of the artifacts granting bonus skill points would also count towards your total points in the tree, letting you unlock the next tier of skills with one less point, and potentially locking you out from removing points.
  • Fixed Beasts triggering egg traps with the Lightfooted Perk active.
  • Fixed issue where Lesser/Greater Boss Anomalies would sometimes be empty if you had already cleared the boss in Story Mode in the same session.
  • Fixed Retaliator 4-p bonus not properly triggering when taking damage.
  • Fixed Stalagmites getting 100% proc rate from Cataclysm set (old effect that lingered).
  • Fixed issue causing Infected Spirits (Warlock) not properly triggering.
  • Fixed Warlock's "Posion Specialization IV" DLC Node refering to "Pool of Corruption, a skill that no longer exists (now correctly refers to "Corruption", a skill that exists :-).)
  • Fixed Excorcism mastery giving way too low proc rate bonus (Templar).
  • Fixed the skill "Purify" (Templar, Storm Mender companion) also removing cooldown-related debuffs, such as the timer on death-prevention mechanics.
  • Fixed Norla's Gale introducing an unintentional exponential ramping to the Tornado skill.
  • Fixed issue where the merging of explosive mushrooms (Warden) would merge the Warden's shrooms with Treant shrooms procced via the Barbed Spores mastery, leading to absurd damage growth for Shrooms and Pods.
  • Fixed being able to use portal scrolls in Boss Anomalies.
  • Fixed issue where multiple portals could spawn on top of eachother.
  • Fixed not being able to close out of the Beast panel with a gamepad if not having the DLC or an active Beast.
  • Fixed all DLC and other recently added enemies not having full Codex data (affixes etc).
  • Fixed Codex listing all Rootlings as Elemental foes, rather than Fae.
  • Fixed issue where in rare cases, some icons might not show up on the minimap.
  • Fixed getting stuck after talking to the quest NPC's in Gates of Hell in Act 5.
  • Possible fix for some Passive skill damage numbers not showing unless you enabled companion damage numbers.
  • Fixed Champions having incorrect or missing names in Chinese.
  • Fixed bad linebreaks & formatting in enchanting tooltips.
  • Fixed crash when re-entering the Lushlands from The Roost after repeating the boss.
  • Fixed rare crash that could happen when using certain portal scrolls.
  • Fixed rare crash that could happen if bad character data was trying to load.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when right-clicking Bramley.

  • Added a little checkbox to the DLC menu in-game that verifies if the DLC is correctly installed & recognized on your account.
QoL & balance:
  • Drop rates for Mythical weapon parts have been changed.. a sort of "anti bad luck" system is now in place:
    • If you've never seen a weapon part, your drop rate is significantly increased.
    • You should no longer get two of the same weapon part in a row - they should always alternate.
    • If you do a lot of anomalies without any drops, your drop rate is slowly increased until you get one.
    • In co-op, the Mythical weapon parts are now rolled for independently for each player.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed crashing from expedition nodes (related to zooming).
  • Fixed crashing from gamepads.
  • Fixed attempting to load incorrect or partial translations.
  • Fixed being able to click some Puzzle expedition end points repeatedly to spawn a lot of portals.
  • Fixed issue where the "skip ahead" feature, letting your alt characters skip quests, didn't properly work for skipping the egg hatching quest if you had fully grown all beasts, causing the character to get stuck on that quest.

This update is mostly about preparations for the DLC release, however we have fixed a lot of issues and added a few tweaks to the base with this update as well, available to everyone.

Anomalies & Endgame:
  • Added butterflies & faeries as potential ambience effects to forest anomalies.
  • Added a new rare Anomaly modifier that drastically increases the amount of Shrines spawned in that Anomaly.
  • Added another rare Anomaly modifier that drastically increases the amount of Chests spawned in that Anomaly.
  • This makes the possible rare Anomaly modifiers the following:
    • Gold Piles as breakables (extra currency)
    • Only Minions
    • Only King Slimes
    • Only Void Spawns
    • Mysterious Enemies (enemies from Act 2 secret "space forest" area)
    • All monsters gain "Crystal Hoarder", "Collector", or "Gem Hoarder" affixes.
    • Lots of Chests
    • Lots of Shrines
    • *Some of these may combine.
  • Gargoyles now gib into bits of rock rather than nothing.
  • Surger affix champions are now less likely to "shotgun" melee characters as the lightning orbs have had their damage spread out over several frames and with slight delays.
  • Interrupts now have diminishing returns when used rapidly and repeatedly vs the same target:
    • - Each successful interrupt reduces the chance of the next to hit, however the chance to hit is regenerating constantly while they are not being interrupted.
    • - The end result impact on gameplay should be pretty small, but it will allow enemies to get some attacks off rather than being completely interrupt-locked.
  • The overhead healthbar (can be toggled via the Settings menu) now also shows Staggered Damage, like the HUD healthbar does.
  • When opening the Anomaly Waypoint for the first time and getting the little tutorial, you can now only select the 3 base Anomaly types (avoids errors and confusion for first time players accidentally picking the endless tiers).
  • Holding (or toggling) "inspect all" now also shows item cards when hoving over the item name tags.
Items & Loot:
  • Added a Health enchant to Elementium Armor (requires a fresh drop).
  • Added a CDR enchant to Jon's Book of Souls (requires a fresh drop).
  • Bags will now be radially looted if they match the quality filter.
  • All crafting materials have had their values manually adjusted - the more rare things are now worth a lot more, and the common things are worth less.
  • Increased Crown drop rate from Story bosses (and Greater/Lesser Boss Anomalies).
  • Mini Events: There will now be fireworks when interacting with NPC's on New Year's Eve and the game's release anniversary each year.
  • Localization: Added support for Korean font.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Fixed problems with Chinese font becoming harder to read after the previous update.
  • Fixed issue with several effects checking for movement/stationary such as Blazing Striders (Templar boots) and Careful Aim (Warden) not properly swapping beetween their tick up and tick down modes.
  • Fixed being able to subtract Mastery points from the bottom and top Class Mastery rows below the 65-point requirement for the final perk, while keeping the perk.
  • Fixed Sporelings on-use Spore effects not properly stacking with their on-attack (and the players') spore effects.
  • Fixed the Tornado empowerment (when casting over the instance cap) granting extreme amounts of damage.
  • Fixed Tornados spawned from Norla's Gale (rune) being slower than regular Tornados.
  • Fixed crash when changing inventory tab while browsing the buyback section.
  • Fixed some quest check/updates for older characters that may have gone out of sync in the past due to old co-op issues.
  • Fixed Endless Anomaly essence rewards sometimes not going up by 1 in the next Tier, and then going up by 2 in the following Tier (is now 1 each Tier, as expected, where this problem occurred).
  • Fixed not being able to navigate to the "back" button while in the "more" menu of the main menu, while using a controller.
  • Fixed Simulacra clones (Warlock TL staff) using the default death animation even if having another skin equipped.
  • Fixed the interface settings menu not letting you set the clock option with a gamepad.
  • Fixed the Mastery select popups for Player 2 appearing partially off-screen on certain scale setting and resolution combinations.
  • Fixed many small weird things going on with gamepads and related UI in co-op.
  • Fixed some missing Chinese characters.
  • Fixed companions not being able to reach the final Story boss.

Extra Stash Tab Notes:
  • We accidentally included a little secret from the new DLC: An additional stash tab.
  • Well, we partially included it, and it would self-correct when it detected you didn't have the DLC, and eat any items you put into the new tab.
  • A pretty big mistake on our end, and we are sorry for people losing items, so the extra stash tab will now be free for everyone (and it won't eat items anymore).
  • Fixed the new Rune Weight system overwriting the guaranteed cycle for a fresh character - both system should now work (first get one of each Rune, then weigh towards least obtained account wide).
  • Fixed some Chinese localization issues.
  • Fixed major encoding issue with Spanish localization, which removed random characters making some parts of the text unintelligible.
  • Fixed Spirit Guard and Battlemaster's Cape affix appearing incorrectly on items it was runed to.
  • Fixed the endgame UI sometimes showing incorrect button prompts for controllers.
  • Fixed invisible walls in new cave layout.
  • Fixed the Monster Hunter achievement for real this time.
  • Fixed some misplaced shrine spawns in Act 4 areas.
  • Fixed stackable items not automatically stacking if they were put in the last inventory slot.
  • Fixed transmuting an item with keys marked as favorite giving an error message but still allowing the transmutation.

Anomalies & Monsters:
  • Increased damage of all Anomaly bosses to be on par with Lesser Act bosses (ie bosses in Acts before the final boss/Lesser Boss Anomalies).
  • Regular cave theme no longer roll as Temple Tunnels, and can instead roll as Sand Cave layouts (new thing from DLC, but accessible to everyone).
  • Reduced damage of Sandworms by 20% across the board.
  • Updated some randomized champion names.
  • Drastically reduced the damage of "Surger" Affix enemies.
  • Lesser Rune drops from Dungeon Anomaly completion are now weighted towards the least obtained runes (as per codex entries), to take out some of the frustration of bad luck and repeated drops.
  • Added Discord join button to the main menu (under "More").
  • Added UI theme slider to interface settings menu (the DLC adds a whole new UI theme & music).
  • Made all types of healthbars invisible during cutscenes.
  • Improved enchant value display by showing stars on natural high rolls (previously stars would only show if they were augmented by the player).
  • Moved Wardrobe dyes 1 pixel to the left to be centered in their boxes.
  • Updated Help Index on Companions and CDR interactions.
  • Updated main menu.
Items & Equipment:
    • Items now have a (very!) small chance to roll with all enchants att max augment.
    • Updated description of Aspect of the Ethereal to be more clear and have consistent wording with similar powers.
    • Lethal Mobility: Effect now lasts 7 seconds, up from 3.
    • Infected Wounds: Augments buffed to [30][[50]], from [25][[30]].
    • Chilled Blood: Augments buffed to [30][[50]], from [25][[30]].
    • Burning Lightning: Augments buffed to [30][[50]], from [25][[30]].
QoL & Misc:
  • Added a dummy that attacks players and companions in Tinka's Domain, so you can test "on hurt" triggers like Thorns, etc.
  • Added Evades to the death log.
  • Upgrading Gems now upgrades them 5x at a time rather than all, when holding ctrl. (10 was suggested, but 5 made the most sense since you need 5 to go to the next tier).
  • Swapping gear, resetting skills, or importing a build will now reset debuffs on the Dummies.
  • You can no longer convert a favorited item into a rune, nor unlock its enchants, without first unfavoriting it, to prevent accidents.
  • Improved Spanish localization based on community feedback.
  • Tweaked burn/fire particles a bit.
  • Improved impact visuals of some Archery Base skills for Warden.
  • Improved impact visuals and sound feedback from several base skills for all classes.
  • Improved default impact particle effects used for Shadow, Holy, and Physical Storm skills.
  • Soul Thief and Hellcaller (Warlock Passives) should now interact with Jon's Book of Souls.
  • Lich Heart (Warlock Mastery) now affects Lich Ultimate skills as well.
  • Death Come Near Me (Warlock Mastery) now counts bosses as 15 foes, like other similar skills does.
  • Standardized the wording on all weaken passives.
  • Added an unlock sound to locked chests.
  • Added a sound when slotting in a skill.
  • Added a new sound for when reaching the top rank of a skill.
  • Added footstep sounds that vary depending on material stpped on; ie sand, gravel, grass, etc no longer all sound like tile.
  • Added new sounds for the following items: Elixirs, Tarot Card, Champion's Crown, and Runes.
  • Rebalanced sound volume for all player attack grunts.
  • Fixed Spores/Shrooms spawned through the Poison Trees rune incorrectly triggered player on-hit effect and passives (it's a companion attack!).
  • Fixed random tooltip being drawn when accessing the Beast panel on the UI when using a controller.
  • Fixed issue where the last item tooltip would be shown when swapping to the codex panel using a controller.
  • Fixed some incorrect button prompts on item cards while in shops using a controller.
  • Fixed Lushlands tileset making weird trees in some Anomaly layouts when close to edges or water.
  • Fixed an error which caused several difficulty related scaling effects to cap off at Mythic 1, such as enemy DoT damage caps and Boss Health growth.
  • Fixed issue where some mobs would loudly do their spawn noises when entering a zone.
  • Fixed issue where Shrine positions were not validated before attemping to place them, resulting in sometimes spawning too few.
  • Fixed some "island" type areas/anomalies not having ground under walls bordering the water/lava/blood.
  • Fixed issue causing DLC entries in the Codex to be required for completion Achievements.
  • Fixed Templar shield "Heatwall" not increasing the damage of the skills listed.
  • Fixed issue where if a companion died between performing a skill and that skill hitting something, it would not be considered a companion attack and damage numbers would be displayed regardless of settings.
  • Fixed characters saying the wrong line when entering The Captain's Quarters in Act 1.
  • Fixed being able to click UI through cutscenes.
  • Fixed tooltips from UI appearing during cutscenes.
  • Fixed bug which could cause materials of different types to group together incorrectly when dropped, resulting in only obtaining one of the types.
  • Fixed crash from having corrupted graveyard data.
  • Fixed key shortcuts in tooltips prompting to mark gems as Favorite or Drop (this is not possible).
  • Fixed multiple identical warnings/on-screen prompts playing after each other, such as quest updates in co-op playing for each player.
  • Fixed Skull of Harlon and several other similar items giving a much stronger boost than intended.
  • Fixed loot filters not working as intended for consumables.
  • Fixed Spores/Shrooms spawned through the Poison Trees rune incorrectly triggered player on-hit effect and passives (it's a companion attack!).
  • Fixed particles being rendered on top of pause screen.
  • Fixed rare crash that could happen if player was hit by a knockback effect just after dying.
  • Fixed issue where Contagion (Warlock passive) would sometimes grab the stack numbers of another buff, like the Bloodbinder set debuff, when spreading Infection.
  • Fixed Crown of Innate Probability calculating proc rates incorrectly when a skill would have multiple sources, such as a Mastery with a proc rate addition.

  • Items granted from Tarot Cards now always roll max base stats.
  • Tarot cards no longer grant Crafted items (like the MK2's) when requesting "Something Rare".
  • "Crafty" Perk now applies to Tarot Cards, Runelord's Remorse, Prismatic Liquid - etc. (Previously was only essences).
  • Made the background in Gemma's gemcutting interface slightly less dark.
  • Fixed Battlemaster's Cape not giving correct amounts, and fixed several broken interactions between minor stats and other items interacting with them using this item.
  • Fixed some crafting UI problems.
  • Fix for a rare crash in co-op when using controllers and swapping interface tabs.
  • Fixed issue where skipping the cutscene to the High Priest fight and killing him fast enough would keep the intro ghosts active.
  • Fixed camera lurching when auto-skipping cutscenes.
  • Fixed Krak The Eternal spawning multiple portals if he's killed too fast and the cutscene(s) are skipped.
  • Fixed mouse cursor jumping into game window when game is booting and you're doing something else at the same time.
  • Fixed Templar passive "Purged Through Holy Flames" not triggering on non-Fire skills.
  • Fixed the DLC button not doing anything (now takes you to the store - please wishlist if you are interested in the DLC!)

  • Bosses now drop Crowns.
  • Fixed crash when using Rune of Potency and Shattering Shield.
  • Fixed not being able to upgrade or access tier 1 gems if not having inventory bags.
  • Fixed some localization issues.
  • Fixed Golem Cavern intro cutscene showing a Golem with the incorrect name and title.
  • Fixed issue in co-op where player 2-4 could pick up more items if player 1 had a larger bag.
  • Fixed issue where some background music would not play correctly.
  • Fixed a lot of projectiles going through walls.
  • Fixed rare crash on Hidden Cellar event.
  • Fixed LoS problem with the warden's Static/Lightning Rod passives and enemies near walls.

New Things:
    Tarot Cards:
    • Rare randomly dropped cards that can be handed in to Tarot for weighted TL drops. This will give you an extra chance to get those items that you aren't having any luck with finding randomly.
    Lesser Boss Anomalies!
    • Fight vs random bosses from the story, featuring all except the final boss of each act.
    • These anomalies have a largely increased chance to drop rare crafting materials such as Runelord's Remorse, and start at Mythic 3 difficulty.
    Endless Random Anomalies!
    • Just like the Endless Dungeon Anomalies, except one floor each, and the portal opens up next to you. Caveat: You can't tier skip with randoms.
    24 new enemy variations!
    • Based on existing enemies, and appearing in Anomalies. Technically tied to the upcing DLC areas, but we threw these in here to give some more variation for the base game too.
    Added a weather system!
    • Currently has: snow, sandstorm, rain, and ash/cinders.
    • Weather is tied to some story areas and may randomly appear in Anomalies in low-medium intensity to not get in your way while still adding some nice ambiance. (And in DLC content)
Items, Sets, Runes, & Enchants:
    • NEW: Spirit Guard: TL Armor, subtracting a portion of damage taken from Mana instead of Health.
    • NEW: Battlemaster's Cape: TL Accessory increasing all Minor Stats for each nearby foe.
    • Ring of Pure Energies: now grants %max mana.
    • Sun & Moon: set effect buffs now last 7 seconds, up from 3.
    • Hammerblade: The cast Hammerstorm is now converted to the element of the triggering skill, rather than always being holy.
    • Blazing Hammers Rune: now mentions that Holy Fire becomes a Hammer skill and now properly scales off Hammer skill damage.
    • Caine's set: is now affected by Aura Effect stat.
    • Armor of the Shield Maiden: No longer makes you unable to block.
    • Firebreather Helm: The circling dragons are now affected by reach, letting you cover a larger radius.
    • The Dragonflame Rune: Will now work with Flamebound armor.
    • Meteora: Now shows the radius of the Meteor.
    • Deathspeaker: No longer works solely with Infinite Ruin Rune as it's technically not meeting the criteria.
    • Frozen Graves Rune: now requires foes to be at less than 30% health.
    • Physical Resistance now rolls and augments like other elemental resistances, meaning it now caps at 30% Greater Augment, up from 20%.
  • Added boxes to the Enchanting and Gemcutting vendor interfaces to make them more clear.
  • Improved the look of Theo's Transmutation altar interface somewhat by making the slots more distinct.
  • Moved the loading screen progress text so it wouldn't overlap with longer area names in either English or translations.
  • Deathlog now has timestamps to easier determine when things happened.
  • Deathlog now also logs when barriers are broken from damage.
  • Deathlog now also notes damage that is absorbed and drained from Mana when using Mana Shield effects.
  • Removed "hurt for 0 damage" entries in the deathlog that were erronouesly added when having high indirect/ground damage resistances.
  • Bonus damage to specific skill types, such as Projectile, Bombardment, etc, are now all stacking additively within the same type (previously it was inconsistent where some effects were multiplicative and others additive).
  • Mana Shield (draining Mana per X points of damage) is now 1 Mana per 2 damage, down from 1 Mana per 4 damage.
Monsters & Bosses:
  • Revamped Oakstorm (Act 2 finale) fight.
  • Sped up some (story) boss intro cutscenes.
  • Added boss intro music in the correct places to Act 2 bosses.
  • Lowered damage of act 5 torturer boss "fan of blades" attack.
  • Increased damage of many Anomaly bosses.
  • Added 8 new Anomaly bosses.
  • Tweaked enemy spawn distributions in Anomalies a bit.
  • Sandworms are no longer able to roll Brute or Super Damage affixes as Elites & Champions.
  • Rock-Shaypas (goblin shamans throwing rocks) can no longer roll Flail affix as Champion.
  • Improved performance of some on-crit enchants.
  • Improved performance of many passive on-hit effects.
  • Improved render and memory handling performance (overall fps boost for most people).
  • Improved overall fps and fps stability for high hz monitors. (still 60 lock but should be less odd dips)
  • Reduced average CPU load, further improving performance & framerate in hectic situations.
  • Added a setting to automatically skip cutscenes to the gameplay settings.
  • Reduced the delay in companions casting "Thunder" (Wisps with Master's Command set, for example) from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
  • Improved support for PS3 and PS4 controllers on both Linux and Windows.
  • Ferocity (Warden passive) is now affected by Companion passive % increases.
Sound & Voice:
  • Item drop sounds no longer have a random pitch shift.
  • Added a voice to Diana Jones.
  • Added a voice to Oakstorm (Act 2 final boss).
  • Added new voice lines to Tarot.
  • Added Spanish accents to smaller fonts such as pickup texts, preventing words from being cut off weirdly.
  • Fixed issue where in Act 5, you could enter zones linked to Hellscape before setting up camp, which led to further issues and potentially getting stuck until a restart.
  • Fixed the Act 2 Stampede boss sometimes summoning the Stags inside a tree, getting the fight stuck.
  • Fixed the Act 2 Stampede boss also having too low range on his spells and continously walking up to the player to cast spells.
  • Fixed crash when having enabled overhead healthbars and having item-summoned companions and dying in Hardcore in co-op. (whew)
  • Fixed meteors from extremely large killstreak bonuses not dropping correctly sometimes.
  • Fixed killstreak spells sometimes targeting enemies erronously.
  • Fixed several skills defaulting to Physical damage when cast by effects or AI, rather than their intended element.
  • Fixed Willpower also reducing the duration of debuffs that represent cooldowns, such as death prevention mechanics.
  • Fixed damage number update related crash.
  • Fixed Diana Jones intro in Act 4 not showing all the dialogue as intended.
  • Fixed some sets having missing text in Spanish.
  • Fixed Rime dealing too low damage.
  • Fixed rare crash related to Toxic Shrooms.
  • Fixed codex having incorrectly colored background on some enemy entries.
  • Fixed Anomalies spawning "big" enemies as part of the "core" set of enemies, meaning you could end up in Anomalies with heavily unbalanced enemy power distrubution.
  • Fixed unskippable cutscenes having the skip prompt.
  • Fixed Endless Dungeon Anomalies randomizing the location each floor when they should be themed similarly.
  • Fixed some enemy DoT effects showing too high numbers.
  • Fixed deathlog logging staggered damage after the death is logged.
  • Fixed issue where if dying in the Maddoc fight and trying to spawn in town, the game would sometimes try and start the transformation cutscene, causing a crash.
  • Fixed some instances for shortened numbers(K, M, B, etc) not working correctly.
  • Fixed the unassigned skill point indicator not appearing while browsing the codex.
  • Fixed Templar synergy Passive "Purged Through Holy Flames" not taking weakness effects and damage increases vs specific targets into account (such as Contra).
  • Fixed Templar rune Blade Celerity not working with Tome of Vengeance, causing odd behaviour in Blade spawns and despawns.
  • Fixed Berserker Dragonfire set sometimes adding incorrect (low) amounts of Rampage damage.
  • Fixed spell scrolls showing incorrect counts on the belt slots when bound.
  • Fixed a render crash that could happen when swapping equipment with an active overlay effect on the player character such as Embershield.
  • Fixed Bone Spears being able to pull bosses, breaking fights.
  • Fixed issue where when enemies were pushed up against a wall some passive triggers, such as the Warden's static, might not work.
  • Fixed Vestige of Lost Souls not re-applying correctly with Star of the Pure (for good this time!)
  • Fixed Lesser Rune of Demonkin being augmentable (and it having no effect).
  • Fixed issue with Keep Her Safe (Warden perk) giving Wolf companions up to 9 instances of Provoke, causing them to cast it repeatedly.
  • Fixed issue with the Wispmother set (Warden) where the targeting feature of the 2) bonus wasn't applied until having 3 pieces of the set.
  • Fixed Exploding Shield (Templar) dealing too little damage with the ground burn effect.
  • Fixed crash on death in some cases when having an active barrier effect.
  • Fixed resetting the world via tinka's difficulty change not clearing shrine buffs.
  • Fixed Sword Hurl causing a crash sometimes.
  • Fixed Vampire Lord's Cape making you invulnerable with mana Shield effects (they no longer work together at all).
  • Fixed issue where Poison satellites wouldn't apply the poison debuff to foes poisoned by any kind of effect.
  • Fixed issue where Chain Lightning effects could strike the same target multiple times.
  • Fixed typos.
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(does swivel chair Tai-chi)
Certain Aug 13, 2021 @ 4:08am 
Вы лучшие,но хочется мультиплеер :(
zero Aug 13, 2021 @ 11:59am 
awesome, been waiting for dlc & new endgame
Acidr4in Aug 14, 2021 @ 10:44am 
sounds great! will we get more stash space in the DLC?
Skapain Aug 14, 2021 @ 2:38pm 
Can't wait!!
JunK Mar 4, 2022 @ 3:42pm 
what are Tarot cards considered as, in terms for the loot filter? are they misc consumables?
i haven't picked one up so i imagine i have them filtered out without knowing it, but i don't know what option to activate to make sure i start getting them.
Squarebit  [developer] Mar 5, 2022 @ 1:49am 
Originally posted by JunK:
what are Tarot cards considered as, in terms for the loot filter? are they misc consumables?
i haven't picked one up so i imagine i have them filtered out without knowing it, but i don't know what option to activate to make sure i start getting them.
Crafting materials, which cannot be filtered out :)
They're rare though!
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